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Tetanus update & a very useful new tool for you

Hello faithful readers,

I am still continuing in my Tetanus battle. (Read my original post on this topic). I was MUCH better for about a month, and had a pretty significant setback recently. I’m trying to stay positive. I appreciate all of your heartfelt comments, notes, and emails. It does seem that tetanus can “come and go” even in people who don’t have Lyme disease; this link is the story of a man who fought it naturally and did experience a recurrence of it after a few weeks of being symptom-free. So, I’m staying positive that I will be “on my way” out of this soon, but might have some battling to do yet.

I can’t wait to tell you about everything I’ve learned. I’ve learned more in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years. Much of it is applicable to Lyme disease. I’ll definitely be posting more on this, as I get the energy, so I thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for more!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you one quick tool that I’ve found to be INCREDIBLY helpful, called WholeTones. It is a collection of songs which have embedded frequencies in them. I know it sounds a bit cheesy. I was skeptical too. I mean, you and I own rife machines and dozens of other energy medicine tools, right? How could some silly songs really make any difference? Well, I found the effects of these songs to be profound, and definitely different enough from rife technology to justify their use, at least in my own healing. They also offer a 365 day money-back guarantee, so it’s not too hard to try them out. Personally I just purchased the downloadable package, but you can also upgrade to get CD’s in the mail too. Please note that the downloads were a bit cumbersome and didn’t easily import into my iPhone; something you might consider when ordering.

What exactly did these songs do for me? Tetanus infection releases an excitotoxin which makes the entire nervous system get amped up and go crazy. With the Tetanus stuff, I’ve been very irritable, restless, haven’t been sleeping well, and had other issues. Listening to these songs has completely calmed me down, it is almost unbelievable how well they worked for me. All this even while I was rifing regularly with numerous devices, illustrating that rife itself isn’t enough to get the full effects of the frequencies generated in these songs.

Find out more about WholeTones now.

If you decide to give this modality a try, please report back to us in the comments and let us know how it went for you.

In the meantime, I’ll keep trudging along in my battle to gain all my health back and I’ll post more as I’m able. I hope to have some longer updates soon with some other new tools which I feel would benefit the Lyme community.

Thanks for reading!

Bryan Rosner

PS – I posted the following help request on Facebook a few weeks ago. If you have any suggestions to offer me, I would be grateful. Please email me or post them in the comments section below.

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may have heard that I’ve been very ill. I was about 99% healthy up until 2 months ago. I got a puncture wound on my foot, and got what appears to be a “Mild” case of tetanus. This seems to have activated dormant / remission infections in my body. Though I had no Lyme symptoms before this incident, apparently I had dormant infections.

I had a surgery to clean out the wound and the wound on foot has healed, but it is still red, puffy, and somewhat infected. I believe the tetanus bacteria has worked its way down through my foot and is currently inside a biofilm in the bottom of my foot. It is making me TERRIBLY ill.
I’ve read all the literature on tetanus…and I’ve done the immunoglobulin shot and booster shot at the hospital, but the infection still seems to be making everything else in the body go nuts.

I’ve done tons of things over the last 2 months, but still don’t seem to be really winning the battle. I mean EVERYTHING… you name it, rife, PEMF, ozone, antibiotics, etc. The topical / local treatments seem to be much more useful than the systemic / oral treatments. Topical use of antibiotics + DMSO seems to help a lot.

I’m looking for any suggestions you may have for me. I’ve spent years writing books and trying to help the Lyme community, now I’m asking that you try to help me 🙂

I don’t need a basic education on tetanus, vaccines, etc. I’ve studied up. I need some new, think-out-side the box ideas on how to reach and kill a stubborn embedded biofilm infection in my foot. I’m open to systemic treatments, but topical / local treatments would be ideal as these seem to have helped the most.

I graciously thank you for your help and look forward to reading some replies. Thank you.

Bryan Rosner

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  • shelang

    After 27 or so years of Lyme and giving many things a try, I have had hiatal hernia surgery that only lasted a year about 25 years ago and it had really gotten bad. I found a book and they had a protocol of foods and supplements and one of them was a product “upm-750” which is a ultra purified monolaurin from Coconut Oil and the top of the label said tick recovery. It is distributed by Pink Stork out of Maryland. I got mine from Amazon. What I found interesting was that it actually made me feel a little bad for a week or two after I started it. I have never had a herx response before and I was excited and when I read about it I found out is was for Lyme. To make a long story short, I have lost 100 pounds, yeah, and am feeling very good.

    I do not know if this will help you because it says it is for various bacteria and viruses. I have been wanting to write to you about this stuff for awhile.

    I took a tetanus shot about 15 years ago and it made me sick. The only reason I took it was it was free and I go without shoes a lot. I guess you get what you pay for.
    I had a lot of cats and dogs die of cancer but no one in my family ever got it. I have since stop vaccinating and no one has gotten cancer since. My animals are really getting some age on them and they never go to the vet.

    Best to you.

    Sherry Langford
    Houston, Texas

  • Cash Johnny

    Hey, Bryan…Geesh I was thinkin’ on the Pos…that you would have been gettin’ through this tetanus thing, so sorry it’s being a pest. Glad to see you are trying the DMSO, cuz that is said to increase the effects of what you use with it…like Abx or the such. Hey, nothing for nothing…what’s your thoughts on Castol Oil? In this case not thinkin’ about the take internally …but to put the Oil on a very clean cotton cloth and put it on the area of issue? On the take internally side, what would Collostrum do? Or even your basic ACV(apple cider Vinigar)?or…Silver? Hell, what do I know, I normally turn to you for thoughts and advice..this sucks to see you in this pinch! Get better!

  • Cash Johnny

    Sherry thanks for sharing…made me go and do a read up on it…What I thought was interesting about this product….really is the Monolaurin, heard that term in my many years of LymeVictim research…but you got me to dig a little deeper…..I love the part mentioned about EBV….when people think of EBV they think of Mono…but it’s more than that…EBV is what? …only one of the 6 Herpes Virus’s….gets more interesting, Many of Lyme’s other throw out names…like Lyme indused Bells Palsy…well Bells is basicly in the Herpe’s family….Also…MORE and MORE you read in depth about Lyme and even it’s co-infection friends…you come across the EBV..or better the Herpe’s topic…umm??? interestin’ huh? Just recently I found some write ups about my Meneire’s disease(also Lyme indused)..that it has alot to do with Babs, parasites, mold….and EBV….gee why does that still keep showin up…????Lyme+ is the name we have…but…it’s really just supplin’ ammo to the bigger demons that have been kicked to the side inside our bodies…….we now all maxed out! so each day we struggle to find things to let up our sufferin’….even a little would be nice

  • Wayne

    Hi Bryan,

    So sorry to hear how difficult it’s been for you with this tetanus thing. A couple things I thought I’d mention that you may want to consider:

    In the past, I’ve read with a degree of fascination about the unique (and amazing) career of Dr. Frederick Klenner. He was a country doctor from North Carolina who back in the 1940’s began to experiment extensively with treating most of the diseases that he routinely came across with high doses of Vitamin C.

    He had been frustrated because he had little to offer the many children he was seeing coming in with polio. Having kept up on the literature on Vitamin C (which was discovered in the 1930’s) he decided it would be safe to try treating these children with IV Vitamin C. In short, he ended up writing a medical paper describing how he had cured scores of children with polio, some of them with fairly advanced cases.

    Because Vit. C was so successful treating polio, he began to use it for most other maladies he was confronted with. This included other childhood diseases, spider bites, and tetanus. Interestingly, it got to the point that when somebody came in for a doctor visit, he would hook them up with an IV Vit. C while he listened to their complaints. Invariably, they would begin to feel better within minutes–while they were still talking.

    After reading your account, I remembered reading how he had successfully treated tetanus, I did a quick google search, and came across this.

    Journal of Applied Nutrition Vol. 23, No’s 3 & 4, Winter 1971

    Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range Of A Vitamin In Human Pathology

    Frederick R. Klenner, M.D., F.C.C.P.


    Here’s just one of the references to tetanus in that paper…..

    Lockjaw relieved.

    Ascorbic acid has no equal as a adjuvant with other drugs in many conditions. With Tolserol it is curative in the treatment of Lockjaw. Both drugs must be used in proper amounts. In our case 1000 mg Tolserol given intravenously to a boy weighing 20 Kg. was the optimal amount to use. In 48 hours he was given 90 grams ascorbic acid and 3000 mg Tolserol, all intravenously.[55]Jungeblut[56] reported that vitamin C, when added to tetanus toxin “in vitro”, brings about inactivation of the toxin.


    The second thing I thought I’d mention: Have you tried clay foot baths to pull out any lingering infection in your foot? Even if you’ve already cleaned out your wound antiseptically, there’s something I’ve found about clay foot baths that makes me think there’s a pretty powerful energetic quality about clay besides its physical ability to pull out and absorb toxins.

    BTW, Linus Pauling got his inspiration to delve deeply into the therapeutic benefits of Vitamin C from reading Frederick Klenner’s experiences.

    Good luck on your treatment!

    All the Best, Wayne

  • Wayne — great info thanks. Super helpful.