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Aspirin – with Dr. Gordon & Linda’s comments

Linda’s comment:  I love the Beyond Chelation-Improved….I also like the Boluoke with the wobenzyme….great for lyme patients…..great for coagulation problems that Lyme patient’s suffer from…

Dr. Gordon’s Comments:

I do not use aspirin for primary prevention for any of my patients. The benefits are too small and the risks are real. It has clearly been oversold and misrepresented. It never has been an anticoagulant, but it does have some limited antiplatelet effects. On the whole it has some benefits but there are also some bleeding risks.

Moreover, since it does not decrease deaths from heart attacks or all-cause mortality, the patients are living with false sense of security and will ignore advice to be on a product that could clearly add years to their life but does not have all the marketing money behind it. Beyond Chelation-Improved is the real protection patients are seeking.

Patients who I clearly can help decrease all cause morbidity and mortality without question using Beyond Chelation Improved and, particularly for serious cases, adding Boluoke BID to the program, are not getting the message, as they believe in the hype surrounding aspirin. I can state unequivocally BC-I and Boluoke together do dramatically lower mortality from heart attacks even in patients with high risk documented left main disease. It also lowers all-cause mortality while also lowering stroke incidences.

The reasons are clear if you consider that BC-I has over 100 active ingredients and over $10 million in research behind it. BC-I has three books written about how it was developed and it took over $10 million back in the sixties to develop this natural approach to ending heart attacks and that was real money back then. There are two published studies where it lowered heart attacks by an average of 91% but that was some time before I added the EDTA to the formula. I believe that the benefits are even greater now.

So let’s take the time to learn the truth about the limitations of aspirin. For as long as your patients believe that their aspirin has made them less subject to death, they will have little real interest in learning about a product that really works, but takes real money to purchase every day of their life.

Attached is the conclusion of this large meta analysis report linked here: “There was no evidence of a statistical bias (p >0.05). In conclusion, aspirin decreased the risk for CV events and nonfatal MI in this large sample. Thus, primary prevention with aspirin decreased the risk for total CV events and nonfatal MI, but there were no significant differences in the incidences of stroke, CV mortality, all-cause mortality and total coronary heart disease.”

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute



Systematic analysis of the outcomes from the 9 trials confirmed that aspirin decreases the incidence of nonfatal MI and CV events. However, aspirin had no statistically significant effect on CHD, stroke, CV mortality, and all-cause mortality, but was highly significant for overall CV events.



Lyme Disease & Coagulation Problems – Linda’s Comments

Linda’s Comments:

As far as Lyme disease it has been Boluoke and Wobenzyme that got control of the coagulation problems that  I suffered with.  BTW all Lyme patients suffer with thick blood… thighs ached so bad that I could not lift my legs on my own.  The aching did not let up so that made it difficult to sleep….The FIGHT protocol is giving me back my life.
As far as chest pain, please allow me to tell you a brief story….The Monday before Christmas, my daughter (31 yrs) was working a night shift and she called me with the clinical symptoms of having a heart attack….I told her to go in the ambulance, which her employer had already called….I told her to only take ONE aspirin that the paramedics would probably give her and let them start saline, as I would arrive at the hospital at the same time as her…
She arrived, they put her on a monitor immediately and ran an EKG (normal)…her blood pressure, which is always normal, was 210/180…..I stayed quiet UNTIL the doctor and nurse left the room…I shoved 2 boluoke, 12 wobenzyme, 2 tubes of Hypertonic, and 20 sprays of ACS200 and ACZnano Zeolite, one right behind the other before the nurse could return to draw blood….WITHIN 8 minutes her blood pressure dropped to 128/55…of course the nurse flew back into the room….she looked at my daughter and ask her if she did anything…I was standing back shaking my head no….the reason I did that is I didn’t want to negate her insurance….I did tell the nurse after we had discharge papers in hand….
Her blood work was normal, enzymes, everything….the “young” ER doc told us, “it just must have been the stress of standing in one position at her job”……I could hardly keep from laughing…however, when we were leaving, the nurse chased us out the ER door and directed her question at me….”Ok mom, tell me what you did”….she knew I was into holistic alternatives….I smile and told her she might never have had to have her quadruple bypass, had she been taking the products I gave me daughter…she wanted my email addy and has since communicated with me down a new path of learning how to stay healthy…
I wouldn’t suggest you tell your patients this (or they will be cheating all the time), BUT, if I cheat and eat something I should not or if I eat in a restaurant and it is not guaranteed organic or GMO free….I swallow at least 12 Wobenzyme so I can begin eating up the garbage I’m eating….


MRI & CT Scan Dangers – With Comments from Dr. Gordon

Cat, MRI’s and myocardial perfusion studies are potentially dangerous (cancer risk) and often offer no real benefit to patients.

This report about cumulative doses of radiation on today’s medicine and lack of real benefit to patients strongly supports my belief that they are hurting patients today with their drugs and surgery. Of course there is no real money in treating the causes, so this abuse will continue and we could easily imagine it getting worse when government steps in to fix health care.

“Moreover, despite abnormalities on myocardial perfusion scans being powerful predictors of future events, no study has shown that aggressive therapy in these high-risk patients can improve future outcomes, notes Lauer.”

Personally I like tests, as without a little fear patients will go off any health promoting program we suggest, but that is where we win and they lose. Our treatment does improve future outcomes every time.

I know that even though our TACT trial is not as effective as my current protocol for treating heart disease where I can usually discontinue all cardiac medications shortly after the patient goes on my total heart support program (Beyond Chelation-Improved,  Boluoke, Acetyl Carnitine, Ubiquinol, ACS, Zeo Gold, etc). However, most patients resent paying out of pocket for natural treatment that treats the causes. They still like their dangerous drugs that are now are at least the 4th leading cause of death in America. Their drugs are subsidized by our health care system.  It seems that if poison is free and real non-toxic health-care costs money, many will take their poison almost religiously. But here an expert on this says that cardiac perfusion studies are not really helping. That is because they are being treated under a defective outmoded paradigm. I use that same impaired perfusion study to motivate my patients to get well and stay well but not to  just have a stent put in and live on some “blockers’ for the rest of their lives.  It sounds as though the king is wearing no clothes and some are willing to point it out!


Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute



August 27, 2009 (Atlanta, Georgia) — Medical imaging procedures expose many nonelderly patients to substantial doses of ionizing radiation, according to the results of a new study [1]. Myocardial perfusion imaging alone accounts for 22% of the radiation dose from all study procedures, while computed-tomography (CT) scans of the abdomen, pelvis, and chest account for nearly 38%, report investigators.

“Our findings that in some patients worrisome radiation doses from imaging procedures can accumulate over time underscores the need to improve their use,” write lead investigator Dr Reza Fazel (Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA) and colleagues. “Unlike the exposure of workers in healthcare and the nuclear industry, which can be regulated, the exposure of patients cannot be restricted, largely because of the inherent difficulty in balancing the immediate clinical need for these procedures, which is frequently substantial, against the stochastic risks of cancer that would not be evident for years, if at all.”

The analysis, which studied 952 420 adults aged 18 to 64 years in five US cities, is published in the August 27, 2009 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.
During the study period, which ran from 2005 to 2007, 655 613 adults underwent at least one imaging procedure associated with radiation exposure. The mean effective dose was 2.4 mSv per person per year, although a wide distribution was noted. Moreover, the proportion of subjects undergoing procedures and their mean doses varied according to age, sex, and city. For example, approximately 50% of adults aged 18 to 34 years underwent a medical imaging procedure requiring radiation, whereas 86% of adults 60 to 64 years of age were sent for similar testing. Women also underwent imaging procedures significantly more often than men.

Dr. Gordon comments on Vulnerable Plaque and Heart Disease

Doctor Gordon’s Comments:

This is vital information; most bypass and stents are operating on the wrong lesions.

Vulnerable plaque is not identifiable at this point, yet is it the only one warranting attention. Most of the stents and bypass surgery are treating lesions that are little or no threat to the patient just like most of the prostate cancers being found would not have contributed to
the patient’s demise. And now we learn that most of the breast lesions discovered on mammograms also warranted nothing more than watch and waiting instead of the rush to surgery and chemo and radiation.

How can you practice advanced medicine and avoid these traps?

I have mentioned a multigated ECG from PREMIER HEART that really identifies significant coronary disease with a simple number. ZERO is what YOU want and that is what my report found.  If your report is a SIX, you will in all probability have a significant “event” like a heart attack in less than a year. The equipment costs $35,000 and the test takes 15 minutes and each report costs $50, as you use a supercomputer to review this special advanced ECG.

Read the attached report and look at how bad our competitors are doing who will not learn about IV and oral chelation, Boluoke, Co Q, etc.

Three-year data from 700 patients in prospect announced last fall showed that about 20% of patients with acute coronary syndromes treated with stents and optimal medical therapy have at least one more major adverse cardiac event within three years, but that 12% of these patients’ events were caused by lesions other than the original nonculprit lesion. 

I have no reported fatal or non fatal heart attacks when patients are on my total program. Of course, I use that to motivate my patients to really take my heart program seriously!

Of course, if they do then most if not all can overtime improve their score and in time get to the zero if they are willing to do all that I advocate. The same way the $1000 BioClip test shows whose vascular age is inappropriate for their age. You do not want to be 50 years old and have vascular age of a 70 year old person. Again we can routinely reverse that vascular age score or that heart risk score but patients need testing before they will go on any program that costs them money.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute



From Heartwire 
Building Multimodality Pictures to Unlock the Secrets of Vulnerable Plaques
Reed Miller

June 24, 2010 (Hamburg, Germany) — Researchers are developing techniques combining intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) “virtual histology” (VH) with positron-emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) that they hope will someday predict which coronary plaques trigger MIs.

Dr Martin Bennett (Cambridge University, UK) discussed his group’s research into vulnerable plaque imaging here at the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) EAS 2010 Congress. “We know what a vulnerable plaque is–[it is characterized by] a loss of smooth-muscle cells, inflammation, platelet aggregation, expansion of lipid cores. But if we’re trying to detect these features with imaging, we need to focus on particular structural or functional components of those plaques that we can detect using noninvasive imaging techniques.”

IVUS VH, a technology developed by Volcano (San Diego, CA), analyzes ultrasound “backscatter” patterns to differentiate plaque constituents in IVUS coronary images. IVUS VH’s ability to identify fibrous tissue, fibrous fatty tissue, necrotic core, and dense calcification has been validated in postmortem studies with sensitivity and specificity up to 95% to 98%. By assigning different colors to different constituent materials in the vessel wall, IVUS VH can show the thin-cap fibrous atheromas, also known as vulnerable plaques.

Bennett and colleagues studied 200 patients with IVUS VH to see how the coronary substrate wall was different between patients with stable angina and unstable-angina patients. So far, the researchers have processed over 200 m worth of plaque, or about 750 plaques.

Dr. Gordon comments on cardiovascular disease & other topics

Blood clots kill and they make today’s focus on cholesterol looks badly misguided. Many natural approaches help and add Carnitine to that list. I recently attended the Nevada Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine conference in Reno.

David Berg is an expert private consultant on blood coagulation issues. His presentation there was videotaped will be available to purchase from the association (President in Nevada is Dr Michael Gerber). David Berg made it clear that his own prostate cancer went away using heparin based therapy. He agrees with me that Coumadin is never the correct answer. He is very impressed, however, with the benefits he sees with testing by reference labs he refers his clients to and with treatment with natural products particularly Boluoke (Lumbrokinase). 

I reminded the attendees that EDTA MAKES HEPARIN WORK BY MOUTH, documented in 1960, published in Nature and immediately patented by Riker. I have used this to eliminate fatal heart attacks in all my patients for well over 20 years now.  It is the basis for the product Beyond Chelation Improved, as this took advantage of the $10 million in research by Dr Lester Morrison, who found a HEPARIN-LIKE action from a particular seaweed based ingredient. When I added ORAL EDTA to his institute formula, we immediately had a safe oral anticoagulant and I use this as my alternative to Coumadin or Heparin when I incorporate the essential fatty acids OMEGA 3 and PRIMROSE OIL to the garlic, ginkgo and EDTA based formula.

Of course David Berg injected Lovenex for his cancer and others might use other forms of Heparin by injection. But, the idea that fibrin is an issue in delivering local oxygen to tissues where according to the Warburg research, anaerobic metabolism supports cancer, we might expect that anything that enhances local oxygen levels in tissues could be beneficial then for any cancer.  My experience in chelation and thermography has made me very aware of the need to optimize tissue oxygen levels and the ability of chelation to help that occur.

The attached article suggests that one more nutrient Carnitine may be of further use in lowering fibrinogen and even C-reactive protein levels. We know that inflammation sets the stage for hypercoagulability so this is another useful nutrient to add to my long list of documented nutrients that are useful in cancer like Vitamin C, Curcumin, Artemisinin, Quercetin alone or as found with pancreatic enzymes in Wobenzym.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute


Date: 9/27/2010

L-Carnitine Plays a Role in Preventing Cardiovascular Disease.

Cardiovascular disease or heart disease is a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels (arteries and veins). There are several risk factors for cardiovascular disease that are essentially immutable. These are older age, male gender, and a family history of CVD. Additionally, three major risk factors identified include cigarette smoking, dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), and hypertension. Other identified factors associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease include physical inactivity, sleep problems, diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, excessive intake of alcohol, thrombotic and fibrinolytic factors, elevated homocysteine levels, certain infections and inflammation, exogenously administered estrogens and androgens, certain psychosocial factors, increased fasting glucose. and frequency of migraines. The synergism of the presence of multiple risk factors must also be considered.

L-carnitine is an amino acid that is synthesized from the amino acids lysine and methionine. Because it can be synthesized in the body, L-carnitine is usually not considered to be an essential nutrient. However, it could be classified as an essential nutrient for premature infants and other individuals who are not able to synthesize it in sufficient amounts. In addition to its use in clinical conditions, L-carnitine is used with exercise programs to reduce muscle soreness.

A study published in the journal Renal Failure investigated the effects of L-carnitine on plasma coagulation and anticoagulation. The researchers enrolled thirty-six hemodialysis patients and the patients randomly received either 1000 mg a day L-carnitine or a placebo for 12 weeks. Blood was collected at the beginning of the trial and at the end to compare changes in plasma activity. The results were the L-carnitine group experienced significant reductions in serum C-reactive protein (marker for systemic inflammation) and plasma fibrinogen (an inflammation-related coagulator) in comparison to the placebo group. The authors stated “Therefore, l-carnitine may play an effective role in preventing cardiovascular diseases in these patients.”1

1 Hakeshzadeh F, Tabibi H, Ahmadinejad M, et al. Effects of L-Carnitine supplement on plasma coagulation and anticoagulation factors in hemodialysis patients. Ren Fail. 2010;32(9):1109-14.

Cerebral Microvascular Occlusion

Cerebral Microvascular Occlusion is very common and yet is very frequently overlooked when dealing with dementia and stroke recovery.

This new research reminds us that we should often consider “small strokes” when we are dealing with age-related cognitive decline. I suggest adding either Endokinase or Boluoke for at least a month or so to Beyond Chelation-Improved etc. along with using all of the powerful brain enhancing nutrients available today. Brain TISSUE PERFUSION is vital and is frequently compromised, and small strokes are very commonly not diagnosed. 

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

Full article:,f1000m,isrctn


“Alterations in the efficiency of the protective mechanism that we have identified may have important implications in microvascular pathology, stroke recovery and age-related cognitive decline”

Cerebral microvascular occlusion is a common phenomenon throughout life that might require greater recognition as a mechanism of brain pathology. Failure to recanalize microvessels promptly may lead to the disruption of brain circuits and significant functional deficits. Haemodynamic forces and the fibrinolytic system are considered to be the principal mechanisms responsible for recanalization of occluded cerebral capillaries and terminal arterioles. Here we identify a previously unrecognized cellular mechanism that may also be critical for this recanalization. By using high-resolution fixed-tissue microscopy and two-photon imaging in living mice we observed that a large fraction of microemboli infused through the internal carotid artery failed to be lysed or washed out within 48 h. Instead, emboli were found to translocate outside the vessel lumen within 2-7 days, leading to complete re-establishment of blood flow and sparing of the vessel. Recanalization occurred by a previously unknown mechanism of microvascular plasticity involving the rapid envelopment of emboli by endothelial membrane projections that subsequently form a new vessel wall. This was followed by the formation of an endothelial opening through which emboli translocated into the perivascular parenchyma. The rate of embolus extravasation was significantly decreased by pharmacological inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase 2/9 activity. In aged mice, extravasation was markedly delayed, resulting in persistent tissue hypoxia, synaptic damage and cell death. Alterations in the efficiency of the protective mechanism that we have identified may have important implications in microvascular pathology, stroke recovery and age-related cognitive decline.

Biofilms treated with tea tree oil


Linda’s comment:  I have used tea tree oil on toe nails for fungus, but wouldn’t think about it for dissolving biofilms.  I have been successfully been dissolving biofilms with the FIGHT protocol.  People ask me how I can tell.  (For those who have weak stomachs stop reading here)….You can find them splattered on the sides of your toilet, like spider webs….it takes a strong brush to wash them away.  I also take at least 2 Boluoke capsules a day, and at least 8 to 10 Wobenzyme 3 times daily on empty stomach.  I did use a loading dose of one Boluoke 3 times daily and took the 10 Wobenzyme 4 to 5 times daily for the first 90 days.  At that time is when I added a teaspoon of the ZeoGold along with my ACZnano Zeolite. 
Biofilms are not just Lyme disease, but other diseases, but a good daily detox is a MUST if you have Lyme disease.  Reducing your total body burden of pathogens and toxins is vital for getting control of Lyme disease.  We have a lot to deal with today with the Gulf Oil spill, which BTW, is effecting our health and is going to get worse, but we are having to fight the GMO foods and exposures to pesticides and herbicides.  With a good daily detox we can help to neutralize the hits we are taking daily from our environmental toxins.
Go to the Webinar’s I have posted on this blog and learn about the FIGHT protocol.  You will also learn what you need to do to FIGHT these problems to help protect your health.

Objective: This study aimed to investigate antimicrobial treatment of an infected cochlear implant, undertaken in an attempt to salvage the infected device.

Methods: We used the broth microdilution method to assess the susceptibility of meticillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus isolate, cultured from an infected cochlear implant, to common antimicrobial agents as well as to novel agents such as tea tree oil. To better simulate in vivo conditions, where bacteria grow as microcolonies encased in glycocalyx, the bactericidal activity of selected antimicrobial agents against the isolate growing in biofilm were also compared.

Results: When grown planktonically, the S aureus isolate was susceptible to 17 of the 18 antimicrobials tested. However, when grown in biofilm, it was resistant to all conventional antimicrobials. In contrast, 5 per cent tea tree oil completely eradicated the biofilm following exposure for 1 hour.

FIGHT protocol for heart disease

Linda’s comments: ********I have been on Dr Gordon’s FIGHT protocol for over 1 1/2 years now….best decision I have ever made in my 66 years…..FIGHT is also great for Lyme, Cancer and Autoimmune patient’s….I encourage you ALL to listen.  I have been very successful of dissolving bio-films with the FIGHT protocol…I also suggest that you go to and view (free) the FIGHT webinars….. 

I strongly support the need for early, non-invasive assessment of heart disease using advanced approach. You will detect disease more accurately than Angiogram and this is quick and painless so like an ECG you will repeat as needed to make sure your patient is reversing their heart disease using the protocol I have written for anyone wanting a better report on subsequent follow up repeat of the Multifunction Electrocardiogram.

Recently, I put together a comprehensive PROTOCOL for significant CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE detected non-invasively using equipment. I was contacted by a colleague who took my advice about the value of early detection of heart disease using the Multifunction Cardiogram developed by Dr Shen of This MCG analysis is the most accurate current means for detection of heart disease non-invasively. If all or you took the test, most of you will fail until you get on the program I have described here.

The doctor had a reading of 4.5 and if you get really bad you might even see a 6, which usually means that within a few months unless you do something you will have a serious heart attack. The good news is that every one of you can do as I have done, and my score is zero.

The test finds as little as a 40% obstruction painlessly but the device costs $35,000, as there is special equipment and you pay every time you use the test for the report you receive in a few hours. This will save lives, as you can reward every one by in improved score if they follow the program I described here for my colleague. Or you can just stay alive with Beyond Chelation-Improved but adding Boluoke would be advisable, as this was a dangerous reading.

Since you know over 90% of those over 40 have some disease it is nice to quantify that and then to improve it and that is why the program I have described here is so comprehensive.

I am dealing with an anti-aging doctor who does a lot yet seriously failed this test. That means we need reversal of heart disease and over time we can do lots of tests to help narrow our focus but without all the tests we could want, I have covered everything here so that the next repeat MCG test will be better  with no question.  


This is your personal path to survival and regenerative detoxification based Antiaging program based on my FIGHT program.

It would be good to scan your medical records and get me copies of as much as you can obtain so I know more about your blood tests results, medical history, toxin levels, even a hair test is useful and lets check out your hormone and lipid test results but in any event, I want you to ALWAYS stay on BC-I bid forever. It alone is NOT CURATIVE BUT PROTECTIVE.

Read the chapter from the book Miracle Heart Health secrets to refresh your memory but always know to search both your  FACT database  using your password and also search  topics on my website using search words like heart disease or EDTA or lead, etc.  

Here is a beginning program to be refined when I have a chance to see all lab tests etc for past few years and updated with things that ought to be done like Glutathione levels.  This will be amazing when I show you what this will lead to in antiaging medicine that others have no clue about how to raise to optimal levels. 

BC-I twice a day; use with or without food
Note: if working with a smaller person you may want to  start with the  full 9 pills just once a day for a few days, as some will have a little restlessness at night with the full pack taken too late in the day. This alone in my experience  is enough to eliminate over 90% of all fatal heart attacks or strokes but you never are allowed to  run out of it; think of it as Plavix or Coumadin, it is only protective  not curative.

Since you want to get better, and not just stay alive, we must add much of what I call my total Antiaging FIGHT program. You can spend time profitably on my website and see my PERSONAL SUPPLEMENT PROGRAM.  No one takes more than I do and over time you may need to do much of what I do, as you have to look really good over the coming years to make it clear you can help thousands of others stay healthy longer,

I will go into any detail about why you need to be on  each of  the following supplements, as the details can be found by putting the name of a product in the little search window on my website but when you spend the hours it takes to listen to my webinars, one hour each on food , infection, genetics, heavy metals, hormones, then toxins  then you will have the knowledge and in this convenient format you can redo these webinars and we supply you the PowerPoint or you can arrange to have them linked on your site, as they do promote the Longevity Products,  as no other company offers products  like  BC-I , ZEOGOLD, ACS, BioEn’R-G’y C.,  H.R.T Plus, etc. 

ZEOGOLD:  one a day for 1 week then 2 a day for 2 weeks then increase to tid.
Note: some will get bowel changes with some cleansing even a few will see diarrhea and may have to stay at one a day for a time.


BOLUOKE: two three times a day 30 min ac for 3 weeks
Then use just one tid always preferred 30 minutes or more before meals, continue that tid for a least 4-6 months IE until MGC is better then use one bid for at least another year.

You who want to travel the world and push your body hard  should learn to make my POWER DRINK: Use BIOENERGY C, at least 1 slight heaping tsp, never less than bid and increase when getting less sleep and more stress to  tid or qid.

I add my BEYOND FIBER and my ORGANIC GREEN and MACA powder so all four items then are referred to as my Power Drink.  Many can use it once a day,  you may want it bid;  and use just the same dose  a level tsp of all four ingredients. 

But since I do not use HGH  but want to avoid Sarcopenia I use the unique Tribulus, not in any other product, and Moomiyo and hypothalamus. which we call
BEYOND GHS: take THREE at HS. You will sleep deeper; it releases your own growth hormone and increases free testosterone  (as does the MACA in my power drink).

I use topical testosterone, Progesterone, Chrysin 150 5 200  (Abrams Royal Pharmacy, Dallas),  as explained on my website under my person program.
NOTE:  there are supplements that you need that  Longevity Plus does not carry at this time.

You will want to be on these supplements for years to come from:
ACIDOPHILUS  like PB 8 or Kyodophilus 
UBIQUINOL 100 mg  tid for 2 weeks then one daily for 6 months then just 50 daily ACETYL CARNITINE 250 mg  bid 
NAC  600 mg bid 
DHEA  50 mg a day
MELATONIN  3 mg nightly etc
IODINE – lugols  5  drops daily

If you are in Phoenix, plan to visit Longevity Plus  in Payson,  it is 90 minutes from the airport.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

From: Premier Heart
Denver, CO
June 12th-13th

We invite you to join us for a hands-on seminar that can mean a quantum shift in your practice’s effectiveness and income. Experience QRA breakthroughs and revisit the techniques to truly master the phenomenal effectiveness of this system.
Learn how to rapidly get to the “core” of the true causative factors in complex patients and gain new clinical insights into the difficult cases that have failed to respond to your best efforts.

Learn from Master Practitioners in the field and how to apply the full spectrum of QRA techniques such as ERT, Dental testing and using Medi-Body Packs to rapidly clear interference fields. Revisit the principles of Vastu remediation to enhance the energetics of your office or home.

Matt Storey
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Zona Plus for Blood Pressure

You really can lower blood pressure with this device, The Zona Plus, and we still have no reports of anyone having a fatal heart attack while on Beyond Chelation Improved. Looks like a perfect combination,  but when there is a history of prior blood clots, Boluoke  should be added at least for a time. Continued

Biofilms and Lyme Disease

Summation: Biofilms of Borrelia Burgdorferi by Alan B. MacDonald, MD, May 17, 2008
1)  Biofilms of Borrelia are indispensable elements for species survival in hostile environments.
2)  Biofilms of borrelia provide protection to the microbes which live inside of the matrix.
3)  DNA of Borrelia (externalized) constitutes a portion of the borrelia biofilm matrix.
4)  Exchange of genomic material occurs between the borrelia in the biofilm.
5)  Morphologic diversity of borrelia within biofilms (cyst, granular, L form, and spiral forms) is
Biofilms has become one of the hottest topics within the Lyme communities. Doctors from all parts of the world are focusing on biofilms and how it effects treatments of chronically ill patients, as well as Lyme patients.  Pathogens and toxins we are carrying in our bodies prevent us from beginning the dissolving process.  We must begin a process to help dissolve these pathogens and toxins that are helping to keep the biofilms in place.
I have been using several things to break down the biofilms, which are residing in my body. Continued