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“Better Health Guy” Scott in Germany for Biophoton treatment

Many of you know of Scott Forsgren as a very informative writer for Public Health Alert and also the Editor and Founder of Scott is battling Lyme disease and is on the forefront of research and reporting for the patient community. He is often one of the first people to try new, exotic treatments and then report back with his results. This makes him highly valuable to the Lyme community as he explores new treatments and then paves the way for the rest of us. Currently, Scott is in Germany undergoing biophoton therapy. You can keep up with his Germany treatment on his new blog.

Detox Foot Pads – Scam?

The following is an article by by Scott Forsgren of on the controversial issue of whether or not detox foot pads do what they actually claim to do, or are instead, a scam.


Turn The Corner Lyme Disease Foundation – Donations Needed


UnMask A Cure is an amazing fundraising gala hosted by the Turn the Corner Foundation on November 13th at Gotham Hall in NYC.  As many of you know,  TTC supports and funds new research into the progression, treatment and prevention of Lyme Disease. It is the Foundation’s goal to reach as many people as possible to promote public awareness regarding how prevalent Lyme Disease actually is and to work with the medical industry to provide them with the resources that they need to properly diagnose and treat this debilitating disease. Continued

Write and Publish a Lyme Disease Book

I wrote this article primarily for physicians, but anyone (advocates, patients, and caretakers) will benefit from reading it. If you would like to submit a Lyme disease book proposal to Publishing Group, do so here: Continued

2008 Rife Conference in Seattle

The 2008 Rife Conference takes place in Seattle on October 10-11, 2008, at the DoubleTree Guest Suites Hotel. This conference is just one weekend before the Lyme Disease conference in San FranciscoContinued

Recap of ILADS Lyme Conference in San Francisco

On October 17-19, 2008, ILADS and LDA had their annual conference in San Francisco. If you live on the west coast, this was a great opportunity for you since most of these conferences are on the East Coast. Read more for additional information on registration and schedule. UPDATE: See below for SUMMARY VIDEOS FROM THE CONFERENCE! Continued