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Lyme Disease in Children

lyme child bookBioMed Publishing Group is now offering a children’s book on Lyme disease! We all know that Lyme disease can be very devastating in children. It is also a difficult task to educate children about the disease. Now you can accomplish this! Don’t miss this beautifully illustrated, expertly written children’s book on Lyme disease, authored by a registerd nurse.

Getting this book for your child may provide an incalculable benefit if your child becomes aware of the dangers of Lyme disease and is careful when outdoors and in wooded areas. See a sample page from the book and learn more here.


Lida Mattman’s Cell Wall Bacteria Textbook

Lida Mattman Cell Wall Deficient Forms TextbookLida Mattman, Ph.D., is one of the most influential researchers in the history of modern medicine. Her 3rd Edition book, “Cell Wall Deficient Forms: Stealth Pathogens” is a must have book for all patients, researchers, and physicians in the Lyme disease commuinity and other fields of medicine.

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Learn more about the book


Stem Enhance – Breakthrough or hazardous?

StemTech Stem TechSeveral people have told me that they think Stem Enhance has helped them, and I am in no position to doubt them. If it helps you, great! However, I have come across some shocking information…read on…


Upcoming LIA Foundation Conference!

LIA FoundationDon’t miss the upcoming LIA Foundation (Lyme-Induced Autism) Foundation conference! Taking place June 26 – 29 in Indian Wells, CA, this conference will host some of the most well-known Lyme doctors in the country. Learn more:

Don’t miss it! Keep reading this blog post for the full conference schedule…

Also, don’t miss the upcoming Lyme-Autism Book.


Mercury Chelation according to Andy Cutler, Ph.D.

Andrew Hall Cutler, Ph.D.Mercury chelation is a complex topic. Most of what you read is wrong. In my opinion, there is only ONE mercury expert and he is Andy Cutler, Ph.D. Yes, my opinion only – many would disagree with me. Check out Andy’s work and decide for yourself…


Dr. Jones Continues To Fight For The Right to treat Lyme Disease

Dr JonesDr. Jones, a prominent and well respected pediatric Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD), continues to battle the state medical board for the right to treat Lyme patients.

His legal battles have been ongoing and brutal. He releases various press statements to alert his supporters of the latest progress. This blog post shares one such press statement.

Please do what you can to support Dr. Jones, who is a hero.


Virulent Lyme Strain Spreads Through US and Europe

OspC Type A Lyme ProteinA virulent and nasty strain of Lyme disease is spreading fast. Not just in the USA, but also in Europe. This strain, known as “OspC type A” Lyme disease, can also adapt to new environements and be carried in varied hosts, much more effectively and easily than other types of Lyme disease.

Finally, researchers are catching on to the severity of Lyme disease in modern times. Here is a portion of the article from WebMD:

A virulent strain of Lyme disease germ is spreading in the U.S. and in Europe a new study shows.

June 9, 2008 — A virulent strain of Lyme disease germ is spreading in the U.S. and in Europe, a new study shows.
It’s not a new strain of Borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochete bacterium that causes Lyme disease. In fact, it was one of the first strains ever identified — found in the cerebrospinal fluid of a patient with severe Lyme meningitis.
But now Wei-Gang Qiu, PhD, Benjamin Luft, MD, and colleagues find that the particularly nasty ospC type A strain appears to be the most common of the 20 or so B. burgdorferi strains found in the U.S. The spread of this virulent strain, they suggest, could be part of the reason for the increase in Lyme cases seen over the past two decades.
“OspC type A is the type most widely distributed in the U.S. — and, as others have shown, this is the most virulent strain,” Qiu, an assistant professor at New York’s Hunter College, tells WebMD. “If this is widespread, it is not good. You do not want to see this thing increase.” …
Read the full article:

Negative Ions for Healing

Negative ions are known for their healing effect. In this post, I am going to share an excerpt from an excellent book, and also a video about negative ions. I was recently asked a question on YouTube about this topic so I am responding via this blog post. Here was the question:

Hi Brian. Thanks for the post. I too have felt a tremendous benefit from the negative ions and sunshine while being at the beach. As you seem to have a lot of experience with technology related to health, what are your thoughts on negative ion generators having a similar effect on the body? I’m speaking specifically about machines designed to emit a large amount of negative ions into the air, and aren’t just air purifiers that use negative ions to attract dust and pollutants.

Truth is I don’t know the answer, but in this post I will share what I do know and also, I will ask readers to share their experiences.


Lyme Disease and the Brain

human brain lyme psychologyMost people mistakenly believe Lyme is a physical disorder not related to the central nervous system and brain. In fact, Lyme is primarily a disease of the brain! Yes, PRIMARILY. This fact needs to be more well-appreciated and widely known and accepted.