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June Supplement of the Month: Immunocal

If you’ve been following this journal for a while, you know one of our recent themes has been getting the immune system back on track with various supplements. There were two posts in particular that I wrote, in May, on this topic (post 1 + post 2). Today, we continue this theme.

We’ve also talked about how hyperbaric oxygen chambers can boost the immune system, and I even invited you to contact me to get started with your own hyperbaric oxygen healing journey.

You could say that I saved the best for last. June’s supplement of the month is one of my all-time favorite immune system supplements, and you’ll see why. It has SO MANY different beneficial effects on the body, as verified by independent university studies.

The supplement for this month is Immunocal Whey Protein Isolate. Now before you close this website and complain that whey protein is no big deal and you already consume it and nothing magical happens, keep reading. I had the same response when I started using this product, but was blown away by its beneficial effects. One of the reasons the company calls it simple “whey protein extract” is to avoid FDA entanglements and “medical claims.” There’s a lot more going on with this stuff than regular whey protein. Click below to buy the Supplement of the Month:

There are two versions of this product, one is the product I have linked above which is ONLY the active ingredient, the other, called “Platinum”, I DO NOT recommend because it contains other vitamins and nutrients. Why don’t I like these other additives? Simply because, Lyme sufferers’ bodies are so sensitive, I really like to use one-ingredient supplements, so that you can really be a detective and figure out how your body responds to various products. Once they are all mixed together, it’s hard to know which ingredient is causing a beneficial effect – or adverse reaction.

I’ve found that you can use less than the recommended dosage of one packet per day; I’ve had great results using as little as 1/3 packet per day, which can save a lot of money in the long run.

OK, so what’s so great about this product? Well, its main function is to preserve and increase glutathione in diseased people, but it also has a number of other benefits including increased muscle mass and stamina, helping people with terminal chronic diseases survive longer, helping Hepatitis, neuroprotection, and others. Here are at least 14 studies on this product, featuring the exact brand that I recommend above. I really encourage you to READ all of these studies so you can see for yourself how diverse and useful this product is, especially when it comes to glutathione, but not limited to glutathione.

Increasing glutathione may seem like a boring thing that we always talk about and you may have even used glutathione itself as a supplement in the past. Or, you’ve done various other things to boost your glutathione. But there are problems with these approaches.

To supplement directly with glutathione is very problematic, especially if you suffer from heavy metal poisoning, which most Lyme sufferers do. Simply taking IV, sublingual, or oral glutathione supplements, can have the opposite effect from what is desired: Instead of aiding in detoxification and boosting the immune system, it can inadvertently stir up heavy metals and toxins and overwhelm the body. This has happened to me personally on several occasions. The only SAFE way to get the body to utilize more glutathione isn’t to supplement it, but to stimulate the body itself to MAKE and USE more of the substance. This way, the body isn’t just ramping up production of glutathione, but it is also ramping up the entire cycle of glutathione utilization and processing (there are over a dozen steps in this process, and when you simply boost glutathione alone, you are only accomplishing one of these steps and creating a bottleneck in the other steps).

So, the holy grail of glutathione therapy really is to get the BODY to increase it’s production and usage of glutathione. Doing so does not cause heavy metal stir-ups, and does not lead to bottleneck problems. That is why Immunocal is so fascinating and useful: it is one of the few products out there that increases the body’s own native production of glutathione creation and usage.

So, if you have followed me to this point, now the rest of the proof is easy. There are literally hundreds of studies linking low glutathione levels to countless diseases, and higher levels to healing and health, for detoxification AND infections. Studies show that long-term disease and infection can compromise a person’s glutathione status, leading to a vicious cycle where the disease isn’t cured because glutathione remains low, and so on.

Naturally raising glutathione levels without directly supplementing it is an excellent approach to chronic disease of any kind, especially in people who are sensitive to using glutathione alone, or who aren’t getting better with glutathione alone.

This is why Immunocal is June’s supplement of the month, and may be part of the “holy grail” of chronic disease recovery. It’s no wonder that myself, and various Lyme sufferers I’ve spoken with, have felt so much better taking this supplement.

I welcome discussion and comments below, and thanks for reading!

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  • Dana Boyd

    Is whey protein safe for people who are sensitive to dairy?

  • Bryan Rosner

    It depends. most of the time yes, but you may have to experiment to find out.