Combating Biofilms, by James Schaller, MD
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    Laptops/Desktops: This eBook works on Desktop Computers and Laptops (both Macintosh and Windows are supported). If you have a Macintosh computer, this eBook is compatible only with Mac OSX (10.6 or later), not earlier versions of Mac OS.

    iPads: This eBook works on Apple iPads (you must download a free iPad app for iPad functionality, and you must be running iOS 4.3 or later). 

    Other Devices: This eBook does not work on iPhones, Nooks, Android devices, Kindle devices, or other types of computers. We are working on functionality for these devices, but it is not available yet. 

  3. This eBook can be activated and viewed on a maximum of 3 different computers/devices. 

  4. Due to the nature of eBooks, this eBook is NON-RETURNABLE.

  5. You may print this eBook from your printer a total of 3 times.


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