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Healing Chronic Illness:
By His Spirit, Through His Resources

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FROM THE PUBLISHER: From her own battle with chronic illness and her passionate pursuit of the living God, author Connie Strasheim draws the reader into a profound and revealing odyssey of God’s healing powers. She convincingly describes how God is willing and able to heal the chronically ill, in body, mind and spirit, as she teaches others about how to experience God’s love and powerful healing touch. The wisdom in this book comes as a result of prayer, personal experience, Biblical study and revelation, as well as years of studying supernatural healing and mind-body medicine. Because of its rich content and powerful insights, this book belongs in the library of anyone seeking God's involvement in their healing journey. 

"This book is a thoughtful and articulate treatment of the many issues and problems involved in the ministry of healing. It supplies answers to many of the intellectual hurdles and objections to healing, and provides a roadmap for walking in divine health. Divine health or wellness is a lifestyle that has both natural and spiritual elements, and this book addresses each aspect and shows how they interrelate with each other. If you practice the truths found in this book you will experience a greater level of faith in God to heal and have the knowledge you need to stay well. You too can be both healed and whole!"

Joan Hunter
President and Founder
Joan Hunter Ministries
4 Corners Foundation, Hearts for Him


"Connie Strasheim’s book, 'Healing Chronic Illness: By His Spirit, Through His Resources' is a needed balance to faith, medicine, and holistic healing. It is a great resource to increase your faith for the miraculous and balance your wellness through lifestyle changes. She brings amazing insight from her personal experiences, research, and stories that will be an encouragement to you."

—Doug Addison
InLight Connection ministries, Author of Personal Development God’s Way

"With candor, clarity, and compassion, Connie Strasheim hits two of the fuzziest subjects that I know of head-on: mystery illnesses and faith healing. She slices into the vagaries of both of these discussions with refreshing matter-of-factness, as she skillfully dissects the conventional wisdom, and offers balanced, practical guidance for the chronically ill. Deeply informative and filled with sincere faith, her insights will give hope to many who desperately need it."

Rob Brendle
Senior Pastor, 
Denver United Church
Author of In The Meantime: The Practice of Proactive Waiting


Most of us who believe in the God of Christianity, and even those of us who don’t, have been taught that healing miracles are real, but rare. The doctrines we’ve been fed, or our life’s experiences, have led us to conclude that God heals mostly through medicine—and if not through medicine, then not at all. 


…we had an uncle or mother who had sky-high faith for a miracle and yet died.

…we have never witnessed supernatural healing

…our church tells us that miracles ceased with Jesus’ first apostles.

…we’ve trodden the path of faith healing, but been discouraged by ministers who admonished us to “just have more faith!”

… our vision is of a God who plays favorites and grants healing only to those who stack up in the obedience lottery.

…we don’t believe in the God of Christianity so why would He want to heal us? 

…and because of all this, we conclude that it’s safer to place our hope in medicine, instead of in a (seemingly) capricious God who heals only every once in awhile! 

Not that there’s anything wrong with medicine. It’s just that… it’s not always enough. Our faith may not be enough, either, but thankfully, God is—if we know that He is willing and able to provide when medicine cannot.

My research and experiences have taught me that God wants the chronically ill to be healed in body, mind and spirit, and that He is willing and able to heal them supernaturally when medicine fails to provide a complete recovery, and even when it doesn’t. But His healing isn’t always immediate, and not everyone who asks will receive a miracle.

Yet, God wants to heal more people than are being healed today, and healing is within closer reach than what experience has taught most of us to believe. Physical as well as spiritual healing are God’s will for humanity, but we must dispel the doubts that prevent us from embracing this reality. Also, dysfunctional biochemistry, unresolved emotional trauma and spiritual strongholds can hinder our knowledge of God’s love for us, and consequently, our ability to receive healing from Him. 

Healing Chronic Illness: By His Spirit, Through His Resources, offers solutions for addressing these and other roadblocks to healing. It proposes another path to the helpless and hopeless, which isn’t based upon wishful thinking and random chance, but rather, buried truth and history, and evidence that has healed multitudes in underdeveloped nations and in Pentecostal and charismatic churches, where belief in supernatural healing is strong. A path that is less trodden in nations of wealth and reason, where reality is that which is experienced in the physical world and hope is in science and man’s ability to provide. A path that is ignored because people don’t know what the God of Christianity can do, don’t realize how vast and all-encompassing His love is, and may not believe that they deserve that love, anyway. I invite you to step out and journey down this path with me. You may find that the gift of healing is meant for you, too. 

I wrote this book while suffering from chronic Lyme illness, but received healing miracles in my body and spirit—supernaturally and through medicine—as I worked towards its completion. 

I have witnessed the healing of hundreds of people and been used by God to heal others. I have published two books on medical treatments for Lyme disease, and my current book is a best-seller within the Lyme disease community. Nonetheless, God has been showing me that people who suffer from chronic illness sometimes need more than medical treatments; they need a miracle. And He’s showing me that He’s willing and able to provide when medicine cannot.

So if you’ve been suffering from disease for years, why not take a chance and hope for a miracle from God? What do you have to lose? If you’ve invested thousands of hours and dollars into medicine, only to be frustrated by its results, losing a few months or years to a new hope may be a small sacrifice. Especially if the alternative is to continue down a path of failed or only moderately helpful treatments. Take heart—God loves you and wants to heal you! 


Connie Strasheim was born in 1974 and raised in Denver, Colorado, but has spent nearly a decade of her thirty-six years living in other parts of the world, including New York, Costa Rica, Argentina and the United Kingdom.

In September, 2004, Connie became disabled by chronic Lyme disease and was forced to quit her job as a flight attendant for United Airlines. She became a full-time medical researcher and devoted the following six years of her life to fervently pursuing healing, through medicine and her relationship with God, while working on a limited basis as a medical interpreter and private Spanish instructor.

Her research finally led her to publish two books on Lyme disease, including Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment: Thirteen Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies, and The Lyme Disease Survival Guide: Physical, Lifestyle and Emotional Strategies for Healing. She is currently writing a book on cancer, as she continues her research into healing.

Connie ministers to the sick on a regular basis, and leads a bi-monthly conference call prayer group to pray for the chronically ill around the United States. Prior to becoming disabled by Lyme disease in 2004, she participated in and led humanitarian missions trips to Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Bolivia. She has traveled to over fifty countries around the world and is passionate about serving the poor in underdeveloped nations. She ultimately hopes to continue to bring God’s love and healing to these people, even as she serves those in her own community in Denver and around the United States. 


Paperback Book
215 Pages

Order by phone: (530) 573-0190

"I have known Connie for many years and she is a top notch researcher and writer. Having said this, you might be amazed that she is an even better person. Her integrity is unmatched, and her resolve is unwavering. As I helped her proofread this book, I sensed something special going on, not just in the book, but all over Colorado. A rising tide of change is coming upon us; healing, restoration, encouragement and life. Many books sit on the shelves for years, just waiting to be tasted. Don't miss this one—move it to the top of the pile and be blessed. It only takes a little faith, a little action and a little belief to see God move. Take that step today and watch everything change for the better."

Rick Roberts 
President, Legacy Grace Ministry
Author, dreamer, father, teacher


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