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August Supplement of the Month + Bonus Topics

In this post, we will cover a few topics. I hope you find them useful.

Topic #1: Healing through nature

If you’ve followed my writing, you know that I’m a huge believer in the healing power of nature. In fact, I believe that camping is one of the most healing activities that can be done (admittedly, only if you can mitigate the risk of tick exposure). My very favorite chapter in my recent book Freedom From Lyme Disease is the chapter on camping.

There are so many benefits of camping. You get away from electrosmog. You sleep just a few inches off the earth, which exposes you to the healing frequencies of the planet (this isn’t some voo-doo stuff, myself and others have actually herxed and then felt much better after camping, sleeping on the ground). If you tent camp, most tents are small and not very nice inside, so you end up spending almost all of your time outside, breathing fresh air, rising and sleeping according to the rhythms of the earth.

Even exposure to natural campfires has been proven beneficial. Just about everything we do when camping is healthy for us and helps heal the body. Indoor, modern living under artificial lights, high above the ground, with Wifi signals and other electrosmog, keeps us sick.

In fact, here’s something you may not have known: the famous Dr. Trevor Marshall who pioneered the Marshall Protocol has recently stated that he feels electrosmog is the number one thing holding people back from being well.

I would strongly encourage you to try camping. If I had it my way, I’d change my entire lifestyle to a camping lifestyle. Obviously, this comes with challenges in the real world, but I NEVER feel as good as I do when coming home from a camping trip. Even setting up a tent in your back yard can have some of the same benefits as camping, and I sleep in my back yard when I’m able to. I do live in the Sierra Nevada mountains and with lower humidity and sparse foliage, we don’t have as large a tick problem as some folks do. So it may be easier for me to accomplish this.

If you don’t want to all-out camp, or sleep in your back yard, AT LEAST turn your wifi off at night! This is such an easy step to mitigate the amount of electrosmog you are exposed to, and plus, who uses wifi when they sleep? No one. This is a HUGE step you can take RIGHT NOW toward feeling better. If you live in an apartment building or an area where you pick up 5 or 10 or 20 wifi signals, consider moving, since you can’t control what your neighbors do. 

In conclusion, I really believe that limiting our exposure to electrosmog and living as primitively as we can (via camping) can have profound healing benefits.

Topic #2: Parasites

If you haven’t already read the chapter in my latest book on parasites, stop what you are doing now and read it. Or even if you have read it, go back for a reminder. Right now! I’m putting it online for free for you, as an exclusive benefit of being a Journal Subscriber.

Parasites aren’t just limited to worms in your gut! Lyme biofilm has been shown to contain parasite DNA, and often, if someone isn’t making progress with their Lyme treatment, parasite treatments can help tremendously.

So, this is your friendly reminder to read that chapter, and consider a yearly parasite “check-up” treatment if you are stuck. Remember though, to only use this (or any other) treatment under the care of a doctor, since I’m not a doctor. Personally, I find a once-a-year rotation through the parasite protocol to be immensely helpful.

Topic #3: The Chronic Lyme Summit

If you missed the Chronic Lyme Disease Online Summit, I highly suggest you go over and purchase the online videos today! There were some great talks in the Summit, and I learned a ton, and you will too.

Topic #4: August Supplement of the Month! I’ve really been benefiting from this professional quality colloidal silver product. A very good tool to add to your anti-microbial regimen (with your doctor’s approval). This product is so pure, some health care professionals have told me they use it as an IV infusion in their patients!

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and supporting my work. Remember, you never know when the next Lyme disease breakthrough will happen, so stay subscribed to my Journal to make sure you don’t miss my thoughts on all the latest Lyme disease news!

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