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Bryan Rosner is the author of 4 books on Lyme disease, including Freedom From Lyme Disease (current page), The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments, Lyme Disease & Rife Machines, and The Lyme Autism Connection. He lives in the mountains of Northern California with his wife and three children. The photo on the book cover to the right is Bryan Rosner mountain biking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains!

438 Pages

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Book Review by  Connie Strasheim, author of Beyond Lyme Disease and Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment:

"Freedom From Lyme Disease is an excellent book that provides not only fantastic information about how to heal from Lyme, but also, and more importantly, insights and trouble-shooting tips for overcoming roadblocks to recovery. In this book, Bryan will show you how to overcome difficult challenges such as deeply-entrenched infections, heavy metal toxins, methylation problems, and adrenal fatigue, as well as how to choose among the vast multitude of remedies and therapies to find those that would most benefit you. 

Bryan's insight into the healing process is based not only upon his research and own recovery from Lyme disease, but also upon his innate ability to discern and define the issues and problems inherent in overcoming serious chronic illness. I have seen a lot of information about how to treat Lyme disease, from doctors and patients alike—but information, while it leads to knowledge, does not necessarily lead to the wisdom that empowers recovery. Bryan provides a healthy dose of both wisdom and knowledge in this book, which will help those who are struggling with chronic Lyme to fully heal from this insidious disease. I highly recommend Freedom From Lyme Disease to those who have been fighting the Lyme battle for years, as well as to those who are just getting started out in their healing journey."

—Connie Strasheim


          Written by Bryan Rosner

          Foreword by Jon Sterngold, MD

          Published in August, 2014

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Praise from Nicola McFadzean Ducharme, ND: "Once again Bryan Rosner presents a wealth of information in a format that is easy to read, understand, and most importantly, utilize! Bryan has expanded his prior work exponentially to provide updates on many modalities. No one can afford to miss out on this information."

Author of The Lyme Diet, The Beginner's Guide to Lyme Disease, and 
Lyme Disease in Australia

438 Pages  

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The Tipping Point in New Lyme Disease Information Is Here! 

Best-selling author Bryan Rosner is back with this information-packed sequel to his 2007 book, The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments. That book, which sold over 15,000 copies, established a foundational treatment plan for Lyme disease based on Rosner's extensive research and personal experience. Rosner is also the author of Lyme Disease & Rife Machines, and The Lyme-Autism Connection.

Now, Rosner's newest book, Freedom from Lyme Disease, builds on the principles set forth in the earlier book. 
Rosner wrote Freedom from Lyme Disease because he observed what he describes as a tipping point in new Lyme disease information and treatment strategies. The tipping point came in 2013, at which time Rosner began working on the new book. Read the Preface.

Rosner describes this tipping point as a milestone in which there was a fundamental change in how Lyme disease should be approached and treated. Freedom from Lyme Disease contains newly discovered treatment modalities and strategies that can shorten the duration of recovery from Lyme disease. Read the Foreword written by Dr. Sterngold

Rosner believes that Freedom from Lyme Disease is the most important book he's ever written, as it ties together many of the concepts introduced in his previous books. Watch Rosner talk about his new book.

What sets Rosner's writing apart from other Lyme disease books is that he focuses not just on describing available treatments, but also on how to coordinate and weave these treatments into a customized, individualized treatment plan. He refers to this flexible and unique treatment plan as the "treatment template." While many available books offer information on cutting-edge treatments, few provide guidance on how those treatments should be used in the broader context of a complex and individualized treatment protocol.


438 Pages, $39.95   

What's Inside The Book?

  • 438 Pages of new information from Bryan Rosner's last 8 years of research.

  • A flexible treatment template which can be adapted to your unique needs.

  • Over 50 new treatments and protocols.

  • Broad lifestyle coverage including diet, adrenal fatigue, emotional health, exercise, and more.

  • New data on stealth infections which embed with Borrelia and delay recovery.

  • Hormone imbalances.

  • Various novel approaches to the common problems Lyme sufferers face. 

  • Updates on Rife Therapy.

  • New pharmaceutical options which have been reported to catapult Lyme sufferers to new levels of health.

  • Bryan Rosner has put his "all" into this new book ... the book includes everything he has learned since the publication of his past books in 2003 and 2007.



  438 Pages

Back Cover:

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438 Pages

Table of Contents (and clickable excerpts):


Foreword by Jon Sterngold, MD

Preface: The Librarians of the Lyme Disease World

Before You Get Started: Information for the Reader

Please Read This First!

How This Book Is Organized

Treatment Protocols vs. Individual Treatments—What’s the Difference?

About Part and Why We Need “How-To” Information

Lyme Disease Terminology and Lyme Disease “Beginners”

What You Can Expect To Get Out Of This Book

“Peeling Layers Off the Onion”


Should You Listen to Me?

My Opinion About Lyme Disease Testing, and Testing in General

Lyme Doctors: What Sets Them Apart?

How This Book Relates to the Past Lyme Disease Books I’ve Written

This Book’s Strengths and Weaknesses

With Lyme Disease, Problem-Solving Skills Beat Book Knowledge

Designing a Treatment Template


CHAPTER 1: Introduction: Taking Small Steps Toward a Cure

Lyme Disease Treatment: A Work in Progress

CHAPTER 2: The Lessons of the Last Years: Where We’ve Been and Where We Are Going

Which Category Do You Fall Into?

The Last % of Healing

The Co-Infections

Supporting the Body During Recovery

Why is It So Hard to Get Better?

The Rubber Band Principle

Chapter 3: The Antibiotic Rotation Protocol, Revamped and Revisited, with New Principles for Use


Basic Concepts Underpinning the Antibiotic Rotation Protocol

Extending the Rotational Protocol Beyond Antimicrobial Therapies

Rotating Supportive Therapies: Further Discussion

How Over-Supplementation Can Retard the Body’s Own Healing Energy

What About Rife Machine Therapy?

Three Ways to Feel Better Fast

Advanced Principles for Using the Antibiotic Rotation Protocol

Final Words on Building Your Treatment Template

The New Treatment Protocols


Chapter 4: The Paleo Diet for Lyme Disease (and Other Nutrition Hacks) 

Why the Paleo Diet?

Fat and Protein: The Foundation of the Paleo Food Pyramid

How Fat and Cholesterol Provide Specific Benefits to People Healing From Lyme Disease


Whey Protein & Dairy Products

But What About the Vegetables?


Carbohydrates: Treating Them as Rocket Fuel

Saying Goodbye to Grains and Gluten

Putting It Into Practice: Meal and Snack Examples

Snack Ideas

The Marvelous Paleo Smoothie

Paleo Hot Chocolate

Paleo Ice Cream

The Green Smoothie

The Right Smoothie at the Right Time

Tips for Success with Your Healthy Eating Plan

Chapter 5: Adrenal Fatigue, Part I: Physical Symptoms and Physical


Adrenal Fatigue: A Condition That Affects Body, Mind, and Spirit


Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

Emotional Symptoms

Treating Adrenal Fatigue

B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and Food Choices

Adaptogenic Herbs

Hormone Supplementation and Glandulars

Tips for Recovery, with a Focus on Lyme Disease

Additional Resources

Chapter 6: Adrenal Fatigue, Part II: A New Worldview—Asking Basic Questions about Life as a Human Being

Moving from the Physical to the Non-Physical

Modern Life and Human Psychology

My Own Journey Out of That Deep, Dark Hole

Choosing Good Role Models

People Pleasing, Perfectionism, and Taking Care of Yourself

Managing Expectations

Choosing Financial Simplicity

Accepting Yourself

The Triangle of Emotional Distress

Help for the Burdened

Camping and the Outdoors: Medicine for the Soul

Essay: A Boring Camping Photo—More Than Meets the Eye?

Epilogue: The Word “Camping”

Chapter 7: Parasites and Worms: The New Lyme Disease Co-Infection? (Don’t Skip This Chapter!)

A New Frontier in Lyme Disease Treatment

Profound Improvement Experienced with Parasite Treatment

The Subtleties of Synergism

Herbal vs. Pharmaceutical Treatments

The Anti-Parasite Protocols

The Basic Parasite Protocol

Notes on the Basic Parasite Protocol:

My Comments on the Drugs in the Basic Parasite Protocol

Other Useful Drugs

Non-Pharmaceutical Options 

Tips for Success When Treating Parasites

Where to Purchase Anti-Parasitic (and Other) Drugs

Hints for Finding and Using Reliable Online Pharmacies

Climbing the Mountain of Victory and the End of Adrenal Fatigue

Chapter 8: A Brief Update on Rife Therapy & Electromedicine

The Limitations of Rife Therapy

Rife Therapy in the Later Phases of Recovery

Which Infections Are Least Susceptible to Rife Therapy?

How Many Different Devices Do You Need?

An Important Revision to the Theory Presented in My Earlier Book

Where We Go From Here

Rife User Report by Jon Sterngold, MD

Chapter 9: The KPU Protocol and Heavy Metal Detoxification

A Primer on Heavy Metals

What Is the KPU Protocol?

Heavy Metal Toxicity and the KPU Protocol

Zinc and the “Mother of All Detox Reactions”

Considerations in Heavy Metal Detox While Undergoing KPU Treatment

Cleaning Up the Body Prior to KPU Treatment

Why the Body Needs Help Detoxing Heavy Metals

Binders vs. Systemic Chelators

Other Supportive Supplements and Treatments

Two Phases of Symptomology During KPU Treatment

Which Binders, Chelators, and Detox Supplements Should Be Used?

The KPU Nutrients: Should They Be Taken Together or Separately?

Copper Supplementation During the KPU Protocol

Side Effects of Arachidonic Acid

Do All Lyme Sufferers Have KPU Issues?


Chapter 10: Biophotons

The Powerful Immune System: Your Best Weapon in the Battle Against Lyme Disease?

What Is Biophoton Therapy?

Is Biophoton Therapy Really a Legitimate Lyme Disease Treatment?

What’s Next for Biophoton Therapy?

Chapter 11: Tinidazole: New Research on an Old Drug

Recent Study Sheds New Light on Tinidazole

What If Tinidazole Works for a While, Then Stops Working?

What If Tinidazole Appears Not to Work at All?


Example of Tinidazole Use, With Consideration of the Above Discussion

Chapter 12: Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide User Reports

Bryan Rosner’s Chlorine Dioxide User Report

Other Chlorine Dioxide User Reports


Chapter 13: Medsonix®


Can Medsonix® Actually Help Activate Dormant Layers of Infection?

Other Benefits of Medsonix® Treatment

When Should This Treatment Be Used?

Additional Information

Chapter 14: Yeast and Candida

Don’t Underestimate the Influence of Yeast in Your Current Symptom Picture

You Can’t Remove Yeast Without Clearing Out Mercury

Helpful Tools for Killing Yeast

Probiotics and Repopulating the Gut With “Good Bacteria”


Chapter 15: Liver Support

Herbs and Supplements That Support The Liver



The New Individual Treatments


Chapter 16: Introduction to the Individual Treatments

What are “Individual” Treatments?

Which Treatments Are Included in This Chapter, and Why?

The Right Treatment at the Right Time

Chapter 17: The New Individual Treatments


Alkaline Water



Boron and Related Compounds

Double Helix Water®

Moringa Oleifera

Liposomal Vitamin C

Eiro Super Antioxidant Juice

Resistant Microbes® by Herbs of Light

Stinging Nettle


Tart Cherry Extract


Supplemental Creatine

Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Pyloricin® by Pharmax®

“Mild” Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (MHBOT)



Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea Muscipula)

EGCG and Green Tea Extract

Sarsaparilla Root

Haritaki Fruit (Terminalia Chebula)





Parting Words


Chapter 18: Tips for A Faster Recovery

How Lyme Doctors Can Help During the Recovery Process

Keep an Open Mind

Don’t Become Hyper-Focused on Any Particular Infection or Health Problem

What to Expect When Treating Lyme Disease

Find a Healthy Balance Between Living Life and Treating Lyme Disease

Pharmaceutical Antibiotics Can Help You or Hurt You

The Yin and Yang of Lyme Disease Treatment

The “Natural Approach” to Lyme Disease May Delay Recovery

Keep Your Supplements Organized

There’s No Silver Bullet Lyme Disease Treatment (at least, not yet)

When Infections Are Present, True Progress Won’t Occur Until They Are


What is “Energy Testing”?

Focus on Sustainability in your Treatment Program

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Exercise

Lyme Disease and Brain Healing

Why We Can’t Find Simple Solutions to the Problem of Lyme Disease

Feeling Good Can be a Delicate Condition

Where to Buy Supplements

Who is the Best Lyme Doctor? What is the Best Lyme Treatment?

Keeping up with the Latest Lyme Disease Treatment Information





438 Pages 



Freedom From Lyme Disease
Book Excerpts (438 Pages)



Paperback, $39.95Purchase the bookWholesale Ordering Page  •    •  







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