Lyme Brain: The Impact of Lyme Disease on your Brain, and How to Reclaim Your Smarts!

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About the Book

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Most people with Lyme have experienced it. It’s the most intrusive symptom that comes with the disease, and also one of the most difficult to alleviate.

The brain is a very delicate organ, and is often the last organ to experience relief from the effects of Borrelia, co-infections, and co-conditions. In this cutting-edge book, Naturopathic Doctor Nicola McFadzean Ducharme opens up her vault of experience, wisdom, and practical tools, to bring you the most comprehensive protocol for Lyme brain that’s ever been written.

Nicola’s training in natural medicine makes her the perfect doctor to write this book. While she isn’t afraid to use pharmaceuticals when necessary, she prefers more gentle, holistic supplements and strategies to heal the delicate and sensitive brain. In this book, she takes you on a journey through dozens of supplements, treatments, and strategies to reclaim your smarts and leave Lyme brain behind.

I would like to thank Nicola McFadzean Ducharme, N.D., for taking on the effort to write “Lyme Brain: The impact of Lyme disease on your brain and how to reclaim your smarts!” More attention is needed on the mental symptoms associated with Lyme/tick-borne disease, and books addressing the mental symptoms are very much needed. Patients and family members need to be better informed on this subject.

Dr. Robert C. Bransfield, M.D., F.A.P.A.

Did you know?


"Lyme Brain" is experienced by 92 percent of Lyme sufferers.

What you will learn in this book:

  • What causes Lyme Brain? Discover the primary instigators: Nerve damage, inflammatory response, neurotoxins and neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Get the answer to the question everyone is asking: Is the brain damage temporary or permanent?
  • Learn about tests and diagnostic procedures that help diagnose the various aspects of Lyme Brain.
  • Discover the best of conventional & alternative medicine: Which drugs are most helpful for Lyme brain? What about herbs and natural products? Dr. Nicola was trained in natural medicine – as a Naturopathic Doctor, she has the experience and knowledge to walk you through the best non-toxic ways to address Lyme Brain.
  • Find out which treatments cross the blood-brain-barrier (BBB)
  • Discover what’s new in Lyme Brain science over the past 5 years.
  • Read interviews with Lyme experts and physicians and learn how they address Lyme brain in their practices.
  • Dive deep into topics like essential oils, nutrition, energy therapies, detoxification, and other special tools for Lyme Brain.
  • Much more!

Book Excerpts

Introduction by Dr. Nicola

Introduction by Dr. Nicola

Foreword by Robert Bransfield, MD

Foreword by Robert Bransfield, MD


A beautiful and necessary book. Dr. Nicola has disaggregated the confusing topic of neurocognitive Lyme disease. With a clear and personal style combined with extensive evidence and sweeping examples, she has brought this urgent topic to the allopathic and naturopathic communities alike. “Lyme Brain…” is a must read for all those and their families suffering with this great scourge.

Steven Harris, M.D.

Physician, Pacific Frontier Medical, Inc. Redwood City, CA

Lyme Brain is one of the most frightening aspects of Lyme disease.  Cognitive impairment, memory loss, anxiety, and depression add to an illness that is already difficult to endure.  Understanding why these occur and what can be done about them empowers people to continue their path to wellness.  “Lyme Brain” gives readers not only a better understanding of why these occur but provides tools for moving past them.

Scott Forsgren

Editor & Founder,

Lyme Brain is a fantastic, comprehensive resource that describes the many causes of brain dysfunction in Lyme disease, including inflammation, infection, damage to nerve cells, neurotoxins, neurotransmitter imbalances, and more. Dr. Nicola provides scientific evidence for the causes of, and solutions for Lyme Brain, which will help anyone who suffers from this debilitating condition to realize that they aren’t crazy and losing their mind- quite the contrary! Lyme Brain proves that there are real, explainable reasons for the cognitive dysfunction, depression, anxiety and other symptoms that people with Lyme experience, but even more importantly, that there are real answers. If you have symptoms of Lyme Brain, take heart – it’s not “all in your head” and you aren’t losing your mind – you simply have a medical condition that can be reversed and healed with the right tools. In Lyme Brain, Dr. Nicola provides some of the best that are out there. This is a valuable resource that I highly recommend sharing with everyone you know that has Lyme, along with their family, friends and every single healthcare practitioner out there who is willing to learn about this pandemic disease.

Connie Strasheim

Author, New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment: 10 Top Doctors Share Treatments that Work

Table of Contents

Introductory Sections

Foreword by Robert Bransfield, MD
Introduction by Dr. Nicola
Assumptions of this Book

Section 1: Fundamentals of Lyme Brain

Chapter 1: The Scope of the Problem

Chapter 2: Depression and Anxiety: The Chicken or the Egg?

Chapter 3: What Actually Causes Lyme Brain?

  • Direct Damage to Nerve Cells
  • The Inflammatory Response
  • Neurotoxins
  • Neurotransmitter Imbalance

Chapter 4: Co-Infections and the Brain

Chapter 5: Is Damage Temporary or Permanent?

Chapter 6: Assessing the Problem: Tests and Studies

Section 2: Pharmaceutical Approaches to Lyme Brain

Chapter 7: Introduction

Chapter 8: Antibiotic Therapy

  • What Is the Blood-Brain Barrier?
  • What Determines Which Antibiotics Cross The Blood-Brain Barrier?
  • A Review of The Antibiotics Used in Lyme Treatment
  • Antibiotics That Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier
  • Medications That Are Not So Great For Lyme Brain
  • Antibiotics Used for the Co-Infections of Lyme Disease

Chapter 9:  Medications That Reduce Inflammation

Chapter 10: Medications that Influence Brain Function (aka Better Living Through Chemistry!)

  • Medications that Stabilize Neurological Function
  • Medications that Balance Mood
  • Medications that Support Cognition
Section 3: Natural Approaches to Lyme Brain

Chapter 11: Introduction

Chapter 12: Antimicrobials

Chapter 13: Anti-inflammatories

Chapter 14: Detoxification Support

Chapter 15: Neurotransmitter Support

Chapter 16: Cognitive Supports/Neuroprotectives/Antioxidants

Chapter 17: Essential Oils and Brain Health

Section 4: Nutrition and Lyme Brain

Chapter 18: Introduction

Chapter 19: Leaky Gut/Leaky Brain< /br>

  • Nutrition Tip #1: Avoid Grains, Especially Gluten
  • Nutrition Tip #2: Avoid Food Intolerances
  • Nutrition Tip #3: Avoid Dairy
  • Nutrition Tip #4: Eat Fermented Foods (and, of Course, Take Probiotics)
  • Nutrition Tip #5: Avoid Sugar
  • Nutrition Tip #6: Avoid Excitotoxins MSG and Aspartame
  • Nutrition Tip #7: Avoid Unhealthy Fats, Eat Healthy Fats
  • Nutrition Tip #8: Eat High Quality, Lean Proteins
  • Nutrition Tip #9: Drink Water, Water and More Water
  • Nutrition Tip #10: Avoid Drinking Caffeine and Alcohol
Section 5: Lifestyle Factors

Chapter 20: Sleep

Chapter 21:  Exercise

Chapter 22: Exercising the Brain

Chapter 23: Thought Life

Chapter 24: Addressing Psychoemotional Issues and Trauma

  • Counseling/Talk Therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Energy Psychology

Chapter 25: Lyme Disease and PTSD: Is There an Association?

Section 6: Therapies to Help Lyme Brain

Chapter 26: Neurofeedback

Chapter 27: Home-Based Brainwave Entrainment

Chapter 28: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Section 7: Other Barriers to Recovery from Lyme Brain

Chapter 29: Introduction

Chapter 30: Heavy Metals

Chapter 31: Methylation Defects

Chapter 32: Adrenal Health

Chapter 33: Thyroid Health

Chapter 34: Mold Toxicity

Chapter 35: A Toxic Environment

Section 8: Pediatric Considerations

Chapter 36: Lyme Brain in Children

Chapter 37: Autism and Lyme Disease

Chapter 38: Mental Illness and Lyme Disease

Section 9: Putting it All Together

Chapter 39: Products and Protocols

  • Antimicrobials
  • Detoxification Helpers
  • Anti-Inflammatories
  • Brain/Cognition Support
  • Neurotransmitter Support
  • Dosing Summary
Section 10: Interviews

Chapter 40: Introduction

Chapter 41: Scott Forsgren

Chapter 42: Connie Strasheim

Chapter 43: Sandy Berenbaum, L.C.S.W.

Chapter 44: Robert Bransfield, M.D., D.L.F.A.P.A.

Chapter 45: Leo Shea, Ph.D

Closing Sections


  • Appendix A: Berenbaum Lyme Disease Screening Protocol
  • Appendix B: Bransfield Assessment Table


About the Author

About the Author

Nicola McFadzean Ducharme, ND

Nicola McFadzean Ducharme, ND is the founder and Medical Director of RestorMedicine. She practices holistic medicine specializing in Lyme disease, hormone balancing, autistic-spectrum disorders, pre-conception health care and digestive disorders.

Nicola’s previous Lyme disease books include:

The Lyme Diet
The Beginner’s Guide to Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease in Austraila

Dr. Nicola is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, trained in both the United States and her native country of Australia. She received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, and her Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy) from the University of New England in New South Wales, Australia. Her training included a two-year internship at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, an internship in medical research at Columbia University as a Mountbatten Scholar, and four years at the Bastyr University Research Institute.

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