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Welcome to Bryan’s Anti-Lyme Journal!


Since I wrote my last Lyme disease book, I’ve already come across a significant amount of new, promising information. However, in this day and age, books are just not the best way to get new information to my readers anymore. Here’s why:

  • Books take years to publish, but new Lyme disease information becomes available almost daily.
  • Books are overwhelming to consume all at once, but frequent online updates in blog format are much easier to read and assimilate.
  • Books are difficult to update, even though updates are needed periodically.

Therefore, instead of working on a new book, I have created the new Anti-Lyme Journal, where I will publish my latest research and treatment updates. If you’ve enjoyed my books, please consider subscribing to the journal and supporting my work. The Anti-Lyme Journal is similar to a blog, but you pay a yearly fee for access. And better than a book, I can include many types of content, such as podcast interviews, videos, and more! Each time I update the site with new content, I’ll send all my subscribers an email so you never miss anything important.

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to bringing you cutting-edge, “think-outside-the-box” information on Lyme-related topics. You can start reading the journal right now, by viewing a list of all articles since the journal was launched.

Bryan Rosner
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