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Sample Chapter from the book 

by Connie Strasheim

This book is based on interviews with 13 Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners. Each practitioner is given one chapter in which to share their healing strategies. Below is the chapter for Ingo Woitzel, MD, of Germany.

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Ingo D. E. Woitzel, M.D. 

Bionic / Photon Therapy for
Lyme Disease


Dr. Ingo Woitzel graduated from medical school in 1981 from the University of Heidelberg in Heidelberg, Germany. He is a medical doctor with training in naturopathic and environmental medicine. In addition, in 2004, he received a Master of Chiropractic certificate from the Ackermann College of Chiropractic, in Stockholm, Sweden. He is married with seven children and currently works in Pforzheim, Germany, where he treats Lyme disease (Borreliosis) and other conditions of illness.


Treatment Approach

I have been treating Lyme disease (Borreliosis) with photon therapy for about nine years. Over those nine years, I have observed a relapse rate of about 3% in my patients.

Biophoton Theory

One of the most important scientific contributions to our world today has been the discovery of biophotons, a type of electromagnetic light (quantum mechanics) that all living organisms emit and which cells use to communicate with one another. 

First discovered in 1923 by Russian medical scientist Professor Alexander G. Gurvich (who called them “mitogenetic rays”),

 biophotons were widely researched in Europe and the USA in the 1930’s. In the 1950’s, Italian scientists developed the “photon multiplier technique” and proved that biophotons emit low levels of radiation. Subsequently, three Russian scientists, S. Stschurin, V.P. Kasnaschejew and L. Michailova performed over 5000 experiments and through these proved that all living cells transmit information via biophotons.

In 1974, German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp further established the existence of biophotons beyond any reasonable doubt, and proved that they originate in the DNA of the cell. He also developed and tested a number of hypotheses about their possible biological functions. He subsequently developed a number of applications for the use of biophoton measurements in microorganisms, plants, animals and humans.

From all these discoveries, French biophysicist Daniel Giron developed photon therapy, and is therefore called the ‘father’ of today's Bionic 880, a photon device that is used (mostly in Europe) to treat Borreliosis and other conditions. (Note: The Bionic 880 is also discussed in Chapter 11).

Dr. Woitzel uses photon therapy in his practice to treat Lyme disease and other illnesses. (Note: Author Connie Strasheim traveled to Germany in April, 2009 to be treated by Dr. Woitzel. She received treatments with the Bionic 880 twice a week, for three weeks). 

How Disease Happens 

Every cell of the human body has a nucleus with DNA. From this DNA, and as established by Popp, biophotons are emitted, which control the metabolism inside, as well as outside, the cell. A change in the balance of the cell’s biophotons by toxins, bacteria, viruses or electromagnetic radiation brings about a disturbance in the cell and leads, over time, to disease in one or several organs.

Thus, any illness manifests itself first on an energetic level, and since energy is superior to matter (matter is comprised of energy), any change in the body’s energy eventually leads to changes in the body’s biochemistry, as well. The balance of the body’s biophotons can be restored, however, by therapy that brings photonic light back into the cells. 

Since disease manifests itself first on an energetic level, I always treat any disease with energetic methods first, if my patients are willing to collaborate. The most effective of these involves treatment with photons within the 880-nm (880 nanometer) infrared range. With this type of therapy, I can directly influence the biophotonic balance of my patients’ cells and change or normalize the energetic information found therein. As a result of normalizing their energy, the biochemistry of their physical bodies normalizes, as well. In this way, they regain their health, but the process takes time.

How Bionic 880 Photons Are Transmitted Throughout the Body

Photons that are radiated by the Bionic 880 device are absorbed by the skin, then multiply in the body and spread everywhere. They reach all organs, even the brain, and pass through the branchings of the nervous system and spinal cord, where they harmonize (modify) the production of different hormones and neurotransmitters, such as endorphins and serotonin. The photon signals also reach other tissues and influence all systems of the body, including the immune.

The Cellular Effects of Photon Therapy

Life isn’t possible without light. According to Popp, and as previously mentioned, photons radiate from every cell in the body. In cells affected by illness or toxins, the intensity of biophoton emissions is low. Regeneration of these darkened cells can be accomplished by administering photons from an external source, such as with the Bionic 880. 
Photons in the infrared wave band that are administered to the body can activate many metabolic processes. First, they increase the detoxification of all toxic matter, including pesticides, bacteria and viruses. They also increase the production of leukocytes and macrophages, CD-57 cells, and lymphocytes, as well as other immune cells, and normalize pathologic metabolism. 

If macrophages are exposed to infrared light within the range of 880 nm, they release substances that are helpful for repairing damaged cells and which support the production of connective tissue. 

Infrared light has proven to have positive effects not just upon leukocytes, but also upon several types of lymphocytes and enzymes. It can increase NK cell counts, but it can also decrease immune cell counts in those with autoimmune conditions. 

Testing for Lyme Disease

Problems with Traditional Tests for Lyme (Borrelia)

Some patients with Lyme (Borreliosis) test negative for the disease on serologic tests; however, a tissue evaluation from their organs often reveals that in fact, they do have Lyme. Hence, I believe that it’s important to diagnose Lyme disease using different energetic techniques, along with a clinical diagnosis. Such techniques produce accurate results, once mastered by the practitioner.

Testing in this manner is especially important because there are four categories of people with Lyme disease who don’t meet the official criteria for a positive diagnosis under the traditional antibody system of testing, or who are difficult to diagnose for other reasons. These people may not present typical Lyme disease symptoms or have positive results on their lab tests. These categories (according to Henry Feder [N. Engl. Med. 2007; 357: 1422 – 1430]) include:

  1. People who test negative on serologic tests, and live in non-endemic Lyme regions, but who have non-specific symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, night sweats and myalgias.
  2. People whose illnesses have been diagnosed as something else, such as MS, or who have not yet been diagnosed as having Lyme. Also those who have been diagnosed with Lyme but who have not accepted their diagnosis.
  3. People who do not have clinical signs and symptoms of Lyme but who have antibodies to Borrelia.
  4. People who get the classic erythema migrans rash and who have taken antibiotics for Borrelia but who are yet still suffering from symptoms. Such people have been labeled as having “post-Lyme syndrome”.

Testing for Borrelia Using Homeopathy and Energy Medicine Modalities

When determining whether or not to treat patients for Borreliosis (as Lyme disease is called in Europe), I perform bioresonance tests on them using a variety of energetic devices, such as the Bicom, along with homeopathic nosodes containing original Borrelia bacteria. The Borrelia nosodes, in conjunction with the Bicom, are used to determine whether the energetic information contained within the nosodes resonates with the energetic information that is contained within the patient’s cells and/or meridians. If it does, then that means that Borrelia is present in that patient’s body.

When patients test negative for Borreliosis using this method, I do not treat them for the infection, even if their serologic or other lab tests are positive.

For the testing, I use homeopathic nosodes in dilutions of D 5 - D 200 (D 5, D 6, D 8, D 10, D 12, D 15, D 30, D 60, D 100, D 200, along with the original Borrelia organism). Usually, if Borrelia is present and causing problems in their bodies, then patients will test positive within this range of dilutions.

After administering five photon therapy sessions to my patients, I will then test the reaction of their cellular energy to the Borrelia nosodes using the Bicom machine, using a range between 120 Hz and 152 KHz on the machine. If there is no positive reaction to the nosodes, then their Borrelia is considered to be in remission. If there is a positive reaction, then I treat them once more, wait a month, and then test them again.

Once Borrelia is in remission, then patients must be tested on a monthly basis for the following three months. If test results continue to be negative after those three months, then they are considered to no longer have Borreliosis (Lyme disease). After the third test, they can choose to come into my office to continue to get checked on a yearly basis. Most decide to do this, but I have found that 97% of them remain symptom-free, even two or three years after the completion of their treatments. 

It is important to note here that the lymphocytes destroy most of the body’s Borrelia. Any Borrelia that remains in the body is inactivated and doesn’t cause symptoms because the body’s cells no longer resonate with the infection. Only in cases of extreme energetic stress can the organism re-emerge and cause symptoms again. Such cases are rare, but possible, and physicians who treat with the Bionic 880 should know this. Such stressors might include the problematic delivery of a child, a major accident, or the death of a close family member or loved one. 

Clinical Procedure for Treating Patients with the Bionic 880

Photons have different frequencies, and using the proper frequency on the Bionic 880 device to treat a specific disorder is extremely important for success in healing that disorder. I establish the appropriate frequency for the treatment of Lyme and other conditions by testing patients using energetic methods, such as the Biotensor, muscle testing, bioresonance, Vega device, and so on. The results of such tests enable me to determine which frequency is most appropriate for a particular condition and the individual patient.

For the treatment of Borreliosis (Lyme disease) I usually administer treatments with the Bionic for 320-340 seconds, at ten to twelve different points on the body, using 11.77 Hertz at 100% power on the machine. 

For the process, I also use the Borrelia nosodes of different homeopathic dilutions, which I tape across the patient’s solar plexus. Once the Borrelia nosodes are taped into place, treatment is then administered using the photon device. 

The photons, along with the nosodes, normalize the body’s own biophoton emissions and energy so that the cells are able to expel the Borrelia organism, along with other toxins. The photons basically enable the cells to eliminate all toxic things, the presence of which can be evidenced in the patient’s blood after treatments.

The ten different treatment points

1 & 2: The inside of the right and left wrists, with the right wrist being treated first. (The points on the right side of the body are always treated first).
3 & 4: Over the right and left ears 
5: Middle of the forehead 
6: Top of the skull 
7 & 8: Right and left thyroid gland (except in those with hyperthyroidism)
9: Upper third of the sternum, by the thymus 
10: Above the navel, just below the homeopathic nosodes 

(Warning: placing the head of the device over the nosodes themselves may break the nosodes).

Following the photon treatment, I administer a hyperbaric ozone treatment to those patients who suffer from concentration disturbances (brain fog) or who have trouble with word finding. Ozone increases the blood’s oxygen level to 180 – 200 % (the normal range is 96 – 100 %), thereby alleviating these symptoms.

Finally, all of my patients receive a detoxification treatment, which includes an intravenous infusion of magnesium, zinc, Hepar comp (a homeopathic liver decontaminant), Solidago comp (a homeopathic kidney support remedy), Lymphomyosot (a homeopathic remedy to support the lymphatic system) and 100 ml of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3 8.4 %).

Since photon therapy can reactivate dormant infections and diseases, it’s important to get toxins from these out of the body, which is why my patients always get a detoxification infusion after every session. The infusions also help to partially alleviate any potentially intense reactions to the photon therapy.

Five treatments, sometimes six, are usually required to eliminate symptoms of Borrelia. I allow my patients at least two days of rest in-between treatments in order not to interrupt or disturb the activated regulation of cellular activity induced by the photons. If these intervals are not maintained, patients may also experience intense pathologic overdose reactions, and might be put at risk for thyroid gland decompensation and subsequent Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

(Note: Anywhere from three to ten photon treatments are usually required to treat other conditions of illness. Three is the minimum required for any condition, even if the patient feels well before the end of those three).

After administering five treatments for Borrelia, I test my patients. If my German patients test negative after the fifth treatment, then I tell them to come back to my office in a month to get tested again. If they still test positive after five treatments, then I administer just one more treatment and then tell them to come back again in four weeks, as they observe their symptoms during that time. After five or six treatments, it’s very important to wait for four weeks before doing another treatment, because Borrelia is cyclical in its lifecycle, and dormant forms, which were not taken care of during the first round of treatments, may emerge during these four weeks. On average, however, I find that most people need only five or six treatments for Borrelia. 

No other supplements (orthomolecular substances, such as chlorella or vitamins) are given during treatment, because the photons regulate the body’s entire metabolism. I am convinced that the administration of additional substances (except vital medicines, such as heart or diabetic medications) negatively influences this regulation. So far, my experience seems to prove that I am right.

In order to increase the efficiency of photon therapy, I also give my patients a chiropractic adjustment. They welcome this additional treatment, which enables their energy to flow more freely from the top of their head to the bottom of their spine, as well as throughout their entire body. Any blocks in the body’s flow of energy may lead to pain throughout the spinal column, particularly in the first vertebra/atlas/axis. After this adjustment, patients also feel more flexible and are able to move about more freely, which also means that the photons are able to work more effectively in their bodies. Some patients may occasionally require a second chiropractic adjustment, and may even have to learn to do certain exercises in order to maintain its effects.

Finally, I sometimes do SCENAR therapy on my patients, (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) which involves the use of a handheld, electro-stimulation therapeutic medical device to loosen ligaments and muscles, as it frees up movement within the body.

Using the Bionic 880 To Treat Other Health Conditions

Photon treatment can positively influence almost all diseases and medical conditions. In the realm of infections, this includes bacteria and viruses, fungus, mold, yeast, and just about any type of pathogen. 

In addition, photon therapy can regulate hormones and neurotransmitters, reduce pain (of all kinds), treat allergies and gut dysbiosis, as well as other problems present in Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. 

Pain therapy is one of the main focuses of my practice. I have successfully treated, for example, cases of chronic recurrent lumbar spine pain and achillodynia after only six sessions. Some of these cases had previously been resistant to any type of therapy. One patient with acute lumbago, for instance, was free from discomfort after only two treatments. A superficial ulcer on the right foot of another patient, which had previously been resistant to all kinds of therapy, was healed after twelve treatments. 

Other conditions that can be successfully treated with the Bionic 880:

Psychosomatic illnesses 
Somatic disorders
Other long-term and chronic illnesses 
Dysfunction of the vegetative nervous system
“Burn out” syndromes 
Weight problems 
Addictions (especially smoking) 
Cancer aftercare 
Brain fog

In addition, photons may do all of the following: 

Improve lymphocyte differentiation
Improve pathological enzyme function
Regulate the immune system 
Raise or lower lymphocytes, as necessary 
Normalize and activate CD-57 cell production
Increase the amount of toxins that leave the body 
Normalize serotonin and tryptophan metabolism 
Have a positive influence upon the psyche 
Normalize PSA (prostate) values 
Reduce allergies 
Positively impact insulin levels 
Lower blood sugar (when necessary) 
Increase the rate of wound healing 
Decrease pain levels 
Create an increased tolerance to cancer medications (for those receiving cancer treatments) 
Positively impact immune markers - leukocytes, lymphocytes, IgG, IgM, CD-57, etc.
Reduce diabetic symptoms, even in those with Type One diabetes
Normalize immune system reactions 
Increase the excretion of environmental toxins 
Decrease bone necrosis 
For those with high fever infections, bronchitis and pneumonia, photons create an increased CD-57 response to such infections

Since I am a general practitioner, I treat a wide range of ailments, not just Lyme disease. Recently, for example, I used the Bionic 880 to get rid of my daughter’s oral Herpes infection, which I was able to eliminate with only three treatments.

Treating For Other Infections Using Homeopathic Nosodes and The Patient’s Own Blood

After doing treatments for Lyme and co-infections, when patients are stronger and more stable, they may be treated for other infections or conditions, using their own blood as a homeopathic nosode, in conjunction with the Bionic 880.

This is a good way to treat any infections or issues for which a homeopathic nosode isn’t available, or to mop up infections that could not be identified through energetic testing, since the blood contains the blueprint of all infections that are in the body.

If patients choose to receive biophoton treatments using their own blood, they should always get an intravenous detoxification cocktail afterwards, since the blood may contain multiple infections, which creates the potential for many toxins to be released. I don’t advise practitioners to treat with their patients’ own blood at first, because these patients might get a detoxification reaction that is too violent and which no intravenous infusion could fix. It’s important to treat Borrelia first, using Borrelia nosodes, and then the patient’s own blood may be used as a nosode to get rid of any remaining infections (and depending upon the results of energetic testing). Moreover, when using the blood as a nosode in conjunction with biophotons, I advise practitioners to initiate treatments at 25% power on the Bionic device, and gradually increase the intensity by 25% per week, until patients are able to complete two treatments at 100% power. 

Troubleshooting Problems in Healing

Almost all of my patients can be successfully treated for Borreliosis. Those who already suffer from strong symptoms of paralysis and progressive muscular atrophy may have trouble healing, however, because cells that have died no longer emit biophotons, and so far, I have not yet discovered a method for re-activating these. So while I haven’t yet found the right therapy for such conditions, I keep searching. 

I am convinced that there is a key to healing all diseases, and we must simply find it. For the aforementioned, perhaps we just need new and different frequencies that are not found on this particular device.

Patients who are exposed to strong electromagnetic fields during therapy also have trouble healing, because such fields disturb the photon therapy and can weaken its effects or even make it ineffective. Whenever I suspect that my patients are being exposed to too much electromagnetic radiation, I recommend that they have their homes examined by specialists for electromagnetic “smog” and, if necessary, made “safe” again. This involves removing EMF sources, such as cellular radio, cordless phones, high-frequency and low-frequency radiation, military directional radios, and so on, from their environment. Cell phones can be especially problematic, as can computers, but if they put a diode (energetic protection device) on their computer or cell phone, this can minimize the possibility of the EMF’s affecting their photon treatments. Whenever patients make the necessary changes to their living environment, I find that they respond better to the treatments. Those who become free from disease tend to have low EMF levels in their environments. 

Patients with detoxification problems may also have trouble healing, but I do have techniques in my practice that can help them to detoxify better.

The Problem with Using Antibiotics for the Treatment of Lyme Disease

I consider the use of antibiotic medications for the treatment of Lyme disease and other infections to be highly questionable.

People with Lyme frequently observe positive changes in their symptoms as a result of antibiotic use, yet they are only that: a shift in symptoms. They may still have bacteria in their cells, but these may not be reflected in their lab results or symptoms—they may only be detected by some types of energetic testing. Most patients who have gone into remission from Lyme disease after antibiotic use have later suffered from other diseases, due to the immune suppression that the medications cause. Such diseases are seemingly unrelated to Lyme but were probably initially caused by Lyme. I have observed, for instance, that there is an increase in patients’ risk of developing cancer after they have been on long-term antibiotics. 

In any case, I believe that antibiotics prevent or hinder the defense system of the cell, and I haven’t observed any cases of complete healing from Lyme disease as a result of antibiotic therapy. People take different antibiotics and try to heal Lyme but don’t succeed, because the real cause of Lyme hasn’t been dealt with. Only by using photon therapy have I been able to fully heal my patients of the symptoms caused by Lyme.
Also, organisms can develop resistance to antibiotics, and it can become increasingly difficult to find medications that will work well for treating different forms of the infection.

Adjunct Therapies during Photon Treatment 

If patients test positive for Borreliosis, I will first treat them for this infection, since the symptoms that it causes can imitate more than 300 different diseases. By treating Borrelia first, I don’t have to guess at the source of other symptoms, if any remain after the treatments. If patients still have symptoms after successful Borrelia treatments, then these symptoms are probably not caused by Borrelia, and they should keep in mind that not all disease symptoms are caused by Borrelia. Whenever this is the case, I then treat them for other issues, according to integral holistic principles.

For example, I might recommend intravenous detoxification therapy to help the body get rid of toxins, or treatments to heal the intestine such as colon hydrotherapy, dietary modification, and supplements such as Mutaflor and Symbioflor. I may also recommend vitamins and other supplements, depending upon what the patient’s problems are. Removing dental amalgams and ridding the body of mercury and other toxins may also be important, and I have a number of remedies that I use for such problems.

Heal the Mind, Heal the Body 

In addition to physical toxins, the cells release emotional toxins as a result of photon therapy. Whenever this happens, I do a type of mental training program with my patients to help them process the emotional toxins. The aim of the program is to give them the opportunity to heal themselves by using different mental techniques. I can only offer this type of therapy to patients who speak my language (German) well, however, and who are ready to change their way of thinking. One of the things that I always tell my patients is that I believe that any illness, including Lyme disease, originates on a spiritual level first and only manifests itself later in the body and soul. I also believe that illness is a prompting for patients to change something in their lives on a spiritual level, and often I am amazed at how successful they are at doing this.

The Use of Immune Markers to Measure Progress in Healing

I developed photon therapy for Lyme disease about nine years ago. I couldn’t ask anybody about how to treat Lyme with photons so I relied on my own mental faculties and energetic tests to determine its effectiveness. The first patient that I treated was a four-year-old child. This patient’s parents had refused a colleague’s antibiotic therapy and asked me to do something different. The parents knew me well, so they knew that I wouldn’t risk the child’s health. Fortunately, after four treatments, the child was free from his troubles! Based on that success, I then performed a trial on 106 patients in which I used a LTT (lymphocyte-transformation test) to help determine the effectiveness of the photons. The positive change in lymphocyte activity in these patients after treatments was amazing. 

Over the last years, I have performed several other types of immune tests, which have proven the positive effects that photons have upon Th1 and Th2 cells, as well as upon leukocytes and lymphocytes. To obtain such information, before and after every single photon treatment for Lyme, I took blood samples from my patients and analyzed these.

Currently, I am running trials to determine the effects of photon therapy upon the differentiation of lymphocytes. For this test, I use over thirty-four parameters before and after each treatment, and on one patient, I have even performed over 240 tests! Currently, I have received more than 1200 results from this test. These results, which are still being evaluated at the moment, so far show highly interesting reactions that will be important for further oncologic and immunologic scientific research. 

It has also been demonstrated that photons have regulatory effects upon the cells, but more testing is still needed to conclusively confirm these phenomena.

I often lecture in Germany and my colleagues who have adopted my protocol have reported similar good results when using the Bionic 880 on their patients. Very often, I advise them on matters pertaining to the therapy.

The Difference between North American and European Patients

Treatment outcomes always depend upon the individual patient that I am working with. I have noticed that there can be slight changes in therapy outcomes according to the degree of each patient’s disease. There are, as of yet, no significant differences between European and American patients when it comes to treatment outcomes, although other variations in these patients do exist.

North Americans tend to have more co-infections. Europeans have some, especially Chlamydia, Epstein-Barr and Rickettsia, but overall, North Americans have more and different infections, such as Bartonella, Babesia and Mycoplasma. 

I have also noticed that North Americans tend to become too fixated on their diseases, which affects their healing. Europeans tend to get “free” from thoughts of disease more easily. North Americans must find mental exercises that will enable them to get free of their fixation on illness, if they want to heal fully. 

Thinking too much about disease is a problem for our cells. We can influence our whole metabolism by our thoughts. So if those with Borreliosis are fixated on the idea that they are ill, they will get ill, and remain ill. The fact that I don’t speak English as well as German means that it’s difficult for me to fully explain this concept to my foreign patients, however, and offer them strategies for getting “unstuck.” 

It’s important, though, that people with Borreliosis do some type of mental training to break their fixation on disease, or on whatever is disturbing their health. It’s beneficial for them to not become too fixated on anything, and to live without fixations requires difficult mental training, but it can be done. We have powers within us that can be developed and cultivated, and if we are able to discover and develop these, then we have the ability to get rid of disease. For example, I just had a patient who got rid of Lyme by the power of her thought alone. 

I teach my German-speaking patients four different mental techniques to enable them to discover more about themselves and to help them tap into their own healing power. 

Relative Contraindications of Photon Treatment

Photon therapy is somewhat contraindicated in just a couple of situations.

First, in those with colitis, because the photons can increase bleeding and cramps. 

Secondly, in those with depression who are being treated with medications, because the photons render ineffective the medications.

Also, it is critical that those with hyperthyreosis consult with a knowledgeable practitioner before using the Bionic 880 on the thyroid points.

Finally, those with pacemakers should make certain that the photons are not aimed directly at their pacemakers.

Sample Frequencies for Different Conditions 

Below are some frequencies that are commonly used for treating other conditions that are often found in those with Lyme disease. These frequencies, however, should only be used as a guideline. Patients should be energetically tested before receiving treatment for any condition in order to determine what the best frequency for their particular condition is. This is because frequencies also depend upon the person being treated; each person has a different energy at the time that they are being treated, and a frequency other than the one listed below may be more appropriate for that person.

Also, when treating certain conditions, such as hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances, using five points on the body instead of ten may be more appropriate. Again, patients should be energetically tested to determine which points would be most beneficial for their particular condition. For pain problems, treating locally on the area of pain is often best. 

Finally, it is generally best to treat patients for only one issue at a time, and no more than twice a week (except for pain or other local issues, which can be treated 4-5 times per week). Over-treating with photons can cause problems in the body, and when treating for multiple infections, a break should be given in-between treatments for each infection, so that the body has time to fully process the effects of a particular treatment. 

Recommended frequencies for conditions often found in those with Lyme disease

Psychological problems 7.83 and 80 Hz
Pain Between 2.7 Hz and 9.88 Hz
Wounds 9.88 Hz
Hormonal Imbalances Between 7.83 Hz and 80 Hz
Infections Between 9.88 Hz and 28 Hz
Detoxification Problems 9.88 Hz and 11.77 Hz
Immune system imbalances 9.88 Hz and 11.77 Hz

Allergies: It’s very important to accurately test for allergies, in order to avoid strong reactions to treatment. Different frequencies can be used for allergies, depending upon the allergy and the person.

Finally, when energetically testing patients for specific conditions, it’s important for practitioners to place the nosode or the matter that will be used for treatment directly on their patients’ epigastria for most accurate test results.

Final Words 

This newly developed energy medicine technique should be more widely used for the treatment of Lyme disease (Borreliosis). Research in the field of biophotons should also be intensified and other physicians encouraged to learn about this method, so that the number of positive treatment outcomes may be increased. Fortunately, many of my German colleagues in medicine are already going in this direction. 

Technical Data for the Bionic 880

Description of the device: Bionic 880 with Cluster Probe (Applicator). Frequency, power level and duration of treatment may be programmed into the device. Operator guidance is included.

Dimensions: L 27 cm x W 17 cm x H 8 cm
Weight: 2.3 Kg
Radiation source: 84 (LED) diodes 880 Nm
Wavelength: 880 Nm, pulsed
IMF: 2.471 Hz, 4.942 Hz, 7.833 Hz,
9.88 Hz, 11.77 Hz, 28 Hz, 80 Hz
Density of EFM energy: ca. 3.000 mw on the surface of the treated tissue or ca. 150 mW/cm2 

Additional Information on Photons

Their effect upon the body is dependent upon their wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the stronger they are.

How to Contact Ingo D. E. Woitzel, M.D. 

75172 Pforzheim, Luisenstr. 54 – 56, Germany
Tel: 0049 (0) 7231-313533 Fax: 0049 (0)7231-357268

Author’s note: 

Dr. Woitzel recommends that patients who live outside of Germany stay at Gästehaus Klein in Dobel while undergoing treatments in his clinic. This friendly, welcoming guesthouse is located in a small town where electromagnetic levels of pollution are low. For more information, contact: 

Karin Klein
Neuenbürger Str.59
75335 Dobel, Germany
Tel.: 0049 (0)7083/3665
Fax.: 0049 (0)7083/3665

Translation Note

This chapter is based on an interview that was conducted in German and translated into English. While we made every effort to ensure that the translation was accurate, the reader should be aware that translation errors may have occurred.


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