MMS book and DVD priced below cost

Hi everyone,

With all this talk of MMS, I thought I’d give everyone the chance to pick up the MMS book and MMS DVD at prices lower than what I paid for them. I have some inventory sitting here and it needs to move. So, for $25, you can have both the book and DVD. You can see on the below links that these items sell at retail
prices of much higher than $25.

Buy my leftover inventory, same items but much cheaper (both for $25):

($24.95) Retail link for book:\\_sim_b_1
($29.95) Retail link for DVD:
Total retail price for both items: $54.90

I’ve seen the MMS DVD and it is very interesting, and the book is pretty good too.


PS – I only have 12 sets left, so its first come, first served.

Happy 4th!