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NEW LYME BOOK: The most important one ever published?

Burton Waisbren Lyme Book
Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease: Fifty-One Case Reports and Essays in Their Regard


Paperback Book, $24.95
Published in January, 2012

This book is quite possibly the most important Lyme disease book ever published. It was written by one of the Founding Members of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, an organization which has denied the legitimacy of chronic Lyme disease. Not only does Dr. Waisbren bring his credibility to the table in asserting the reality of chronic Lyme disease, he also shares with the reader 51 cases of the disease which he has personally treated, along with the many treatment methodologies he uses in his Lyme disease practice. He has been practicing medicine for over 57 years and has published Lyme disease research in many journals, such as The Lancet.  Continued