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3 die of GliOBLASTOMA – Aspartame brain tumors.

Linda’s comment:  This is so heart breaking…what is even more sad is people will not listen.  We have worked for years trying to educate people on the dangers of ingesting Aspartame and the other chemical sweeteners, but the addiction that people have to these is worse.  YES, you get addicted to Aspartame….I know as I was once addicted to this toxic poison….the withdrawals were horrific,,,,I lost part of my lung because of Aspartame….
I even have a doctor friend and I can and I can not get her off this addictive poison….she has all kinds of aches and pains, but will not believe it is caused by her addiction…she would literally fight you for a can of diet coke….so shameful and deadly…
I hope my readers listenUP and learn from this….it isn’t worth the suffering and/or death.

IDear Tom,

I’m so sorry.  Aspartame breaks down to diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent, and triggered brain tumors in original studies.  I remember when a mother lost her two  teenage daughters of glioblastomas, they were addicted to Diet Coke.  A physician at John Hopkins was having a meeting with the family and I was asked to send information.  The physician came in drinking a Diet Coke.  Kelli Motlock with a head full of glioblastomas cried I want to live, I want to live but if I die let the world know Monsanto murdered me. She lost her life.  Even my hairdresser who used aspartame had a brain tumor and when I brought information she said, “So many people have brain tumors we wondered where they were coming from.”  In Florida there is a whole area of people with brain tumors and the water was checked.   Dr. H. J. Roberts who wrote about the increase in brain tumors, especially lymphoma, said they didn’t check what the people were consuming and tried to get information out to consider aspartame.  His paper is on – doctors speak out.  What state are you in?  There are attorneys interested in class action of brain tumors but only in New York and New Jersey. 

It use to be almost 20 years ago when I got started warning the world off aspartame that people were always calling about somebody dying from it, and death is on the FDA list of 92 symptoms on web.    Today they call about several people dying on aspartame.  Incidentally, aspartame causes an irregular heart rhythm, and interacts with all cardiac medication, damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death.  Click on the button  at the top of the page on on aspartame and sudden death and you’ll see all the reports by the experts.  

Here is the Bressler Report and discusses how the FDA caught Searle excising brain tumors from the rats.  They would put them back in the study and when they died they would resurrect them on paper.  

I met a pathologist who worked for EPA on  the aspartame  issue, and he told me in the early 1990’s that he told his superiors that aspartame was killing so many people he couldn’t understand how it could be on the market.  He was told that FDA would have to remove it eventually.    He reminded me it was almost two decades ago and that nothing has been done.  I flew to Barcelona to speak to Dr. Maria Alemany who did the Trocho Study showing aspartame embalms living tissue and damages DNA and the first thing he said was that aspartame would kill 200 million.  It probably already has.  Dr Morando Soffritti of the Ramazzini Institute has done three independent peer reviewed studies showing aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen causing everything from lymphoma and leukemia to mammary and kidney cancer. His last recent study showed aspartame causes lung and liver disease.  The FDA and CDC have always known aspartame causes cancer.  The FDA’s own toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross testified against them to Congress  in 1985 stating aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment because it caused brain tumors and brain cancer, and therefore FDA should never have been allowed to set an allowable daily intake.  His last words were:  “If the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the public?”  That’s why we’re here, to educate the public  and warn them to save their life because the FDA is simply Big Pharma’s Washington Branch Office and has betrayed the public trust.  They are very good at violating the law.  That was Dr. Adrian Gross who made the statement and Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, another FDA toxicologist also testified against the FDA in 1987 to Congress  and said even then aspartame had never been proven safe.  It had been on the market for years.   World experts have alerted the public but a global volunteer force was needed to get their material throughout the planet. 

I just sent you the Aspartame Resource Guide in another email and the doctor’s medical texts have information on aspartame and brain tumors.  Also, in the movie mentioned, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World,  there are two victims of aspartame brain tumors.   It’s very common.  They ought to feed the FDA nasty aspartame since they have full knowledge of how deadly it is and yet tell the public its safe.  Maybe then they would tell the truth and take it off the market.  After all, it was FDA themselves who tried to have the manufacturer indicted for fraud, and their Board of Inquiry who revoked the petition for approval.  Unfortunately, it was then marketed through the political chicanery of Don Rumsfeld, the history on the Aspartame Resource Guide and in the movie as told by James Turner, Attorney.  Be sure to get your copy as it explains everything, and in that movie I hold up the CDC investigation and tell what they did.  

The Center for Disease Control knows all about aspartame and the brain tumors and did a damning investigation.  You will find it on .  Yet, they allowed someone to add a summary that contradicted the investigation.  So on the above web site you have it all but on the CDC site they just have the summary that contradicted the investigation.  They are shameful.  So many coverups.   I did send them a note about it and their only excuse was that the doctor who wrote the phony summary was now retired.  Reminds me that a top journalist one day wondered why we had the investigation showing how damning aspartame is, while the CDC web site made out like their investigation only showed mild findings.  I sent him their entire investigation and he said:  “People put faith in the CDC and they lie to the public.  This is despicable.  People die from misinformation.”  All I could say was “Tell me about it!!”  They are dying everywhere as you realize. 

I remember back in 1999 a post I wrote about lecturing for the World Environmental Conference made world news while the industry tried to say it was all a hoax.  Today everything I lectured on is in Dr. Roberts medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic.  So many people had the problems I mentioned, MS, lupus and other horrors that they were calling the CDC.  Someone wrote me and said there was mass hysteria.  I told the CDC and still have the letter that it was their fault for not telling the public the truth, and letting Mission Possible Intl do their work.  They should be alerting the public instead of covering up the issue.  Besides,  mass hysteria is a whole lot better than death.  Thousands because of the post got off aspartame and saved their life.  Many walked out of wheelchairs diagnosed with MS because of it.  Cori Brackett who produced Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, was one who was diagnosed with MS and was in a wheelchair, hardly able to walk or talk.  She’s fine now and had the courage to make the documentary that gave the world the facts. 

First, I would like to know what state you’re in, and how else can I help you?

 All my best,
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 At 12:45 AM 12/13/2010, Tom S wrote:

I lost 3 younger brothers within 10 years to glioblastoma. All were heavy diet drink consumers. The CDC blew me off and said to contact mental health.
Tom S