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n 1987, Barry Lynes wrote the classic book on Rife history called The Cancer Cure That Worked. Rife’s World of Electromedicine is the sequel, published in 2009. What is the difference between the two books? The Cancer Cure That Worked was primarily a biographical account of Royal Raymond Rife's life and work, including detailed, dated records of the events which occurred, and in-depth accounts from the people involved. Rife's World of Electromedicine, on the other hand, is a bird's eye view, short summary of Rife's life and the science behind his inventions.

Instead of a detailed biography, Rife's World is an expository piece that includes brief, targeted chapters addressing each aspect of Rife's era, utilizing piercing, specific, and direct quotes and excerpts from historical documents including magazine and newspaper articles, court transcripts, Rife's own statements, and the eye-witness accounts of those who were present during Rife's lifelong achievements. See the Table of Contents below for sample topics. Written as a short story, Rife's World is affordably priced so that everyone can read about Royal Raymond Rife. The book is a perfect gift for someone who wants to find out more about Rife but doesn't have time to read a longer book.

Additionally, the new book explains what 20+ years of additional research and document retrieval by a dedicated grass roots group have discovered and unearthed. Some of the previously missing, key factors in the suppressed and censored cure for cancer were lost or even locked away in physicians' closets for decades in order to prevent censors from destroying overwhelming evidence. Now, this evidence is printed for the first time in Rife's World.

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Paperback Book • 86 Pages • $17.95


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Paperback Book • 86 Pages • $17.95

The Royal Raymond Rife Story (from the Foreword of Rife's World):

The cause of cancer was discovered in the early 1930’s, according to historical documents. It was a virus-sized, mini-bacteria or “particle” that induced cells to become malignant and grow into tumors. The cancer microbe or particle was given the name BX by the brilliant scientist who discovered it.

Laboratory verification of the cause of cancer was done hundreds of times with mice in order to be absolutely certain. The scientist who made the historic discovery, Royal Raymond Rife, then worked with five of America's most prominent physicians in order to test the cure for cancer in a well organized cancer clinical trial managed by a major university's medical school. The year of the cancer clinical trial was 1934.

Sixteen cancer patients competently diagnosed as hopelessly terminal were brought by ambulances twice a week to the cancer clinical trial location in La Jolla, California just north of San Diego. There they were treated with a revolutionary electro-medicine that painlessly, non-invasively destroyed only the cancer-causing microbe or particle named BX. 

After just three months of this break-through, science-based therapy, all of the cancer patients were diagnosed as clinically cured. Sufficient eye-witness statements in writing and documents by prominent scientists who measured the tumor shrinkage exist. A profound, history-making event had occurred.

During the next 4-5 years, the original electronic technology was improved, tested, and used in continuing clinics in three locations—Los Angeles, Pasadena, 

and San Diego. A steadily growing case history record of cancer cures resulted.

Unfortunately, one of the successful cases was an 80-year-old man from Chicago, Illinois with a monstrous facial cancer. But after treatment, he returned to Chicago with skin like “a new born baby's” on his face. His friends were astonished and word of the miracle treatment quickly spread. The head of the American Medical Association (AMA)—with headquarters in Chicago—soon found out what had happened in far-away San Diego.

Agents of the AMA suddenly showed up in San Diego. An engineer employed by the scientist who discovered the cause and the cure for cancer was quickly bribed. A lawyer from the AMA rapidly followed and—along with the bribe-taker—the two of them sabotaged the company that built the stunningly reliable and effective technology. Then in 1939, the AMA lawyer and the bribe-taker initiated a lawsuit in order to steal one of medical history's greatest discoveries.

The trial lasted three months (June-August, 1939). 

The AMA lost its criminal attempt to grab ownership of the new science and the great, transformative medical treatment. Therefore, in order to hide its wicked act, the AMA imposed a massive suppression and censorship on both the new science and the new medicine.

Millions of people with cancer suffered and died in subsequent decades because of the American Medical Association's monstrous

deed and crime against humanity.
Evidence exists to prove the accusations set forth here. The evidence includes eye witness reports, court transcripts, an article describing the new science in the Smithsonian Institute, published micro-photographs, and other historical details.

Many 21st century, modem day, educated professionals are aware of the facts just summarized. This includes editors at major magazines and newspapers, an investigative show's producer at a major television network, book publishers, literary agents, etc. Unfortunately, the world class story apparently terrifies them. They run from it. They dare not be the one who breaks the story in the mainstream media despite the sufficient documentation and factual evidence. 

They apparently fear for their own personal careers, and thus choose to play it safe.

However, there is a deep moral principle that is being thwarted by such career-based, self-censoring behavior combined with fear.
Facts are facts. Someday the whole, awful truth will emerge into a glaring public spotlight. Once a major breakthrough in science occurs, its replication and further development is assured.

The American public is not likely to forget or condone such outrageous, self-serving behavior by its supposed professional watchdogs. Hiding the truth and participating in a cover-up of this magnitude resembles the New York Times editor sadly admitting that his newspaper missed clear evidence of the Nazi Holocaust! And now, something equally terrible stains the pages of history.


Dozens of news articles on Royal Rife's discoveries exist. Below is a brief sampling. 
To see these files in high resolution, click here. To view additional articles, visit the Rife Media Archival website.





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