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More reasons to consider hyperbaric oxygen

As I continue to embark upon my own personal hyperbaric oxygen journey, I continue to find new reasons why this modality is unique and particularly beneficial in chronic inflammatory illnesses like Lyme. If you are interested in getting started with hyperbaric oxygen, drop me a line here and I’ll help get you started.

I’ve written several posts already about HBOC, you can find them in the archives.

Here are some significant benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber (HBOC) in Lyme and related conditions.

  1. HBOC is the only therapy available which uses ambient pressure. This pressure has a number of different effects, including increased circulation, brain healing effects, direct impact on microbes, and the ability to push antibiotics and herbs deeper into the system. This is such an important point. There are many other great therapies (lots of people like to compare HBOC to ozone therapy). But all of the other therapies rely on normal blood flow to deliver the therapies. Even ozone, which is a fantastic therapy by the way, is restricted to go where blood goes, as are every other therapy out there. What about areas with poor blood flow, hypercoagulation, biofilms, and other conditions which “block” blood from accessing the affected tissues, including the brain? Other therapies don’t reach these areas. But HBOC does reach them, because the pressure pushes blood flow deeper into tissues that have perhaps been closed off for years.
  2. HBOC is directly neuro-regenerative and increases brain circulation and activity as seen on SPECT scans. View the SPECT scan at the top of this page. This scan was after the use of mild, not full pressure, HBOC. Lyme disease is a neurological condition, which directly impacts the brain. Hyperbaric oxygen can help to heal the brain of damage caused by Lyme disease.
  3. HBOC breaks up biofilms, This is a direct statement from an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor): “Hyperbaric therapy, in addition to producing reactive oxygen species, also produces reactive nitrogen species. One of these products is nitric oxide. The effects of this compound are complex and protean with literature that goes on forever. But one demonstrated effect is the dispersal of biofilms. This may be of additional benefit.” (sourceThis particular doctor has written a lot about about HBOC, you can read all of his posts here. This is of such huge benefit to Lyme patients, as biofilms really are the “holy grail” (his words) of Lyme treatment.
  4. HBOC has been shown to “potentiate” (increase the effect of) many other therapies, including herbs and antibiotics. This can be of extreme value to those who are further along in their Lyme treatment and are finding that “nothing works anymore,” or “all the old treatments just don’t have the same effect that they used to.” There are probably several reasons why HBOC has this effect, including: biofilm penetration, pressure, oxygen, increased circulation, etc.
  5. HBOC is a shotgun approach. For those who aren’t well yet and have many different, perhaps mysterious, remaining issues, HBOC can provide benefits since HBOC doesn’t discriminate on any given tissue, or effect. By oxygenating the entire body and providing increased pressure, HBOC causes the whole organism – the whole person – to function better.
  6. Lastly, just to review some of the basic benefits of HBOC which I’ve mentioned before (these are benefits I like to see in ANY Lyme treatment). HBOC can be done in the privacy of your home, on your schedule. HBOC is non-invasive and non-toxic. HBOC doesn’t cost any additional money once you’ve purchased the equipment.

So, there you have it; some additional reasons why HBOC holds promise. Don’t be surprised if you see me posting more content on HBOC in the coming weeks, as this is a very promising and new area for me.

The fact that the autism community uses mild HBOC and reports fantastic results is very intriguing to me, because autism and Lyme disease have many similarities, especially in the brain dysfunction aspect, and especially since a shortgun approach is needed in both diseases because the diseases both have so many diverse contributing factors.

If you are interested in getting started with hyperbaric oxygen, drop me a line here and I’ll help get you started.

Picture of me in my chamber today:


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  • Sarah Perry Adams

    Hi, Bryan. I’d like your overall thoughts on breaking up biofilms. I understand that beneficial bacteria also make biofilms, so my doctor acknowledges that breaking them up should be a temporary treatment. Thoughts?

  • Bryan Rosner

    Hi. If our biofilm treatments were so successful that we were at risk of breaking up all biofilms in the body, we may need to be careful not to overdo it. But I think the opposite is true; we don’t have enough effective therapies.

    As for beneficial bacteria, I do not believe you are correct. Gut bacteria probably do not produce biofilms. When they do, you get C Dif which is a life threatening colon infection. The biofilms cause severe “slippery” diarrhea. I also believe that beneficial bacteria can be repleneshed with probiotics, so my slant would be to kill as much bad bacteria as possible and replenish the good bacteria.

    In any case, as far as hyperbaric goes, many Lyme sufferers have noted that it helps heal their gut, one way or another.

  • Sarah Perry Adams

    Thank you!