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Sue Vogan is starting a brand new magazine — Peer Observations. Just as there is no other radio broadcast that is devoted to bringing you the experts of Lyme and other chronic illness (In Short Order), the new magazine will be breaking ground in the same way. Peer Observations will be written by experts for physicians, patients, and In Short Order listeners.

Peer Observations will be by subscription ($15.00/6-issues per year). It’s a high gloss magazine that you will absolutely want on your waiting room rack or coffee table. And the experts are already lining up to claim their space in this new magazine — Dr. Lee Cowden, Marjorie Tietjen, and Carole Blake, Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher, Jacques Simon, esq — just to name a few.

Advertising is limited and Sue is very selective. Master Supplements were among the first to sign on – by invitation. If you would like your product or service advertised in Peer Observations, please contact Sue Vogan at suelymer97@yahoo.mail today. Sue will be happy to send you a rate sheet and more details on the magazine. If you know of a product that has been beneficial to your health, please let Sue know what it is, how long you have been using it, and why it has benefited you. If the product is accepted for advertisement, you will receive a free subscription for 1-year!

Topics to be covered in Peer Observations will be: Nutrition, Humor, Nursing, Pediatrics, Book Reviews, World Medical News, Dentistry, Research, Communication, Alternative Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Legal, Psychiatry, Interview, “Dear Doc”, Ethics, Patient’s Corner, Politics in Medicine, and more.  There will also be a feature article — bringing you the most up-to-date information. If you know of a physician, nurse, or other healthcare professional who you think should be read by others, suggest them to Sue Vogan and if they are accepted as a columnist, you will receive a 1-year subscription.

The Peer Observations webmaster should have the website up very soon and please note that profits from this publication will go to much needed research for the Lyme disease community.




August Line-Up on In Short Order

August 4 – Dr. Lee Cowden

August 11 – Hollywood Poisoning – Behind the scenes on the Hollywood sets

August 18 – Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

August 25 – Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher

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July – In Short Order

July 7th     Trevor Marshall, Ph.D. – the Marshall Protocol

July 14th    Dr. Stephen Fry – Lyme disease

July 21st    Randy Sykes & Dottie Heffron – Lyme disease crymes

July 28th    Charlotte & Sara Endorf — Lyme disease authors

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