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Extreme Mold Avoidance: Best thing I’ve done in years – I’m a new man (from Bryan)

I apologize that you haven’t heard from me in MONTHS. Our lives were turned upside down when we discovered we had mold in our house. You won’t believe what I had to go through and how much it helped my health. This whole new road is a whole new paradigm; watch my video below to get the update. Life on the road in a truck and travel trailer has been hard and strenuous which is why you haven’t seen me much around here. Yet, the update I bring you today has changed my life so much, that it is more important to me than a thousand updates. Feel free to discuss and ask any questions in the comments section.

I also very strongly suggest EVERYONE read The Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance, which is available online as a free PDF. Read it NOW! (you can get it online for free if you sign up for the publisher’s mailing list, or you can also find it on Kindle). You can also read Erik on Avoidance via this website – another MUST READ.

For my kids and family, we are pursuing homeschool through a charter school this year and the kids are having the adventure of their lives seeing many famous sights across the Southwest.

Extreme mold avoidance has made more of a difference in my health than anything else in the last several years. I hope you find this update informative. See video below.


Some photos from our mold avoidance journey:

You can see one of the photos has the back of the truck set-up where I’ve been sleeping, while my family enjoys sleeping in the luxury of a new Coachmen Freedom Express travel trailer. According to Erik Johnson, a fellow mold avoider who is also from my hometown of Tahoe and who also had mold-induced chronic illness, this kind of sleeping environment is called a MECU, or Mobile Environmental Containment Unit. I highly recommend reading Erik’s “mold autobiography” for free here.


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  • Erik Johnson
  • Mary Thormodson Hedstrom

    Thanks for sharing Bryan. May God be with you and continue to bring you to full healing.

  • Lindsay Christensen

    Thank you so much for sharing, Bryan. I’ve also improved my health by leaps and bounds by leaving my previous moldy living environment in Illinois and moving to a dry, sunny place where I spend a lot of time in nature – Boulder, Colorado. My health has improved more in the past nine months than it has in the past 6 years of my journey with chronic illness. I’ve written about it on the blog for my website, Ascent to Health: https://www.ascent2health.com/

  • Bryan Rosner

    Thanks !

  • Lisa Petrison

    Thanks for sharing this information, Bryan!

  • santafe2012

    So, basically, if you have a negative C3a test status, and avoidance is making this much of a difference, your Lyme Dx is in question.

  • Bryan Rosner

    I would agree to the extent that I’ve already mostly killed all the lyme and co infections. This is a good example of why people shouldn’t keep barking up the same old trees if what they are doing isn’t working.

  • santafe2012

    Or maybe Lyme wasn’t the issue in the first place? It’s unfortunate you didn’t have the information about avoidance so you could have tried it sooner.

  • Bryan Rosner

    Lyme was the issue for me. And many lyme sufferers do notice they also become sensitive to mold as explained in my video.

    And whether it is unfortunate… depends on if you are an optimist or pessimist I suppose. I tend to be somewhat bummed but mostly glad I found out about it before my 40th birthday. 😉

  • Jackie Elwin

    Tahoe! Isnt that where the whitmore Peterson institute is/was? And judy mikovits was. Am I right in thinking that there is a bit of a cluster of illness around there? I’m not sure. Just got me thinking is all. Illness – don’t know if I am thinking ME, lyme or mould.