One man’s success using the coil machine

I like to share success stories. Here’s one man’s:

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  • Pam

    I am 66 and can’t put together a coil machine. Can this be ready made or have someone help me.  Thanks, Pam  P.S. I have three types of Borrelia, erhlicilosis, babesia microti and bartonela.  I have been on antibiotics for 15 years, three of which were IV Azithromycin, Flagyl, and Rocephin. I am having a form of electric treatment for $50.00 a week and would like to have the real rife if possible.  Thank you, and BLESS you all who have been in a wheelchair for years, blind and misdiagnosed with ALS and Alzheimer’s, when in fact after a brain rupture, your sight was restored and by the end of the first week your cognitive thinking is just fine.  Thank God, my neurosurgeon had had several Gulf War soldiers with symptoms that matched mine and my blood was sent to IGenex Lab and the rest is good news, but I think the Rife would help to complete my journey of infections which started Aug. of 1989.