Dr. Burrascano: “Putting Lyme Behind You” 2-DVD Set

Let Dr. Burrascano tell you how to “Put Lyme behind you.” A 2-DVD set brought to you by LymeDisease.org (formerly CALDA) and Gordon Medical Associates. Buying this special DVD set from us will also get you the special bonus: a 1-year FREE membership to LymeDisease.org, featuring the quarterly “Lyme Times” periodical mailed to your doorstep, a member’s only area, and many other benefits. Order your copy of this DVD set today or learn more here.

2-DVD Set • $50

2-DVD Set • $50

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  • Weekly Butterfly Admirer

    Why is the price for the 2 DVDs $5 on the first page and then $50 when I click to order?

  • http://www.lymebook.com Bryan Rosner

    Hi, sorry about the typo, I have fixed it on the site, the sets are $50. It sounds expensive, we don’t keep all the money, we have to pay LymeDisease.org and Gordon Medical Associates for the right to sell these… *

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