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Sample Topics Covered in this 2-DVD Set:

  • Dr. Burrascano has treated over 10,000 Lyme patients since the early 1980's.

  • Quote from Dr. Burrascano: "It is up to you. Do as much as possible. Learn as much as possible."

  • Stages of Lyme disease including early, disseminated, and chronic Lyme.

  • The CD-57 Test.

  • Sorting out the co-infections; their symptoms, laboratory tests, treatments.

  • Why are chronic Lyme patients so sick? Immune suppression, biofilm, high bacterial load.

  • The forms of Lyme bacteria: spirochete, spheroblast, cyst; their physical characteristics and antimicrobial susceptibilities. 

  • Treatment - "Back to the Basics".

  • Pharmacology; therapeutic drug levels, drug types.

  • Drug combinations.

  • Relapses.

  • Supportive therapy; food, supplements, detoxing, sleep cycle.

  • Exercise: which kinds to do, which kinds to avoid.

  • Prognosis.

  • Worms and parasites.

  • Methylation cycle.

  • Bornavirus.

  • XMRV.

  • Probiotics, nutritional supplements, vitamins, EFA's.

  • Many more areas covered!.

  • Q&A Panel with all of the speakers and lots of other topics.


SPECIAL BONUS: Receive a 1-year membership to LymeDisease.org with your purchase of this DVD Set!


2-DVD Set $50



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