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Lead Poisoning – With Comments from Linda & Dr. Gordon

Linda’s comments:  ListenUP and read this information….it is vital for all to understand how TOXIC OUR WORLD IS…..Everyone is exposed to lead today, however, we can fix it for the most part… 
Share this with your children and grandchildren….
Dr. Gordon’s comments:
Lead poisoning again is on the front page of the New York Times yet no one understands this fact: there is no safe level in children. Why would anyone allow any woman to go through pregnancy without at least some of my detox program, power drink, oral chelation like Beyond Chelation-Improved or Zeolite? Why not all three, as no one approach can deal with all the toxins we find in every newborn today and it all comes FROM THE MOM.

Please understand we all have too much lead and during pregnancy the body transfers the mother’s lead and other toxins to the baby and also concentrates it SIX fold.

How can we continue to ignore this epidemic when we have safe affordable answers? Maybe you can at least get 8 gm of BIOEN’R-G’Y C into pregnant women daily, as that too is an oral chelator. But let’s do something about the TEN AMERICANS report that proves every child born is loaded with carcinogens, neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors.

The parents save $3000 or so by not going on appropriate nutritional products for detox during the entire pregnancy, but best results will be when starting 1 year before the pregnancy and treat the dad too! Or they pay $250,000- 500,000 in extraordinary health care costs to deal with what could have been prevented with a little rational family planning.

“No blood lead level has been found to be safe for a child,” Dr. Mary Jean Brown, chief of the lead poisoning prevention branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview last week. No blood lead level has been found to be safe for a child,” Dr. Mary Jean Brown, chief of the lead poisoning prevention branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview last week”

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

MENGXI VILLAGE, China — On a chilly evening early last month, a mob of more than 200 people gathered in this tiny eastern China village at the entrance to the Zhejiang Haijiu Battery Factory, a maker of lead-acid batteries for motorcycles and electric bikes. They shouldered through an outer brick wall, swept into the factory office and, in an outpouring of pure fury, smashed the cabinets, desks and computers inside.

Sick Teenage Brians – With Dr. Gordon’s Comments

Mental illness in our young is epidemic. Does anyone believe that administering another toxic substance to an obviously already very toxic brain is the best approach long-term?

With our health care “system” we just hang a label on the disturbed youngster and start trying all the chemical straight jacket medications to see which is tolerated, in spite of frightening statistics about adverse effects including violent behavior that often appears. 
Everyone shows known chemicals and heavy metals that today when tested, as paid for on the “Ten Americans’ study of ten babies chosen at random across the USA and widely reported on the internet. It was also discussed in depth on CNN special on Toxic America that you can still watch any day on website.

This is the state of psychiatry today. Your child acts badly so you are forced to see a psychiatrist who has to hang a label from the big book of diagnoses to get paid. Now you are on a one-way street to a life of lost opportunity, as there is no insurance that will pay for treating the causes as I explain with ten hours of in-depth webinars on my
website about my FIGHT program!

This great review of this topic by my friend and master
researcher/writer/physician, Dr Sherry Tenpenny, can help you and folks
you know search for a way out of this mess.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute



NaturalNews) It’s been nearly a month since the nation’s attention was focused on Tucson, where five were killed and 13 injured , including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, several other shootings missed the mainstream news. Violence seems to be erupting among youths everywhere, from Los Angeles(1) to Omaha(2) to Brooklyn(3) – indicating something is seriously going wrong in the minds of young persons in this country.

Why Young Brains Are Sick
The list of assailing particles on children is long, and starts with chemical exposure in the womb. In July, 2005, the Environmental Working Group released a hallmark study using cord blood to assess the chemical exposure of neonates in-utero. The placenta has long been thought to shield the developing baby from pollutants in the environment. The study’s alarming results dispelled this as a wishful myth. Of the 287 chemicals identified in the umbilical cord blood of 10 infants, 180 were known carcinogens, 217 were toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 have been associated with birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests. The study concluded that, “the dangers of pre- or post-natal exposure to this complex mixture of carcinogens, developmental toxins and neurotoxins have never been studied.”(4)

Within hours of emerging from the womb, a newborn is given a dollop of antibiotics in the eyes, injected with the hepatitis b vaccine, with known neurotoxic properties,(5)and jabbed with a vitamin K shot, which contains 9 mg of benzyl alcohol. In 1992, Golding published concerns that vitamin K injections could be associated with a doubled risk of malignant disease in children, particularly leukemia. While there have been considerable doubts about whether the association is coincidental or causal, the controversy has never been completely resolved.(6)

Starting around the 60th day of life, infants with still immature immune systems are subjected to a battery of vaccines: DTaP, HiB, polio, Prevnar, and a squirt of oral rotavirus vaccine, all generally given at the same time. The onslaught of these shots, including two additional injections of hepatitis b vaccine, repeats twice, every 60 days. This deposits approximately 66 different viral or bacterial antigens and measurable amounts of a dozen different chemicals into a six month old infant.

By the time a child is five years old, a little 40 pound human will receive up to 35 injections, containing at least 110 different weakened pathogens (or pathogen particles), and an assortment of 59 different chemicals. If all approved shots are administered, the little tot will also be injected with stray viral DNA, four types of animal cells, cells from aborted fetal tissue and a bit of human albumin (a foreign protein.) By the way, all of these substances are listed on package inserts for each vaccine.

Epigenetics and Dr. Gordon’s commentary on Time Magazine Article

The cover of last week’s Time magazine is a pregnant woman and the cover story is about newly recognized facts about Epigenetics that reveals the lifelong influence on health of everyone from the 9 month intrauterine environment.

They report that the influence on heart disease, obesity, mental illness, IQ, etc is far greater than has ever been appreciated before. Now if you then go to Google and type in the words Ten Americans you will see a video paid for by concerned citizens that measured and levels of neurotoxins, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors in ten babies selected at random for across the USA. There were none that were clean.  Everyone averages 6 times the levels of these toxins that are present in the parents. This should make you really want to study what is optimal nutritional support for your pregnant patients and that to my thinking today that must include Beyond Chelation-Improved and Beyond B12, as you really want all three forms of folic acid if you want really healthy babies, as well as the DHA/EPA found in BC-I. We all need continual detoxification today to deal with the lead and mercury found in everything tested today.

But this new article strongly suggests you learn why I love Beyond Fiber. First of all no one should ever be on any serious detox program without this fiber to trap all toxins that the liver dumps into the intestine and prevent enterohepatic uptake of the very toxins you are hoping to clear out. But in addition the main source of this unique fiber product, which also has artichoke and EDTA, is STABILIZED RICE BRAN, which is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. It includes liberal amounts of B vitamins including Inositol, which we find in this report offers addition potential benefits to the rapidly growing fetus. 

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

Full article:,8599,2020815,00.html


Time Magazine: “Fetal Origins: How the First Nine Months Shape the Rest of Your Life”, By Annie Murphy Paul Wednesday, Sep. 22, 2010,8599,2020815,00.html

Of course, no woman who is pregnant today can escape hearing the message that what she does affects her fetus. She hears it at doctor’s appointments, sees it in the pregnancy guidebooks: Do eat this, don’t drink that, be vigilant but never stressed. Expectant mothers could be forgiven for feeling that pregnancy is just a nine-month slog, full of guilt and devoid of pleasure, and this research threatened to add to the burden. 

But the scientists I met weren’t full of dire warnings but of the excitement of discovery — and the hope that their discoveries would make a positive difference. Research on fetal origins is prompting a revolutionary shift in thinking about where human qualities come from and when they begin to develop. It’s turning pregnancy into a scientific frontier: the National Institutes of Health embarked last year on a multidecade study that will examine its subjects before they’re born. And it makes the womb a promising target for prevention, raising hopes of conquering public-health scourges like obesity and heart disease through interventions before birth. 

Folic acid/inositol combo may be better at preventing birth defects
By Richard Clarke
September 27, 2010

Folic acid supplements alone may not be the optimum way to prevent neural tube defects in babies, according to doctors in the U.K.

Person in CDC Vaccine Cover-Up Takes Off With $2M

Full article: Central Figure in CDC Vaccine Cover-Up Absconds With $2M


A central figure behind the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) claims disputing the link between vaccines and autism and other neurological disorders has disappeared after officials discovered massive fraud involving the theft of millions in taxpayer dollars. Danish police are investigating Dr. Poul Thorsen, who has vanished along with almost $2 million that he had supposedly spent on research.

Thorsen was a leading member of a Danish research group that wrote several key studies supporting CDC’s claims that the MMR vaccine and mercury-laden vaccines were safe for children. Thorsen’s 2003 Danish study reported a 20-fold increase in autism in Denmark after that country banned mercury based preservatives in its vaccines. His study concluded that mercury could therefore not be the culprit behind the autism epidemic.

His study has long been criticized as fraudulent since it failed to disclose that the increase was an artifact of new mandates requiring, for the first time, that autism cases be reported on the national registry. This new law and the opening of a clinic dedicated to autism treatment in Copenhagen accounted for the sudden rise in reported cases rather than, as Thorsen seemed to suggest, the removal of mercury from vaccines. Despite this obvious chicanery, CDC has long touted the study as the principal proof that mercury-laced vaccines are safe for infants and young children. Mainstream media, particularly the New York Times, has relied on this study as the basis for its public assurances that it is safe to inject young children with mercury — a potent neurotoxin — at concentrations hundreds of times over the U.S. safety limits.

Hypothyrodism and endothelial dysfunction – a message from Dr. Gordon

This mainstream report found that one year of Levothyroxine treatment does not fully restore endothelial function. This is important for two reasons: 
1. Mainstream is beginning to acknowledge that low thyroid functioning contributes to heart disease.
2. Also I suggest that Heart Disease is multifactorial and, therefore, MONOTHERAPY will often fail. 

Many would feel that the type of thyroid replacement is a partial explanation but I feel that we would need to look at Iodine to have provided a better outcome. But all the elements of my FIGHT program are relevant for those seeking OPTIMAL improvement in cardiac or endothelial function. There is always low levels of some nutrients (F), take your pick from Vit D to Magnesium. There will always be the high probability of CMV infection (I). And, probably some Genetic issues with some epigenetic changes increasing the need for methylation support including the active forms of Folic Acid (G). Then there will always be some element of heavy metals (H: Lead, etc.) and there will be Toxins in everyone that include endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins (T)!

Thus this report should help prove the need for broadly based approaches in dealing with chronic illness such as endothelial dysfunction leading to atherosclerosis.

Garry F Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute  

Full article:


 Summary Objective 
Hypothyroidism is associated with elevated cardiovascular risk, not fully explained by classical risk factors. Instead, endothelial dysfunction may link hypothyroidism to atherosclerosis. The effect of levothyroxine substitution on endothelial function has been sparsely studied and the results are unclear. This study tested endothelial function as estimated by concomitant measurements of endothelial dependent vascular dilatory capacity and plasma concentration of von Willebrand factor antigen in patients with hypothyroidism and further examined  the impact of subsequent levothyroxine substitution.

F.I.G.H.T. Environmental Toxins and Epigenetic Changes for Optimum Healing and Anti-aging in Every Patient

These are my thoughts on how to more effectively help EVERY patient better by using my F.I.G.H.T. for Health Program. F.I.G.H.T. is an acronym that stands for: Food allergies/sensitivities and leaky gut syndrome, Infections and pathogens, Genetics and epigenetics, and methylation issues needed for detoxing, Heavy Metals and Hormones, and Toxins that every person is exposed to everyday, everywhere. Regardless of the condition or disease your patient is suffering from, you will have better results by addressing each of these categories in every patient. Continued