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Getting started with hyperbaric oxygen

I am now convinced that mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (read my initial post here for an explanation of what “mild” means in this context) is one of the huge missing links in Lyme disease recovery. I’ve never written about it before, in any of my books, so it may also be a new topic to you.

Please take a minute to go back and read this blog post, because it shares more details and has links to websites discussing the use of hyperbaric oxygen for Lyme disease.

There are so many advantages of hyperbaric treatment, here are a few of them:

  • It can be done in your home, on your schedule, without the need to drive to doctors’ appointments and pay for doctors. (Though it should only be done, of course, under the supervision of your licensed physician)
  • It is non-invasive, non-toxic, with very few known side effects
  • It is a “shotgun approach”, meaning that it heals and improves MANY functions within the body. This is perfect for people who have a lot of dysfunction and don’t really know which thing to address first. It is also perfect for people who have failed a lot of Lyme treatments and don’t know what to do next, or maybe, who have benefited from past treatments but have plateaued now.
  • Aside from Lyme infections, hyperbaric is proven to heal tissue, heal the brain, increase stem cell proliferation, and have other rejuvinating effects. So in addition to its direct killing effect on some Lyme pathogens, hyperbaric also helps the body get over Lyme disease and heal.
  • It combines TWO highly synergistic therapies – pressure and oxygen.

I have been helped so much by hyperbaric, and believe in it so thoroughly now, after my own recent purchase and use of a chamber, that I want to offer my readers personal assistance in getting started with this therapy. I’ve been researching hyperbaric chamber manufacturers now for six months, and I have developed educated opinions on many of the manufacturers out there.

Over the past several months, I’ve built relationships with several of the most reliable hyperbaric chamber manufacturers. If you would like to learn more about hyperbaric oxygen, and possibly purchase your own in-home chamber, please fill out the below form. Based on your answers to the questions in the form, I will put you in touch with the hyperbaric chamber rep(s) who I think best matches your needs.

I may consider writing a book, or at least an eBook, on this therapy, as it is such a huge asset to our community. I encounter, try, and assess, hundreds of treatments each year. I only advocate and become involved in the few that I find to be substantially promising and useful. Right now, hyperbarics is at the top of that list.

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