About Linda

Linda Heming is the Founder and President of C.H.O.I.C.E., Inc. (Consumers of Healthcare Options with Independence, Choice and Experience), an Arizona non-profit and has co-founded other non-profits.  She has been a Practice Management Consultant for over 25 years administering many health care programs for doctors and patients.linda-heming-picture

She has served on the boards of Child Crisis Nursery of Phoenix and the West Valley, Hospice of Arizona, the Arizona Humane Society, and Soroptimist International of Phoenix, as well as many business boards of directors. Linda has owned and operated several successful businesses from 1979 to present.

Her volunteer activities have included working with the Phoenix Police Department’s Gang Prevention unit, Students Against Drunk Drivers, and the LARK program to stem drugs and alcohol use among young adults, as well as running several support groups for Hepatitis C, Lyme disease and chronic illness. She is a strong advocate in the community and has been involved with many activists activities.  Today, she is kept busy running her non-profit and moderating  several popular blogs for those with Lyme disease and chronic illness.

Linda worked from 1964 to 1974 as the acting administrator and patient manager on an oncology research team, in St. Louis, Missouri. Linda has worked with many doctors over the years administering protocols and leading patients through wellness programs. Her background in medicine helps consumers/patients reach their full potential in taking charge of their own healthcare journeys.


I have battled several cancer’s since 2002 and chronic Lyme disease since 2003, as well as several other health care problems.  I am a firm believer in the ability for people to have a wide array of choices in health care.  Medicine is a personal choice.  Each of us should have the “right” to choose the path we want to take in our healthcare journey.

I want to teach people to take charge of their health care journey. I learned that I am like the owner of a football team and doctors and other medical providers are coaches hired to help me succeed, but I am ultimately in charge. Many people who have participated in the American health care system increasingly realize the value of prevention and holistic approaches to their journey. And it is a journey. In most cases, sickness does not occur overnight, and healing likewise takes time. I want to see a wide arrange of choices in health care. What I believe in, you might not. And what works for me, might not work for you. It is not a one size fits all. I want people to realize that new ideas in health care choices are okay; people need to keep an open mind and not ridicule what they simply do not understand. Listen to your body; it will tell you what it wants and/or needs.

I do not subscribe to the idea that we need million dollar clinical trials from the medical establishment to tell me what I recognize in my own body. I’m not susceptible to the argument anymore that, “You prove to me that works.” No. I say, “You prove to me it does not work.” The clinical trials anymore are too suspect, too much a product of vested interests.  Quiet frankly I’m tired of hearing those that don’t believe in what I practice  with my health care journey/  Plus their remarks that I believe in woo woo is rather funny to me.  Let them say what they want to say, I know what works for me and what has made me better.  I’m happy to woo woo my way down my recovery path with a smile.  I’m not telling them to walk in my shoes, so why should it matter to them where or how I walk? 

When people ask me what I do, I tell them that you have to start reducing the toxins and pathogens in your body to let the healing begin. These toxins and pathogens cause inflammation. You have to reduce the inflammatory burden on the body before healing can begin. Your body can heal itself if given the right tools and shown the right path.  You won’t find the conventional doctors who practice allopathic medicine able to explain why what I do works for me.  They are not taught these things in medical school, so I don’t expect them to explain my success to anyone.

I encourage people to do their own research. What is inflammation? Why do I have this pain? Why can’t I sleep at night? What toxins am I exposed to? Dr. Doris Rapp focused me on the fact environmental toxins were my enemy. I would walk through Home Depot and almost pass out from the Roundup. I noticed that I itched and got anxious when I walked through the laundry section of the grocery store. I look back now and see how the inflammation in my body caused me to develop sensitivities I never had before. A person who wears cologne or washes their clothes in scented products will bowl me over. I lay you odds that the man whose cologne chased me out of Sprouts this afternoon – he will develop prostate, colon or lung cancer from his constant exposure to the synthetic chemicals. I for one am thankful my body reacts to Roundup. I find it a blessing that my body warns me instantly to get away from it. 

I’m grateful to Dr Garry Gordon, MD, DO, MD(h) for teaching me about the damage that a body burdened with pathogens and toxins can hinder  my wellness journey.  Yes, if you learn to listen to your body, your own body will send you signals that something is wrong.

I want  to share my healing and detox journey with those that are interested in learning how to address their ailments, and NOT with band-aids.  I want to use this blog for people to learn why it is important to make better choices in what they use to clean with, what food they eat, and what lotion they put on their body. How many of you pick up a product and see the work “natural”?  Well folks, the problem is there is usually NOTHING natural about that product. Those products are filled with chemicals linked to cancer or hormonal disruptions. It is difficult to go shopping and not come home coughing and having to use my nebulizer.  If it isn’t the chemicals, it is the perfumes and colognes that make me ill.  It is difficult to breathe and not easy to settle down the inflammation that these exposures trigger.  People just don’t understand what they are doing to their health.  Just because they think they are healthy and feeling great, they have no idea the damage they are doing to their bodies. 

I think God has a purpose for me, and that includes using me as a teacher to help people learn about their health. I am concerned that the national efforts for health care “reform” may end up limiting the choices of treatments and the use of natural supplements. If people understand that alternative medicine is in many ways more advanced than conventional Western medicine, the people will demand that a wide array of options shall remain available to them and we will all be healthier for it.

I will be adding categories to the blog as we grow.  I’m hoping that others, who have enjoyed a path of wellness will join in and share what worked for them.  I will be talking about a lot of products I have used successfully.  I don’t sell them, but I want to share what has worked for me.  I’m a stickler about “quality” products.  I have spent way to much money on products that were cheaper.  What I didn’t understand is many of the things I was taking was NOT helping me as the fillers, how they were prepared, stored and transported and the fact that they were not balanced products was hindering my wellness journey.  Many times it is best to take less of a “quality” product, as taking a product that was putting more toxins back into my body.