Teen/Young Adult online support group…

More and more teens and young adults are suffering with Lyme & company.  This young lady started her own group to reach out to this group of Lymies who get lost in most of the email Lyme groups.  As we all know it is comforting to be among your peers, especially with any type of chronic illness.
Lyme teens do much better in their wellness journey being among their peers. 
Makayla was at one time bed-ridden and unable to walk without assistance.  She was a very sick teen and felt lost.  She chose to go the alternative route, which has been successful.  She is still dealing with the devastation of this disease, but realized that there were other teens not as lucky as her. 
For those of you who have patient’s with Lyme and/or friends and colleagues who have teens who need a strong support system, feel free to refer these families and teens to Makayla’s Lyme Support email group for teens and young adults.
Keep a smile on your face, love in your heart and walk with the angels holding hands in the “Chain of Love”

Angel Huggzzzz
Linda or Angel

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Hi Linda,
My mom said that you wanted the web address for my Yahoo group for teens/young adults with Lyme. Well here it is: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Teens_youngadultswithLyme/
You also asked for an email of mine that I wouldn’t mind posted?
Well I hope that my group and the peeps in it will be able to help those of whom you refer to it. Everyone is so supportive and sweet =)
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
Later, Makayla Berndt