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Exercise: are you doing it?

Exercise is something I want to come back to today, with an important reminder for you.

A disclaimer, first. Not everyone can or should exercise. Consult your physician prior to exercising.

Want to know something depressing? Every minute you have chronic infections in your body, those infections are causing irregularities in your homeostasis. The infections release toxins, block oxygen from reaching tissues, snub your immune system, and thicken your blood.

And, every one of those same minutes, your body itself is trying to fight back and undo the damage. It is a push-pull battle between your body and the infections. We have many approaches to try to help the body win, including killing infections, detoxing, nutritional support, etc.

But did you know that exercise is one of the MOST useful tools to help your body win the battle?

Here’s why.

Exercise ACCELERATES all of your body’s processes. It accelerates your metabolism, accelerates the production of hormones and stem cells, increases detoxification and oxygen circulation, and in general, increases the effectiveness and speed at which all your organs work. Exercise is like the fast-forward button for the body’s processes.

While this is important for healthy people, it is especially important when infections are clogging up these processes. Exercise does not help the infections speed up their processes. So it gives your body a clear upper hand. Your body can now make hormone faster than the infections can screw them up. It can send oxygen places faster than the infections can block oxygenation. It can clear toxins faster than the infections can make them.

In short, exercise helps keep your body ahead of the infections. It keeps you one step ahead.

Of course, there are many other reasons exercise is important in Lyme disease, including strengthening and protecting the joints, preventing obesity, lifting mood, etc. (In fact, many chronically ill people report a surge of “runner’s high” after they exercise which can alleviate depression, increase motivation and critical thinking, and cause a sense of peace and relaxation). And tons of other benefits like elongating telomeres, anti-aging, etc. There are always new discoveries about how exercise helps us.

Please note that you do need to ease into an exercise program and do it only under the care of your Lyme doctor, as Lyme patients also have issues which may make exercise dangerous, such as heart problems, seizures, etc. I repeat: consult your physician prior to exercising.

Did you know that I wrote a three-part series entitled Exercise for Lyme Sufferers: Tips, Tricks & Hacks I’ve Learned Over The Years. Your subscription to the Anti-Lyme Journal gives you free access to these articles! I suggest you read them, they contain all my secrets for success. Enjoy! 

Don’t overlook the importance of this topic! Help your body stay ahead of the damage done by Lyme infections.

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