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Claritin Kills Lyme Disease!

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New research is emerging on how Claritin, chemical name Loratadine, can block Borrelia's ability to absorb manganese, which is a critical micronutrient / trace metal that keeps the bacteria alive.  

This new information could potentially have huge implications for healing Lyme disease, as this simple anti-allergy medication could provide breakthrough treatment options for Lyme disease.

You can read the full article here: Claritin kills Borrelia





My personal feeling is that while this treatment may aid in killing Lyme bacteria, it is likely not a cure. Why? Because Lyme complex involves a lot more than just Borrelia. Many body-wide dysfunctions exist. Also, Lyme bacteria are sheltered under biofilm and protected by a colony structure, which makes it even harder to kill.

Finally, the dosage needed of Claritin to kill Borrelia is likely much higher than can be tolerated - remember - the existing study was done in a test tube, not on humans. Still though - this information is highly promising, we'll keep you posted!



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