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Author Tedde Marie Rinker, D.O., was educated in the Midwest and attended Medical school at Michigan State University, graduating from the College of Osteopathic Medicine at MSU in 1978. Her subsequent medical training included a rotating medical internship at Botsford General Hospital in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and a residency in General Psychiatry at Wayne State University, Lafayette Clinic, in Detroit, Michigan. She is Board Certified in Neurology and Psychiatry. During this time she was also ACLS certified and worked evenings in a class 1 emergency room, treating a wide variety of major medical problems and trauma victims...

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“Dr. Rinker shines a much needed new light on the doctor-patient relationship. This is powerful guidance, paving the way for the best solutions for what may be a person’s most important challenges.”

—David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, Author, The Better Brain Book










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245 Pages, $22.95   


Renegade Patient: The 
No-Nonsense, Practical Guide to Getting The Health Care You Need

Foreword by Parris M. Kidd, Ph.D. 
245 Pages, $22.95

   Stop! Before you pick up the phone to make an appointment with your local doctor, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself: “Am I an empowered patient who knows what I need from my physician and how to get it? Am I in control of my health care, and if not, who is?” 

   Why do you need to ask these questions? Unfortunately, many patients are not in control of their own health care. Physicians, politicians, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, and other third-party organizations are usually in the driver’s seat. 

   Yet, your health is the most important asset you have! You should not be content to be out of control when it comes to your health care. Dr. Tedde Rinker, an experienced osteopathic physician practicing medicine in Redwood City, California, believes that all people are eventually consumers of health care and should become empowered, responsible patients, equipped with the necessary education and knowledge to navigate the maze of modern medical services. 

   Dr. Rinker’s thorough guidebook includes not only broad recommendations for dealing with health care providers, but also specific advice on how to manage your medical records, how to research diagnoses you may receive, and where to go for further resources and reliable answers to your questions. 

   This book will provide you with your own Declaration of Independence for your health care, which will allow you to become independent of the pressures and myths that are designed to make us compliant consumers who buy insurance and drugs, yet don't really end up feeling better. Written for both patients and physicians, this manual is an essential handbook for everyone who is—or will eventually become—a consumer of health care. 

(Excerpt from the Author's Preface)

We the people, being of sound mind and independent spirit, do hereby declare our freedom from the domination of modern myths that keep us from attaining optimal health:

  1. We reject the myth that the doctor has all the answers. We no longer accept “orders” from physicians. We expect to be treated as equals and to have any proposed diagnoses or treatments explained fully, to our satisfaction and complete understanding. We expect courteous treatment and cooperation if and when we decide a second opinion is warranted. 

  2. We reject the myth that health insurance companies exist solely for the benefit of our health. We realize they are in business for their own profit. When we, and our health care providers, consider services medically necessary, but the insurance company deems them unneeded, we will protest. We will not let the profit motives of insurance carriers dictate what we will and will not do to achieve health.

  3. We are skeptical of the pharmaceutical companies who control their own research and select only what they choose to reveal. We also refute the notion that all FDA approved drugs are safe and that the extraordinarily high price we pay for prescription medications is for research (when, in fact, most of it is earmarked for lobbying and marketing). We demand more accurate information about medication risks from both the pharmaceutical industry and the prescribing doctors. We also demand more accurate information from the Nutraceutical industry (defined as “food, or parts of food, that provide medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease”) about the risks, benefits, and actual content of the active ingredients in their products. 

  4. We reject the assumption that records relating to our health or illness are the property of the doctor or institution where we sought consultation or medical treatment. These records are ours by right, as they are personal and relevant to each of us as individuals. We demand the right to review these records at any time and to have copies of any medical records we deem important for our own personal files. We are also aware that we have the legal right to make corrections when incorrect information is present in a chart.

  5. We reject not only the myth that there is only one legitimate or standard type of medical practice, but also the belief that the double-blind placebo-controlled study is the only method needed to determine an effective treatment. We expect a good physician to be aware of alternatives or to be willing to admit that he or she does not know of alternative treatments, so that we are able to determine for ourselves if we want to seek additional expert advice.

  6. We do not believe that disability and fragile health are a natural consequence of aging. We will not settle for treatments that cover up our symptoms but do not reverse degenerative processes, especially when alternative treatments are available. We want to know when lifestyle and diet are critical factors for health-threatening illnesses. We do not want the physician to withhold this information believing that it is irrelevant.

  7. We declare ourselves competent to make informed decisions about our health and well-being and want to be part of every decision concerning our health and recovery from illness. We want information. We want alternatives. We want to be at the center of the decision-making process. If a health care provider cannot agree to these stipulations, we want to be told, so that we may choose a different provider. 


   Table of Contents

   Foreword by Parris M. Kidd, PhD
   Author’s Preface 

Chapter 1: How I Got Fed Up With The System 
Chapter 2: Look Out For Number One 
Chapter 3: The Law Is On Your Side 
Chapter 4: Be A “Healthy” Skeptic 
Chapter 5: Separating Fact From Fiction 
Chapter 6: The Proven Wonders of Alternative Medicine 
Chapter 7: There Are Many Roads to Good Health 
Chapter 8: The Empowered Patient 
Chapter 9: It Is Not Always The Doctor’s Fault 
Chapter 10: An Rx For Doctors 
Chapter 11: Patient, Heal Thyself!
Chapter 12: Question The “Evidence” 
Chapter 13: Learn What’s Good For You 
Chapter 14: The Understanding Physician 
Chapter 15: Creating Your Own Chart 
Chapter 16: Keep Track of Your Visits 
Chapter 17: Maintain the Right to Review and Correct Your Chart 
Chapter 18: When Self-Advocacy Is Not Enough 
Chapter 19: “Undeifying” The Physician 
Chapter 20: Doctors Don’t Have All the Answers 
Chapter 21: Making Sense of Your Symptoms 
Chapter 22: How to Find a HCP That’s Right for You 

   Epilogue: Final Words 

   Appendix: Dr. Rinker’s Selected Websites and Books 


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