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Beyond Lyme Disease: Healing the Underlying Causes of Illness in People with Tick-Borne Infections

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In 2009, health care journalist Connie Strasheim published what is now known as the top informational Lyme disease book available: Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment, which is based on interviews with 13 top Lyme-Literate physicians. Having sold over 10,000 copies, that book covered many of the cutting edge treatments for chronic Lyme disease. 


But what if you have already tried treating your Lyme disease? What if you've used antibiotics and herbs, tested for all of the co-infections, seen many Lyme doctors, and you still are not well?


Maybe it's time to look Beyond Lyme Disease. Connie's latest book, which she has been writing full time for the last 12 months, is written for people who have tried everything but are still sick. In this new book, Connie will introduce you to numerous underlying causes of disease in people who are chronically ill. She will help you solve your remaining health puzzles by presenting novel information on the causes of chronic illness which your practitioner may have missed. 


If you've tried everything and are still sick, maybe it is time to look Beyond Lyme Disease!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Connie Strasheim is a medical researcher and writer, and the author of five books on holistic healing, including the bestselling Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment and Defeat Cancer, which are based on interviews with top integrative and holistic health care practitioners. She also has a blog on Lyme disease, and has published articles for Townsend Letter, Vitality, and other alternative medicine publications. Currently, she is an editor for the Alternative Cancer Research Institute and hosts a monthly doctor-interview podcast for the Institute. An avid scholar, she graduated in the top two percent of her class from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Connie is also a member of the Academy for Comprehensive Integrative Medicine. 



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Authors Lyme Disease Blog

"In Beyond Lyme Disease, Connie has started a very important discussion – not about Lyme co-infections, but about Lyme co-conditions. She has also done a great job explaining why so many people with Borreliosis and co-infections remain ill and symptomatic, even after what should be sufficient treatment for these infections. She has taken on a difficult subject and made it quite understandable."

From the Foreword to
Beyond Lyme Disease

"Beyond Lyme Disease not only serves as a roadmap for the patient with Lyme disease, but could also be a standalone book on integrative medicine. Connie Strasheim’s knowledge of the subject is quite extensive, both as an author and fellow survivor of Lyme disease. I believe that patients who have access to this book will be so much better informed and will better understand the rationale behind their different treatment options, which will in turn facilitate the job of healing for both them and their doctors."

Rhinebeck Health Center


Paperback • $29.95
260 Pages

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BioMed Publishing Group

Includes Notes From
Recent Lyme Conferences!

As a bonus, this book includes the author's notes on Lyme disease, co-infections, and supportive healing strategies from several recent Lyme disease conferences. 

Additionally, those who purchase this book will receive FREE access to an exclusive interview between Bryan Rosner and Connie Strasheim. In the interview, you will hear them discuss the book, Beyond Lyme Disease, and how it can help you in your healing journey. When you checkout, you will see a link that says "Download File." Please click on this link. It will provide you with a text file with instructions for accessing your FREE interview recording.



Beyond Lyme Disease...
Inside the Book

Chronic Lyme disease is a quagmire even for the most brilliant of minds. Sometimes, even the best holistic treatment protocols, and the most competent Lyme-literate doctors fail to heal people from this devastating disease. This is because tick-borne infections aren’t the only principal cause of illness in people with Lyme. Environmental toxins, mold, parasites, dental problems, emotional trauma, adrenal fatigue and other factors cause severe chronic illness in people with tick-borne infections. 

If doctors and patients happen to recognize that these factors are present, their importance is often underestimated and, if they are treated at all, they are usually considered to be ancillary conditions to Lyme. Yet often, they are primary causes of illness, and must be thoroughly addressed if full healing is to occur. Up until recently, the Lyme disease community has focused mostly upon treating tick-borne infections, and not obtained, or seen, complete remission from disease. 

By treating the major underlying causes of disease described in this book, people with Lyme can increase their chances for a faster and more complete recovery, and doctors can witness more of their patients experience freedom from disease. 

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Below you will find the causes of chronic illness covered in this book, and how to address them



While people with Lyme disease have many types of hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue and the hypothyroidism that results from adrenal fatigue, can be primary causes of illness which allow Lyme disease infections to establish a foothold in the body and cause symptoms. This is because the adrenal glands and thyroid play a major role in immune function, and suboptimal function of either causes susceptibility to sickness from Borrelia and other infections. Adrenal dysfunction may be caused by genetic factors, but is more often caused by an accumulation of stressors, including emotional trauma, poor lifestyle habits and environmental toxins. Whenever adrenal fatigue is a primary cause of symptoms, it is important to pay as much attention to healing the adrenal glands as to healing the body from infections. People with Lyme disease and severe adrenal and thyroid dysfunction cannot recover unless these glands are strongly supported, and treatment regimens take into account their condition. Beyond Lyme Disease describes the causes and role of adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism in people with Lyme disease, as well as strategies for healing these conditions, and consequently, the rest of the body. 


Infections in the mouth, which result from root canals, wisdom tooth and other cavitations, are a primary cause of some neurological and degenerative diseases, and are sometimes a primary or perpetuating cause of illness in people with Lyme disease. Beyond Lyme Disease explains the role of cavitations in systemic illness, and how to heal the body of foci infections, and remove the toxins that result from antiquated dental practices. 


Our food supply isn't what it used to be. Industrialized farming methods, and the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics and other toxins in the food supply, as well as the fact that most food today is genetically-modified, extensively processed and nutrient-depleted, has created an epidemic of chronic illness in populations throughout the industrialized world. Food is medicine for the body, and the fuel upon which it operates. While many people understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet during recovery from chronic illness, not everyone realizes that toxic and nutrient-deficient food can be a principal cause of disease, and/or can preclude recovery from chronic illness involving Lyme disease. Therefore, it is important to understand not only how to make healthy dietary choices, but also how to reverse severe nutrient deficiencies and avoid allergenic foods. Beyond Lyme Disease provides guidelines for eating well, and describes how and why giving the body the proper nutrition can reverse chronic Lyme disease. 


Hundreds of studies have proven that electromagnetic pollution, which results from excessive exposure to both high and low-frequency radiation, from sources such as Wi-Fi, cell phones, power lines and appliances, is a major cause of chronic illness today. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) creates DNA mutations that can lead to cancer, and disrupts intracellular and inter-cellular communication, which allows for pathogenic organisms to flourish in the body. Evidence suggests that EMR may cause susceptibility to symptoms from Lyme disease infections, and exacerbate symptoms of mold and heavy metal toxicity. Beyond Lyme Disease provides evidence for the damaging effects of EMR, as well as solutions for avoiding and protecting the body from it, so that the immune system may fully heal. 


Mold is found in over 50 percent of all homes in the United States. Fully one-quarter of the population, and an even higher percentage of those with Lyme disease, cannot detoxify mold and the toxins that result from water-damaged buildings. Thus, it is no surprise that mold toxicity is a major cause of illness in people with Lyme disease, but one which is often overlooked or relegated as secondary in the overall symptom picture. Yet mold and the toxins that it produces can cause more symptoms, or symptoms that are more intense, than those produced by Borrelia and co-infections. Beyond Lyme Disease describes how to identify mold and mycotoxin illness, as well as how to remove mold toxins from the home and work environment and heal the body from this disabling cause of illness. 


Heavy metal toxicity is common throughout the population today, due to the plethora of heavy metal toxins in the air, food and water supply. People with chronic health challenges and Lyme disease typically have higher levels of heavy metal toxicity. This is due in part to pyroluria, a condition in which the body cannot effectively synthesize heme, and instead produces a mauve substance that binds with essential minerals and carries them from the body. Since heavy metals occupy the same receptor sites on cells as minerals, mineral deficiencies allow for greater levels of heavy metals to accumulate in the body. Symptoms in people with Lyme disease are therefore often caused by heavy metal toxicity and pyroluria, as much as by infections. Beyond Lyme Disease illustrates the link between Lyme disease, pyroluria and heavy metal toxicity, and why removing heavy metals from the body and correcting mineral deficiencies is essential for a full recovery from chronic illness. 


Over ninety percent of the population is estimated to have some type of parasitic infection. In people with Lyme disease, parasitic infections are rampant and often a greater cause of illness than Borrelia and co-infections. Yet parasites are often treated as a secondary problem to Lyme, which means that these infections are often overlooked or improperly treated in people with Lyme. Parasites are tenacious and intelligent, often even more so than Borrelia and other tick-borne infections, and should be treated aggressively and thoroughly. Beyond Lyme Disease describes the role of parasites in chronic illness, and why treating them is important for healing from Lyme disease.


While Lyme disease causes gastrointestinal (GI) dysfunction, sometimes, GI dysfunction precedes Lyme disease and is a principal cause of illness in people with Lyme, because it creates susceptibility to infections by weakening immune function. GI dysfunction is caused by environmental toxins, antibiotic use, stress, and infections (not necessarily Borreliosis and co-infections), and weakens immune function by causing dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, and by encouraging pathogenic growth. Beyond Lyme Disease describes how to heal the gut, and remove the factors causing its dysfunction, so that the immune system can heal.


Many studies have linked emotional trauma to depression and chronic illness, yet resolving emotional trauma is often treated as an adjunct component to recovery from chronic illness involving Lyme disease, when it should be primary. Emotional trauma weakens the immune system and creates unhealthy beliefs, thoughts and behavioral patterns that affect cellular function. The depression that results from trauma is often assumed to be the result of pathogens and toxins from Lyme disease, when in reality, infectious organisms and toxins aren't the root cause of the problem. Resolving trauma is crucial for restoring immune function, and Beyond Lyme Disease explores the causes of and solutions for emotional trauma, at the same time that it provides biochemical and cognitive strategies for healing depression. 


Environmental toxins from industry, air pollution, building materials, cleaning and cosmetic products; radiation from Fukushima, warfare weaponry and other sources, are causing chronic illnesses of all types in people today. Environmental toxins poison the body and compromise its detoxification mechanisms. Toxins are, for some people with Lyme disease, a main cause of symptoms and illness, yet less attention is generally given to removing toxins and restoring the body, than to eliminating Borrelia and co-infections. Recovery from Lyme disease isn't possible unless environmental toxins are also removed from the body. Beyond Lyme Disease describes ways to do this, in ways that go beyond cleaning up the diet and doing heavy metal chelation therapies.


Finally, Beyond Lyme Disease explores the role of opportunistic infections in chronic illness (which result from weakened immune function from Borreliosis and co-infections), and offers solutions for treating these, as well as the musculoskeletal and structural problems that contribute to compromised immune function. 


As a bonus for those seeking up-to-date information about how to treat Borreliosis and co-infections, the appendices of Beyond Lyme Disease contain general Lyme disease treatment guidelines, based on notes from 2010-2011 Lyme disease conferences, and health care practitioners who are involved in not only treating infections, but the underlying causes of chronic illness in people with Lyme disease. 

   $29.95 • 260 Pages • Paperback



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