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Metals Detox: The Never Ending Story

Hey everyone, I apologize for not posting more recently. I’ve been spending almost 2 hours per day in my new hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and spending a ton of my free time researching this promising treatment. In fact, I’m convinced that just about everyone recovering from Lyme disease should be using mild hyperbaric oxygen. You can read my initial post on this topic here. In the next few weeks, I’m going to be making another post about hyperbaric oxygen and I’ll be offering you – as a subscriber to my anti-Lyme journal – exclusive, free information about this therapy, and I’ll also be offering to help get you started. So, stay tuned for that – I really think it will be worth it.

In the meantime, here’s today’s topic… Detox!

Yes, we need to detox from Lyme toxins, mold, and other environmental junk. But I’ve personally found that heavy metal detox is the “big kahuna” of detox. Not only is it the most dangerous to undergo, it also potentially has the most rewards in terms of feeling better.

In fact, long ago I wrote about how Lyme disease and mercury are partners in the destruction of your health. Lyme forces your body to hold onto unwanted mercury, and that mercury in turn strengthens the Lyme. So, you don’t necessarily have to have big unusual mercury exposures in your daily life, to become mercury toxic with Lyme. You may have normal daily exposures, but Lyme makes you more susceptible to mercury poisoning. And, some people, including myself, are extra susceptible because it runs in our genetics.

Lyme and co-infections also use heavy metals to build biofilms, so if you aren’t progressing in treatment and you have biofilm issues, and your regular treatments aren’t working anymore, you may need to use heavy metal detox to gently disrupt those biofilms so other treatments can gain access to infectious colonies.

Let’s go back to what I said a minute ago – heavy metal detox is very dangerous. Done improperly, it can really mess you up (though usually, proper detox can correct the damage caused by improper detox). There are even entire websites dedicated to folks who got their lives really messed up by improper mercury detox. The truth is that the mercury detox substances themselves aren’t to blame. It is HOW they are used that is to blame. We will get into this more in a minute.

People who tell you “just eat some cilantro and chlorella, or take some EDTA” to detox shouldn’t be listened to. These shotgun approaches may have worked for some people, but if they did work, it means that those people weren’t very metal toxic to begin with. People who only have a tiny bit of heavy metals can get away with all kinds of improper mercury detox. People who are VERY toxic are the ones who will be VERY messed up by improper mercury detox.

Mine and my father’s hair test results for mercury were the highest our doctor had ever seen, and he had seen thousands of tests. We were VERY toxic. And I got very messed up doing the wrong kinds of mercury chelation.

There’s really only one proper chelation method. Yes, only one. Especially if you are VERY metal toxic. That is the method developed by Andrew Cutler, PhD. This method saved my life. I explain it here.

Remember, I’m not a doctor and my writing isn’t sufficient to be treatment guidelines. If you want to research Andrew Cutler’s method more, please read his book.  I HIGHLY recommend his book. Of all the health books I own, this one is more tattered, opened, highlighted, than any other book. I’ve gotten rid of most of my books over the years because they are no longer relevant, but his book sits right by my side at all times within arms reach. I’m not kidding. It’s by me right now.

So, why did I call this blog post “the never ending story”?

Everything I’ve typed here so far, you may already know from my past writing. But what you may not know, is that mercury detox isn’t a “one and done” thing.

I’ve learned something which is a bit discouraging. Though I’ve been detoxing mercury for 15 years, I still have mercury “stir ups” that I need to attend to. This is frustrating because you’d think I’d be done by now, right?

Well, I think that whatever factors predisposed me to mercury toxicity in the first place – some genetics, maybe some weird exposures in my home or church, maybe some lingering biofilm infections – they will continue to predispose me over the course of my lifetime. For this reason, I keep all my mercury chelation supplements on hand at all times.

Now, it’s not all discouraging news. My mercury symptoms are completely gone 90% of the time and when they do rise up, they are easily cured. I don’t think I have A LOT of mercury left in my body, but I do think it crops up over time. Mercury chelation may just be a part of my life from here on out.

Which is why you really need to UNDERSTAND mercury chelation thoroughly. In addition to reading Andy’s book (very important!), you need to NOT read and believe the wrong kind of mercury detox info. Remember, if you are only slightly mercury toxic, you can do many treatments and they won’t mess you up. But if you are very toxic, many treatments will mess you up and only one “right” treatment will get you better – Andrew Cutler’s method.

So, remember, as long as you still have any Lyme in your body, you will probably need to spend time detoxing mercury little by little, over and over, throughout the course of your recovery.

As mentioned, I suggest reading Andrew Cutler’s book on mercury detox as your foundation for mercury detoxification. But as a special gift to you since you are a subscriber to my Anti-Lyme Journal, I’m offering you another reading material today FREE OF CHARGE – it is the chapter from my recent book, Freedom From Lyme Disease, which addresses some advanced topics in heavy metal detox. Read the chapter for free now.

Mercury detox is NOT something to be taken lightly. If you’ve made a lot of progress but can’t seem to get breakthrough, I would encourage you to explore mercury detox (under the care of a doctor, of course), as it is a huge missing link in the recovery process.

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  • Cash Johnny

    Bryan…..as always, enjoy your knowledge, research and findings. You have me beat by for sure a few years with the Lyme, however, I’ve tried to keep up with many like yourself for….the most accurate idea’s or ideal treatments…along with trying and then “tryin'” to understand what that particular treatment did or didn’t do for me…talk about 10yrs…less than wanted results….One statement you made in your article through this article was that Vit D …..is a no-no for Lyme disease victims. I think I missed the boat….don’t recall that….Could you explain more? Also you didn’t mention the Lipo C and MSM combo and why that would not help?

  • Bryan Rosner

    Vit D is tricky. In many cases, it causes problems. See the Marshall Protocol.

    Lipo C is great for many things. MSM — be careful if mercury toxic, as it is a single thiol sulphur which tends to stir up mercury. But probably Ok to use if not mercury toxic.

  • Cash Johnny

    Bryan, Thank you, I have alot to catch up on. I remember reading most of the “protocals” in the past, “Marshall” “Salt and C” “Crowden” (is that it?) anyhow, time to go back to Marshall and read into it again on the Vit D3 part… umm…on the Merc topic…ohh I’m big time bad with Merc Tox and Lead Tox…my LLMD at the time, some time ago…..did a double take when he saw the results, he was not one to say much, but he said, wow and yur’ still walkin’ around huh?…..I remember him getting me a big tall bottle of something from Douglas Labs…if I recall the two ingredients where Vit C and MSM… I give thanks to you, to learn that ALA helps with Merc Detox, I’ve been faithful it taking that everyday. Currently with this new Bells Palsy then Meniere’s afterwards….kinda has me in a funk(and I’m normally a info finder and do-er…) but am only doing, trying a few things each month, so far nothing is showing or giving me relief to the ringing of ear that is just annoyin’ the heck out of me…I was doing better with all the other Lyme and Co-infection issues…..Anyhow, thanks Bryan, I will for sure keep an eye out for any of your email posts, I like that much better than the books….so much to absorb.