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Brand new audio presentation by Andrew Cutler, PhD!

1 hr 18 min, 1 Audio CD, $23.50


What you will learn: This talk explains what factors put people at risk for mercury poisoning from dental amalgam and other everyday sources, lists sources people may not be aware of for mercury and other heavy metals, and explains the details of how to determine if someone indeed has a clinically significant amount of mercury in them, and if so how to detoxify them safely. The details of detoxification are both obscure and important - seemingly slight changes in a protocol may make the difference between someone getting better, or getting horribly permanently worse. 


To learn more about the topic of treating mercury poisoning, don't miss Andrew Cutler's book, Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment.


Outline of Talk:

  • Sources of Mercury Exposure & Personal Sensitivity to Mercury

  • The Hard Questions & What Mercury Does To You

  • Testing & Diagnosis

  • Mineral Transport

  • Where Do Toxins Distribute?

  • Chelation Basics

  • Chelating Agents: EDTA, DMPS, DMSA, ALA

  • Pharmacokinetics 

  • Half Life, Chelation Protocols, Textbook Information

  • Time Release?

  • Chelation Cycle or "Round" Length

  • Minerals and Chelation

  • Brain Chelation

  • Antioxidants

  • Dosage

  • Risks of Chelation

  • Drug Interactions

  • Side Effects

  • Natural History of Mercury Detoxification in Humans



1 hr 18 min, 1 Audio CD, $23.50

Discover the nuances of hair test interpretation!

2 hrs 11 min, 2 Audio CDs, $23.50

What you will learn: The basic principles of interpreting a hair test will be presented and several example hair tests analyzed in the context of case data from the person whose test it is. The principles covered are: 

  • Mercury induced derangement of mineral transport and how to detect it

  • Adrenal, thyroid, blood sugar and digestive signs in a hair test 

  • When high means high, and when it means low 

  • How the reference ranges relate to actual levels of toxicity for the various elements

To learn more about the topic of interpreting hair tests, don't miss Andrew Cutler's book, Hair Test Interpretation. About the book: Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities is a practical book that explains how to interpret Doctor's Data, Inc. and Great Plains Laboratory hair tests. A step-by-step discussion is provided, with figures to illustrate the process and make it easy. The book gives examples using actual hair test results from real people.







2 hrs 11 min, 2 Audio CDs, $23.50


More Information About Andrew Cutler, Ph.D.


Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE is the author of Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment and also of Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities.  He has a PhD in chemistry from Princeton, a BS in physics from the University of California. He is a registered patent agent and a licensed professional chemical engineer. He currently works as a detox consultant as well as writing books. 

He does not have any sort of health care license and nothing he says is intended as medical advice. 


Background Information on Dr. Cutler and the Audio CDs for sale above:

Many people are aware of the work of Andrew Cutler, PhD, PE. He has written two very well-known books on mercury poisoning and hair testing. He is referenced in Bryan Rosner's book on Lyme disease, and there is an online support forum with over 2000 members dedicated to discussion Dr. Cutler's chelation methods. 

Now is your chance to listen to Dr. Cutler talk about mercury poisoning (and what to do about it) as well as hair testing nuances. See above for the available audio CDs.... 



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