Dr. Gordon as Benny Hinn’s Guest – Don’t miss it!


Dr. Garry F. Gordon to appear as Pastor Benny Hinn’s guest in a series of interviews focusing on today’s need for Detoxification…

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
Praise the Lord
Wednesday, July 7th 7:00 pm PST
This is Your Day
 Monday July 12th 4:00 am PST& 7:30 am PST
 Tuesday July 13th 4:00 am PST & 7:30 am PST

These interviews by Pastor Hinn may assist those of you who want to be more actively involved in maintaining or optimizing your health. 
In recognition of the need to broadly expand on the topics that Dr. Gordon touched on in these three interviews, we’ve put more information on our site, www.gordonresearch.com.  There you will find copies of recent Webinars that provide in-depth information regarding 
my F.I.G.H.T. for your health program that is improving peoples lives around the world. 
New and upcoming programs will be posted on the website, www.gordonresearch.com.  Watch for announcements regarding webinars with such topics as Cancer, Detox, and the End of Heart Attacks is Here.  We will also be hosting a series of telephone “House Calls”, which will allow you to ask the doctor your questions.  The time, date, and topics for the House Calls will be posted on the website.  These free bi-weekly calls will discuss a variety of issues such as Anti-Aging, Autoimmune diseases, Autism, Alzheimers, and much, much
more.  All webinars and House Calls will be recorded and available for you to review at your convenience on www.gordonresearch.com.
Dr. Gordon is now offering personal Health Consultations as a Private Health Coach.  Please schedule yours by calling 928.472.4263, extention 133.  Please note, these are nutritional consultations and will not be covered by your insurance company.
Gordon Research Institute
600 N. Beeline Hwy, Payson, AZ 85541 


  • Linda

    Emily Dotson….please go to http://www.gordonresearch.com and ask them how you can purchase a copy. I’m not sure a copy is available, but you can certainly watch it from Dr Gordon’s web site..


  • I would like to get a DVD copy of the show I saw on Dr. Gordon on TBN on July 7th. if it is at all possible. Let me know how much it will cost me. You can email me at (ecd1929@yahoo.com) and let me know the cost. Thank you.

    Sincerely Emily Dotson