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Year in Review – What we’ve Learned

It’s been just about a year since I launched the Anti-Lyme Journal! So far, I think it has been a great success. The purpose for the journal has been to provide you with real-time insights into what I’m learning about Lyme disease treatment – in a format that’s faster than a book. Why? Because I’m connected with a network of top doctors and researchers. For just under $15/year, I do the homework for you. Not a bad deal. I really enjoy being able to share short snippets with you, instead of having to publish a complete, 500 page book each time I want to share new information.

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So let’s take a look at what we’ve learned over the last 12 months. This can help regular readers by providing a reminder of some new stuff to look into, and can help new readers with a wealth of archived information to start digging into.

I published a few posts on supporting the immune system, which is a core goal in Lyme disease treatment. Including a few mushroom supplements (EpiCor + AHCC, Coriolus, and others). I also made a video on anti-inflammatory supplements, which directly support immune function and healing. I also talked about the uniqueness and importance of this supplement.

We talked a bit about electromagnetic therapies, including this new, affordable device which has is getting quite a bit of buzz in the Lyme community of late. We also looked at a new, promising source of frequencies to be used with various devices. I also highly recommend this post if you are new to rife therapy.

I shared several videos on supplements, joint issues, and a fascinating lifestyle video from Dr. Mercola. This particular post is especially awesome when it comes to healing the joints and also some surprising side effects of doing so!

We got to explore the topic of exercise for Lyme disease sufferers, in a 3 part series (read Part 1 here).

Perhaps the most consistent and helpful topic I’ve published is the Supplement of the Month – each month I share a new supplement to add to your treatment arsenal. Read about all the past supplements of the month here.

The above is just a sampling of some topics we explored. There’s a lot more! See all past posts from the last 12 months right here.

I’m very glad I have this Journal as an outlet to get new information to readers, and fast. What does the next 12 months hold? What interesting breakthroughs will we see? I hope you’ll stay with me for another year, so we can explore the best new Lyme treatments, together. Here are some areas where I think we’ll see some interesting newsworthy events:

  • New herbal and pharmaceutical treatments for infections (stay tuned for information from Dr. Horowitz on this topic)
  • Identification of new pathogens as we see Borrelia fade into the background, and new organisms emerge as the secret causes of havoc in the body.
  • New treatments aimed specifically at the “last 10% of healing,” with particular focus on the brain
  • New ways to calm the immune system as the infections get under control, but the immune system is still in “hyper-drive” mode.
  • New strategies in energy medicine, which offers less invasive, and more holistic, coverage.
  • More mainstream acceptance of chronic Lyme disease will lead to better studies, more funding, and a lot more research for us to dissect.
  • Much more!

BONUS TOPIC FOR THE WEEK! Check out these awesome notes on a recent Lyme conference featuring Dr. Klinghardt: 


Bryan Rosner

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor. Please consult a physician before beginning any new treatments.



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