B vitamins and Dementia

This is proof that we slow the brain shrinkage rate by 30% using B- vitamins. I assure you the difference will be even more significant when you include sublingual administration of Methylcobalamin with all 3 forms of Folic acid.  By the way I have never failed to see real improvement in mental functioning when I enhance blood flow, which Beyond Chelation-Improved always does, as it really lowers blood viscosity significantly. 

The synergistic effects from the over 78 active ingredients in BC-I with the Omega 3/primrose and the heparin-like effects from the EDTA/MUCOPOLYSACCARIDE and the PHOSPHATIDYL SERINE with Gingko that has always been a key part of oral chelation effect BC-I delivers without fail. Note we continue to have no reported fatal heart attacks or strokes while I cancel stents and bypass on everyone, as those are really not needed when you do my FIGHT for your health program.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

From: IAS Newsletter


Last week the exciting results of a new study were widely reported in the UK press, “Vitamin B tablets could slow and even halt the devastating march of Alzheimer’s disease,” The Daily Telegraph reported. The newspaper went on to say, “large daily doses of vitamin B can halve the rate of brain shrinkage, a process that can precede Alzheimer’s disease and dementia”.

This story is based on a well-conducted two-year double blind trial, carried out by researchers from the University of Oxford, the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Oslo in Norway, which compared the use of high dose vitamin B supplements with an inactive placebo in 271 people over 70 with slight memory problems. The study discovered that those given vitamin B suffered brain shrinkage or atrophy 30% slower than those given placebo.

This early research was published in PLoS One, the peer-reviewed journal of the Public Library of Science. Read the research here: Homocysteine-Lowering by fatal heart attacks or strokes while I cancel stents and bypass : A Randomized Controlled Trial


Brain atrophy describes the loss of neurones and their connections and is a process that is accelerated in people with mild cognitive impairment and even faster in those who develop Alzheimer’s.