You CAN Help Patients Get Off Coumadin

There is a huge need for doctors’ knowledgeable enough to consult with patients about alternatives to Coumadin.  I feel that it is one of the most dangerous drugs prescribed so therefore I help patients go off Coumadin every day (Read personal testimonies below), but they have to assume FULL PERSONAL responsibility, as there are almost no doctors who will help them do that due to lack of adequate knowledge about the benefit to risk ratio. Remember, Coumadin helps to calcify blood vessels so it is NOT a life extension strategy for most people.

In the past, I have sent you emails about HEPARIN and I mentioned consulting with in Texas. I am sorry to report that their director Rodger Bick MD PhD, hematologist, Pathologist from University of Texas is deceased and their lab is closed. I believe that he was one of the leading authorities in the world about coagulation related issues, and that, as he said, 2 million die each year from blood clots that are usually called MI’s strokes or pulmonary emboli, so we need to provide a better answer than Coumadin, Plavix etc. That is 2 million deaths that I find are largely avoidable with the right blood viscosity lowering approach!

Patients contact me daily about how Coumadin is wrecking their life. Now then, I have for years believed in the INFORMED CONSENT approach in which a fully informed patient is free to decide for themselves what treatment to follow. Once a patient has read my informed consent approach to Coumadin (see  and use search and type in Coumadin and do the same SEARCH on FACT to learn more and find my Informed Consent).

Then I believe that  anyone is  entitled to accept full personal responsibility for not using mainstream drugs for their clot prevention, or to augment the effect of their standard meds with alternatives like BC-I, with or without Boluoke. That is my standard MINIMUM alternative approach. However, we have patients with serious histories of obvious coagulopathies and they deserve the best lab tests to try to understand the predicament in which they find themselves. Big Labs like Quest and LAB Core charge $1200 for their panels but there is always more to learn about how to interpret the tests and which tests to use.

I inform all my patients that there is no established test to provide the assurance that they are adequately lowering platelet adhesiveness or getting enough anticoagulant benefit. There is one patient that has gone to the extreme and is using Essential Daily Defense, Boluoke, Endokinase, BC-I and extra OMEGA 3, all in large quantities but is able to keep his INR in the ranges he was accustomed to on Coumadin, which he could not tolerate.

Clearly there is still a great deal to learn about all of this and I have just discussed this with DAVID BERG formerly lab director of HEMEX labs. He has formed ARIZONA COAGULATION CONSULTANTS in PHOENIX at 602 793 4361 and his email is  He charges a minimum of $50 for any consultation with health professionals and $100 per hour for more lengthy consultations.

He is not a MD but he has extensive experience in this area that I believe may be helpful when you are contacted by a patient with a history that could be a genetic linked coag defect, as in LEIDEN 5, which is found in 5% of our population or may have chronic infections that have led to ANTIPHOSPHOLIPID SYNDROME. He is not going to tell patients that my suggestions above are adequate or recommend therapy but I see that the need is to help patients QUANTIFY the extent of their RISK.

That means more patients over time will need tests and most have no idea of what is covered and which labs to use and what tests could cost them, which is information that I believe David Berg can offer assistance with for your problem patients with histories of clot related problems. The more you learn, the more things will be seen to relate to increased blood viscosity and/or hypercoagulability.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

Dear Dr. Gordon:

In 2004 you helped me start to get off the drug coumadin by introducing me to the Longevity Plus EDD capsules that have EDTA in them and garlic. We found that three EDD caps every four hours during my waking hours would duplicate coumadin. My INR was almost 2.0 without any coumadin which has major negative side effects. I have a one inch St. Jude mechanical aortic heart valve.

For years I also took nattokinase. You recently introduced me to Boluoke which lasts longer and works better.

I had to quit one of the finest jobs I ever had due to temporary strokes during the day. I went to leading top neurologists and they said the problem was blood clots caused by my mechanical aortic heart valve. They had no solution but you did: EDD capsules and nattokinase. (Now Boluoke.)

Here is my current daily EDD and Boluoke schedule:

7:00 AM One capsule Boluoke, three EDD capsules, and one 1000mg. Carlson fish oil capsule.
11:00 AM One fish oil cap and three EDD caps.
3:30 PM One fish oil caps and three EDD caps.
6:30 PM One fish oil cap and three EDD caps.
7:00 One Boluoke cap. (Evening dosage.)
10:00PM Just before bedtime, to cover me all night, I take three EDD caps and one fish oil cap.

God Bless and keep you safe,

Dear Dr. Gordon,

Eight years ago, I had my first heart attack. I was stented emergently in my LAD coronary artery, and later stented electively in my right coronary artery.

After recovery, I did all the recommended things like taking the cardiac rehab course offered by the hospital, taking my post op drugs like blood thinners, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, and a statin. Then I found your web site and your publications.

Soon, I was off all drugs, getting all my necessary metabolic needs via diet, and supplements, and your package, Beyond Chelation Improved. I was doing all the right things, promoting your BCI, and feeling very good. This got me eight years of life with absolutely no symptoms. Two weeks ago, I had a second heart attack.

I had a feeling when I was again transported to the hospital that the problem wasn’t diffuse disease but a narrowing stent lumen which indeed was exactly the case. All distal arteries were open and clear of any detectable disease but the old stent had fibrosed to 99% occlusion. The fibrotic section was cleaned out and a new stent was placed inside the old stent. (If your work would be enhanced by images of the before and after arteriogram please let me know and I will forward you images of the scans.)

Bottom line, I feel great and judging from the arteriogram, it appears that the supplement program and the BCI did as advertised and kept my heart arteries clean and clear, without the side effects of all the big-pharma recommended drugs with all their attendant side effects. I did agree to take Plavix for a while, (the cardiologist said for at least a year, however, I think I will ease off this and substitute nattokinase).

Anyway, here is my present question: is there something I could have done and could now do that would have prevented the stent from the fibrosis? It seems to me that there should be some natural substance that might have minimized the risk of fibrosis or from the foreign body reaction that occurred in my stent. FYI, my original stent was not the “medicated” type since at the time, there was no medicated stent on-hand large enough for my coronary artery (5mm).

I am convinced that the BCI works but for those like myself who have stents, is there another therapy that I can use to prevent a recurrence? FYI, I am not your average ‘civilian’ heart patient. For eight years, I was a cardiopulmonary perfusionist, the person that operates the heart lung machine during heart surgery.

Thanks in advance,

Dear MS:
Thanks for sharing your important information! I am sorry that you had the second heart attack. I expect, however, that you can regain high functioning although for awhile you may want to consider use of CO-Q, Carnitine, Ribose, Testosterone, and other things I write about continually to the 2000 health professional members of FACT.

I think it is really important for us to let others hear of your story. Everyone with a stent then ideally needs to be on Beyond Chelation-Improved AND either Nattokinase or Boluoke. I believe you are right; you definitely have great alternatives to Plavix that offer better protection with less side effect. I would replace it or Coumadin with Nattokinase (Endokinase) or Boluoke taken twice a day.

As you read up on both, you will see that they have slightly different mechanisms of action and it appears that Boluoke is a bit stronger. Since Boluoke is also more expensive I have some patients use one of each (ie take the Nattokinase each AM and the Boluoke each PM).

The question is to save money would short term use of the enzyme as for several months be sufficient?  I am afraid to gamble. You could use more aggressive doses for a couple of months in an effort to reduce some blockages but I feel that we all have excessive clotting tendencies for many reasons today, and I would recommend LIFE TIME protection with one of those enzymes for you. I believe today with the toxins and pathogens we find in all of us, that my future recommendations are going to HAVE to include Boluoke or Nattokinase for everyone with a history of a heart attack and certainly for anyone that has a stent.

BC-I clearly continues to keep people alive around the world all by itself so it continues to prove its usefulness, but with the increasing pollution, and the presence of a foreign material like a stent, in a patient with a history of a prior heart attack, it is clear that adding one of those enzymes is necessary for optimal protection.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

  • Anonymous

    I was diagnosed with Afib right before cataract surgery which has been delayed. They immediately prescribed a beta-blocker and then Warfarin. I hate the side effects. I am extremely depressed and have no energy. The co-pays for the routine blood tests are robbing me blind. I feel the doctor did not explain what taking Warfarin would do to me nor did they mention the frequency of blood testing. I’ve never had a blood clot, heart, attack of stroke. I’d rather risk it then taking this rat poison forever. What are my alternatives?

    • Bryan Rosner

      YOUR alternatives are Boluoke and Wobenzyme….also you need to be on Dr Gordon’s FIGHT protocol….you can find 6 free webinar’s here on the website… explains it very nicely…. From Linda.

  • Albgia

    I had multiple PE’s in both lungs and legs in September. I’m afraid to go off Coumadin. I feel I may not be as lucky next time around.


  • Linda

    I was in ICU with blood clots in my legs and lungs in 2008. Have been on coumadin since then. 4mg one day and 5mg the next alternating. My INR stays at 2.3 for six weeks then I have it rechecked. I have a vena cava filter in my abdomen and would love to get off coumadin for GOOD. Any help will be appreciated.

    I am 60 and have not had a stroke or any heart trouble at all.

  • Mark Glenn

    Dr. Gordon,

    My wife recently underwent surgery to repair her mitral valve. Unfortunately repair was not possible and now she has a mechanical valve. The accepted opinion is that she will take Coumadin (warfarin) the rest of her life. I am trying to challenge that view due to the risks associated with Coumadin, and due to the long term consequences of reduced vitamin K.

    Getting her coumadin dose right has been a real challenge. The initial dose of 5mg sent her INR to 8 and led to an ambulance drive to the ER and a week in the hospital. Since then, a dose of 1mg seemed right. Now it looks like 2.5mg may be right for her. It seems clear that she needs much less than the average dose. Some of her other (temporary?) medications also thin the blood, and this was not initially accounted for. I think our coumadin clinic can solve these problems, but I wanted to share this experience because it shows that getting the right dose is a challenge, even with standard coumadin practice with the best facilities.

    I have read of several natural alternatives to Coumadin. But as I see it, the problem is knowing you have the right dose. The only test I read about is the INR (PT) test. The only solution I can imagine is to slowly increase her use of natural blood thinners, watch the INR number go up, and reduce the Coumadin dose. More fish oil, with some vitamin E, nattokinase etc., and less coumadin seems like an improvement to me. Eventually, the coumadin dose might be reduced to zero.

    This assumes that the INR test is a suitable test regardless of the method used to thin the blood. In other words, any way you get into the goal INR range is OK, as long as you get there. What do you think?

  • Sue

    My husband is on 100 mg. of Warrfin (sp?) daily. I am desperate to get him off but he is worried about monitoring his blood. Do you know if a Dr. will continue to do “the pin prick” even if he goes off the drug while converting over to a natural blood thinner?

  • holly

    It seems I’m grabbing at straws and feels impossible to do but my father had a stroke about a year ago and was prescribed coumadin. I’m so scared of giving him natural supplements or anything wondering if they will inadvertently increase thinner blood and cause bleeding. Coumadin scares me to death ….. He has additionally been diagnosed with prostate cancer……Oh my; Can we still get him off coumadin……If

  • Diane bruckman


    I went into the hospital for pneumonia in December. All the inhalers,steroids, etc caused Afib. when I left the hosptital they placed me on coumadin. I have not had any afib since getting off of the inhalers but I am still on the coumadin. I have never had a blood clot or a stroke. I feel I am part of their revolving door since I am having blood test every week. I want off this restrictive stuff but they put the fear of stroke in your mind. I usually register at 1.4-2.4 depending on how good I am at taking the rat poison. I want to replace this stuff with a good diet and supplements. Any suggestions ?

  • Hi Garry…

    My entry is a bit different than most I read… I am in excellent health.

    With my commitment of improving my appreciation for being blessed with/for my good health and wanting to learn more… I am at a crossroad with which way or what to do first… Your website is vast in articles. I need to take baby steps and do not not what to read first. Or how to get started

    Your suggestion where to start will be followed and I promise to keep a diary of my results. this request can be compared to wanting to start an exercise program… Where/What does a person do first…

    Thank you
    In Health – Zogisle

  • Thanks for sharing your success and I am a great fan of Dr Blaylock who I know personally
    ALSO thanks for studying my FACT program as this WILL add even more knowledge so that over the years you too will be feeling younger each year as I do

  • roberta Vullo

    Dr.Gordon, I spoke to you yesterday from Healthy Habitin Phoenix and told you i have been wanting to see you and that i had antiphospholiped antibodies and was put on warfarin for life a few years ago.Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I wanted to also say that I began having complex partial seizures when I was 50 and took lamictal for 13 years with complete seizure control. I got complications from that drug and stopped taking it last January and began to research on my computer. Now I am seizure free and take no seizure medication.I follow the diet from dogterj’s web site and also take the recommendations from Dr.Russel Blaylock’s site. Last night I read the 3 chapters of your book about EDTA chelation and will spend a lot of time o studying your site..This January I will be off warfarin.Thank you for sharing your knowledge.I would like to set up an appointment or correspond with you if that is possible.I will study your web site thououghly.My seizure control comes from my diet restrictions which I found on dogtorj’s site and the supplements found on russel blayocks site and complete avoidance of msg.

    • Estella Walthour