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VIDEO – Babesia Supplements & Organization with Bryan Rosner (October Supplements of the Month)

Here’s a video with my favorite Babesia supplements and a very important strategy to keep them all organized.

Please note: I am not a doctor. This video is my informal and unprofessional opinion and experience. Consult your doctor prior to beginning any new treatments.

I’m also going to count this video as the October Supplement of the Month, or more accurately, supplements of the month 🙂

Please forgive the poor video format, I’m a Lyme blogger, not a videographer!

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  • Rose Anastasio

    Thank you Brian. You seem to be so in tuned to your symptoms and able to know exactly how to treat them and which infection is the top layer of the onion. Me …not so much. Not sure I can ever really figure out which infection is attacking me at the moment. Do you perform muscle testing on yourself and how is it performed?