Turmeric for Lyme disease

turmeric for lyme diseaseI’m not the first one to write about it, but Turmeric appears to be very useful for treating Lyme disease. Some ancient societies considered it the “herb of all herbs.”

In Lyme disease it has confirmed anti-inflammatory properties. In Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine it is considered a “cooling” herb, and can be used for inflammation which is a “heat” condition.

The following isn’t confirmed but is a hunch: I believe Turmeric may even have some cyst busting capabilities. Not because it attacks the bacteria, but instead, because it reduces inflammation and changes the bioterrain enough that the bacteria living throughout the body may be inclined to change bacterial form, especially into spirochete form (this is unconfirmed observation; I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments section below).

As a spice, turmeric is relatively non-toxic and affordable, so if you find yourself stagnating in your recovery process you probably don’t have much to lose in trying it, although, of course, don’t do so unless you have the permission of your doctor.

According to Marshall Protocol advocates, Turmeric is one of the substances which can reduce TNF-alpha, which is one of the reasons it is anti-inflammatory (reference).

For the same reaosn, turmeric may also be useful during herxheimer reactions. It may also help with whole-body inflammation that can occur after Lyme exasperations such as that occur after eating too much processed sugar. Again, please share your experiences below in order to confirm / deny these observations.

The brand I’ve used is Turmeric Force, made by New Chapter, which is a brand I’ve generally found to be good.

Hopefully this new information is helpful. Look forward to your comments.

  • Tracy

    I have been using this Tumeric as well for a couple of weeks now and have found many of my symptoms to be reduced. I believe it is d/t the inflammatory benefit.

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  • Kylie

    It sounds like a very worthwhile option to try. Just thought I’d add that in some people, turmeric is known to leach iron from the body. So symptoms of dizziness while taking it could indicate this.

  • Lisa Kazmier

    Is one softgel a day sufficient. I felt a big headache of late, probably atmospherically enhanced. Today, after one pill, I don’t feel so bad. Just wonder if 1 a day will be enough over time.