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Investigate and Protect

Legislation (HR-1507, S372, S474) is pending before those in government. It is written to protect only the federal whistleblower, blatantly forgetting the civilian and professional whistleblowers.

It is time for ALL whistleblowers to be protected from retaliation. It is time for investigations into cases that have been pushed aside but not forgotten (e.g. James Singer – mandated reporter for child abuse for a victim who would have been dead, because she was being raped and beaten; Singer was not protected and his case never investigated). It is time for civilian whistleblowers who have uncovered corruption and suffered due to no investigation and/or protection (e.g. Sue Vogan, uncovered an American military command cover-up in South Korea that would have sent two innocent soldiers to prison).  

There are thousands of cases that could benefit from a bill amendment. It’s time for the corruption to end and the above bill amended to include ALL whistleblowers, in order to prevent harm and death to other innocent victims.