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Linda & Dr. Gordon on the “T” in FIGHT

Linda’s comments: GO TO ONE OF MY BLOGS……. and watch all SIX of the free webinars on FIGHT…….if you are fighting ANY CHRONIC ILLNESS THEY ARE A MUST WATCH……we must reduce our total body burden of pathogens and toxins, IF WE WANT TO GET WELL….

Dr. Gordon’s comments:

The T in my FIGHT program is the bombshell that is largely ignored.   T is for toxins and they are ALWAYS present.  How can we move medicine into dealing with adverse effects of pesticides instead of poisoning patients with more toxic drugs? Pesticides are everywhere thanks to GMO foods where the food itself provides us with Bacillus Theringensis or BT.
Now we find this report of a small effort to reduce home and garden use of pesticides. Look at the potential benefits including lowering   incidence of:  cancers including Leukemia, cognitive disturbances, and disturbed behavior. These are just a few of the thousands of references that should wake us up to see the need to prevent toxicity by utilizing oral chelators  such as High Dose C and Fiber and Zeolite and Greens daily throughout life for those we love.
There many substantial benefits when we start to demand organic food. Our environment will be safer and perhaps we will not have one out of four children on drug treatment for some illness including Autism, ADHD, OCD, Cancer, Hypertension, obesity, or Diabetes by the time they start school.
The fact is that sperm count was 160 million in just the past 50 years and is now lucky to reach 40 million. That fact should make it clear that my FIGHT program is essential for everyone as we are all toxic; testing is expensive and optional since no one has ever passed the $4900 test at Mt. Sinai (see Ten Americans study on my website).
These toxins are why we need   the assistance of fertility specialists just to have babies
yet all we do is prescribe a toxic drug even anti-psychotics to kids because they have “problems”   so they cannot function well. We mask the problem with  some drug but clearly not 1 %  of patients with these issues are told anything about organic living or  the need for lifetime detoxification particularly critical  during pregnancy, when the mother’s toxins are being downloaded to the fetus.
Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute
David Suzuki Foundation and Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) – Docs Talk
Pesticides bans are healthy for environment and people
Posted: 08 Dec 2011 09:42 AM PST
If you live in a province that hasn’t already banned cosmetic pesticides, tell your representative that you want legislation to ensure a clean environment for you and your children (Credit: OlivIreland via Flickr).