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Message from Dr. Gordon

An affordable professional microscope is the one of the newest attachments to go on anyone’s I phone. Please understand the reason I bring this to your attention so much is that everyone soon will not be waiting for a doctor to tell them the condition of their health.

Everyone will soon have their own thermograph and know if they have a stroke risk or peripheral vascular disease. They will soon know from an attachment that will be hooked to an IPHONE if they have cancer, or infection, or how toxic they are.

All of you can be the few health care professionals that can help patients improve these issues without use of drugs or surgery. The plummeting costs of lab tests are going to let everyone know long before lump or bump appears that they need to take action or be sorry.

Remember that PREMIERHEART.com now warns without treadmill or angiogram who has serious but asymptomatic heart disease and caprofile.net tells anyone that they have a bit too much cancer and need to take action in order to correct it.


Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)

President, Gordon Research Institute



Lumbrokinase Research Update 2013 October

Microvascular impairment is a key factor in the development of diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). Currently conventional treatment towards DPN is often less than satisfactory, leaving many DPN patients in agony and poor quality of life.
Lumbrokinase is excellent in restoring circulatory health, including microcirculation. The attached file shows that lumbrokinase was statistically better than B12 injections in improving peripheral neuropathy, muscle tone, and deep tendon reflex (P<0.01).
The study did not specify the product name of the particular lumbrokinase. However, the dosage of 460mg TID matches one of the lumbrokinase brand approved in China, and each 230mg contains 300,000 lumbrokinase units. (Whereas 20mg of Boluoke already contains 300,000 lumbrokinase units)
Now, imagine how much better your results will be if you add Boluoke to your DPN protocol!


Gluten Free Online Summit November 11-17, 2-13

November 11-17, 2-13

Katie Couric on Lyme disease – with comments by a reader

The show was great, but more impressive is the huge number of comments posted on Katie’s website


Also can see clips from this show at this web page.

Great job (as always) by Dr. Horowitz, and a big thank you to all those who have written in. Over 1100 posts and none that I have seen support Dr. Halperin/IDSA views.

Dr. B…………………………..!


Joseph J. Burrascano Jr. M.D.

Water Mill, NY USA

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Dr. Gordon on Alkaline Water

Be prepared to learn you are wrong, as if you believe alkaline water is the answer here you will see that often it is not based on science; you must learn about where alkalinity and minerals fit into this equation.


I stand behind the statements by Robert Slovak on the linked article below, which are going to upset many. I can say that because I know who is making these statements but anyone can read and then research this for yourselves. Look for the link that is “about us” and you will find that my friend Robert Slovak has the credentials. There is an audio link at the bottom where he explains his background to take on this fight.


He was one of the leaders in the water industry for over 37 years. He sold this first reverse osmosis unit years ago that set the stage for the revolution in water quality that RO (reverse osmosis) has brought to the world. Without RO water even microchips could not have been developed.  RO is able to deliver potable water from ocean water.


This announcement is because there is a new level of quality and affordability to RO units because of his Purative line of new, improved, more efficient RO filters. They make maintaining the high quality year after year a snap, as the replacement cartridges snap in and the device reminds you when a cartridge is no longer effective.


That, however, is not why I chose to send this link to you first with the epidemic of cancer we face. I have to make certain we all get to the proper understanding about maintaining a healthy alkaline state in our body. That requires minerals like Longevity Plus sells as Quinton Marine Plasma and Quintessential minerals but today the focus has moved from minerals to selling alkaline waters.


These are being produced by expensive devices that may be used in regions where there are enough minerals in the tap water to provide meaningful mineral intake so the needed alkalinity is not there.   Read the attached to see how that differs from just saying you made the water more alkaline. Thus, even the ph 9, or whatever the ph of the water someone is drinking, often cannot change the bodies ph. I am really focused on getting this knowledge in everyone’s head because we all know Otto Warburg has tied cancer to cells being too acid,  which normally means they have too much hydrogen and that they lack electrons. So electron deficiency is part of the cause of anything that is unhealthy or sick or painful so supplying electrons, as with low level lasers (protons in quantum mechanics can become electrons) and when you supply electrons the painful tooth or other tissues stops hurting.


I combine low level laser (even a laser pointer can work) with a neodymium magnet to get a “hot” tooth to stop hurting all the time. Note there are available today specialized mineral products that help create negatively charged hydrogen that does help supply electrons. So you might think that drinking alkaline water should do the some thing yet it generally does not. There are lots of companies that only have a part of the story and, as Jack Anderson used to say, the rest of the story is what you need to know.


Please study some of my webinars about Warburg and cancer.


Please be aware that energy medicine is here to stay and will change our lives for the better.

Please do not think that microcurrent and low level laser and magnets all do the same thing. They are different and alkaline water unless accompanied by true alkalinity, i.e. minerals, is not helping achieve the correction that unhealthy cells need but combining all of the above is truly life changing.


Order from Amazon two books each about $26 by Claude Swanson; one is called Life Force, the other Synchronicity. The Future of Physics by Kaku for $15 will excite you too. Since they now are able to remove your brain tumor in Israel without an incision so you are up and around in hours. The future is in learning the involved physics; they are using MRI and focused ultrasound so we will not need so many neurosurgeons but we will need many who can understand biophysics. It will help everyone when we clarify that alkaline water alone is not the whole story.


My life work was in trace minerals. I was medical director and later owner of Mineralab with offices in Europe, Asia and USA. I sold that lab to Doctors Data.  I agree we all lack ultra trace minerals, cesium, rubidium, whatever  the entire periodic table is found in the ocean and that is why I hope all of you will start to appreciate  Quinton Marine Plasma (the doctors brand) and the more convenient glass ampules called QuintEssential  0.9 for the Isotonic and 3.3 for the Hypertonic version. But please understand even the water mentioned in the attachment Gerolstreiner from Germany widely sold to knowledgeable people in Trader Joes across the country is providing the alkalinity (minerals) we need where as most alkaline water devices are not even competent to remove the traces of poison found in almost all tap water today.


I will send you that list of toxins in our water with fluorine near the top of the bad stuff. Please know that the future is in energy medicine and that when you understand electroporation, as you can induce it with a $500 a month leased PMT-100 device in the sick tissues of everyone’s bodies safely in your practice is step one in getting minerals

Like magnesium to get into cells.


We know that without using some form of electroporation chemotherapy is really not getting to most cancer cells, which is one reason it is such a rip off for most patients. Please study on Google scholar the words electroporation+ cancer and see that some obviously ineffective cancer therapies offering only 15% benefits suddenly go to 55-70% improvement just by electroporation. Otto Warburg explained for his Nobel Prize in 1931 that cancer starts with low membrane potential and that starts with interfering with the electron transport chain by toxins.


Now we have my Power Drink with zeolite and high dose vit C and fiber and greens and Maca that can catch toxins released via autophagy, which occurs after ATP levels rise in sick cells. With ATP levels cells can clean out toxins via autophagy and you can trap the toxins safely in the gut with all the active ingredients found only in the 5 products I call my Power Drink but the sickest cells need their membrane potential raised so you must learn what you can do with micro current and low level lasers because always we need the magnetic part of the equation for optimal response so you must learn PEMF. Go to my websitewww.gordonresearch.com and click on PEMF and go to Google and type in PEMF+ cancer.




Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)

President, Gordon Research Institute





Late-Breaking Scoop On The Truth Behind The Alkaline Water Marketing Hype


By Robert Slovak

See attached for more news on Lumbrokinase

Dear Practitioners:

ATTACHMENT: LumbroTxPrimaryHypertension2007

Can lumbrokinase be used for primary hypertension?  It appears so!  This paper shows that lumbrokinase can be an effective treatment for primary hypertension in about 50% of people. We believe that those who responded to lumbrokinase likely had increased peripheral resistance secondary to hypercoagulation. The lumbrokinse used in the study was a lower potency lumbrokinase. Maybe a high potency lumbrokinase, like Boluoke, would have a better efficacy?!
So, should lumbrokinase be used for treating hypertension? The answer if YES if the patient has other cardiovascular risk factors or has a cardiovascular history; namely a high-risk patient. However, for those with simple primary hypertension without other risk factors, lumbrokinase may not be the best choice or first choice; dietary and lifestyle changes would likely be more important (they are always important!).

One side note: We’ve had anecdotal reports of patients with labile hypertension and uncontrolled hypertension responding to Boluoke. Boluoke stabilized the BP and saved those patients from having to make frequent trips to the ER.
We hope you’ve had a nice and refreshing summer!
Info Desk

Canada RNA Biochemical Inc.

Toll-Free: 1-866-287-4986

Under Your Nose : A New Approach to Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Legal Update Tax Free Income – WEBINAR

Never Before Seen Morgellons Network


THIS IS VERY SCARY FOLKS….this comes from the fluid of a morgellons lesion from a patient…..since the government is ignoring us, could it be cause they are dropping this on us from the chem-trails….

Israel’s new modular house



Russell B. Olinsky, M.S.
Environmental Specialist
Click this link in blue for the complete article with photos and 3 1/2 min. video