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Liposomal supplements … a breakthrough you need to know about!

Many people have heard of “liposomal” supplements but wonder if they are hype, or for real. They are for real. Liposomal vitamin C has been shown to be absorbed up to 5x as effectively as any other type of vitamin c. Liposomal products are encapsulated in a fatty matrix which makes them much more fat-soluble and readily absorbed from the intestinal tract. One of my favorite liposomal vitamin c brands is Liv-On Laboratories Liposomal Vitamin C, which can be purchased from or

Researched Nutritionals* also makes a liposomal glutathione product. Glutathione is the body’s “master antioxidant” and the liposomal form of this product gets the substance where you need it, faster, bypassing the process of digestion.

Recently, Hopkinton Drug* released a liposomal artemisinin product which appears to be highly promising. Hopkinton Drug is also one of the only suppliers in the country which, at the present time, has in stock the important anti-parasitic herb known as Mimosa Pudica and recommended by Dr. K. Remember: these antiparasite treatments aren’t just for helping deworm the gut, they also help break down biofilm throughout the body and can lead to dramatic symptom improvement. In fact, one well-known Lyme doctor has documented worm DNA in Lyme biofilms, indicating that the action of these antiparasitic herbs and drugs reaches far beyond the gut.

Hopkinton Drug’s Mimosa Pudica and Liposomal Artemisinin are over-the-counter and can be ordered by calling: (800) 439-4441.

Also, don’t miss this flyer from Hopkinton Drug with more information on their products. Don’t miss the back side of the flyer, page 2, with information on Mimosa Pudica and Liposomal Artemisinin.

* Disclosure: is sponsored by Hopkinton Drug.

* Disclosure: is sponsored by Researched Nutritionals.

Mimosa Pudica, herb described by Dr. Klinghardt, is back in stock!

Mimosa PudicaMany people are now aware of Mimosa Pudica, an ayurvedic herb recommended by Dr. Klinghardt for parasites and possibly Babeisa.

According to Scott Forsgren’s notes on the Deep Look Beyond Lyme conference which took place in 2011, Dr. Klinghardt says that Mimosa Pudica is 30 times stronger than the best pharmaceutical drug.

The problem has been getting the stuff. Various reports across the web indicate that some sources may be low-quality and cause side effects or sickness. The most reliable source, according to some, is Hopkinton Drug, a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts. However, due to high demand, this pharmacy had been out of stock for several months. Yesterday I spoke with someone at the pharmacy and I am pleased to report that the product is back in stock. Furthermore, it is available OTC (over the counter) at a price which is much lower than I’ve previously seen. You can contact Hopkinton Drug at (508) 435-4441 ext. 117 or ext. 118, or email them at

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There have been various studies done on this species of plant and its various effects, including studies on antimicrobial effects, and anti-anxiety effects.  Please note, though, that this product is still experimental and that conclusive results about its usefulness and safety are still being evaluated by LLMDs.

Does the herb work? I’m in touch with one person who says they feel much better when taking it. However, I think it is too early to draw conclusions. I hope people report their results on this blog, so we can compile some user experiences.

If you use this product, please report your results here on this blog, so that others can learn from your experience. Also, please only use this product under the supervision of a licensed physician. For dosing information, please consult a physician who is experienced with using Mimosa Pudica. DISCLOSURE: Hopkington Drug is an advertising partner with BioMed Publishing Group, the publisher of this blog.