Garlic for Lyme Disease

allimax, allicin, allimed, garlicOk, so I am going to talk a little about a topic everyone with Lyme has already heard a lot about – natural antibiotics for Lyme disease. Sure, pharmaceutical antibiotics have their use, but natural antibacterial substances present several important advantages:

  • Over-the-counter
  • Non-toxic
  • Typically does not contribute to candida issues
  • May also target many other infectious bacteria/viruses/organisms
  • Not synthetic – no liver and kidney side effects (typically)
  • Many more advantages

Today we are looking at garlic specifically. Keep reading…

You can see by reading my book, The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments, that I believe natural antibiotics have an important place in Lyme disease treatment. Here is an excerpt from the book which provides several of the most popular antibacterial supplements.

Natural garlic, eaten raw or in supplement form, is typically too weak to elicit real benefit in Lyme. Hence, many people give up on garlic. However, when the derivative of garlic is used, known as “allicin,” the supplement is much stronger and some people say 100 times stronger. So, Lyme sufferers may wish to give it a try. Strong herxing may result so be careful.

Here are two brands of allicin derivative that I am aware of. There may be others; these aren’t necessarily the best. If you have anything to add to these two companies, please do so here by leaving a comment below.

Alli-C by Affinity Products:

Allimed by Allimax Company:

If you use these supplements for Lyme disease, please share your results! Post them here in a comment, or participate in one of our forums:


Below is a recent post from the lyme-and-rife group in which we discussed these issues:

This is indeed a very useful topic for this discussion group. Glad it
came up. Personally I think even the strongest garlic, e.g. allicin
extract, is just a strong natural antibiotic, probably not sufficient
to cure Lyme.

However, it is critical that you do not misinterpret this statement.
While I believe that rifing is in many cases the core, or
foundational treatment for the long haul, I *also believe* that
natural antibacterial supplements like garlic, colloidal silver,
etc., are *extremely valuable* and important and sometimes even

I often talk about the “push, pull” game that can be played with rife
and antibiotics. Rife pulls, antibiotics push (metaphorically
speaking). I think both can be important. I think, like teammates,
you may need both to win the game.

Interestingly, in Pamela Weintraub’s new book, Cure Unknown ( ), she talks
about how she herself was CURED from Lyme. Interestingly she used a
strategy very similar to the rife strategy I discuss in my book Lyme
Disease and Rife Machines, but instead of a rife machine, she used
antibiotics, but only *after* the bacterial infection had completely
relapsed. So the theme here is definitely to let the bacteria come
out then hit it hard with antibiotics or rife. In my case I believe
in mostly rife but definitely “sprinkling” in antibiotics when needed.

So I think they are teammates. In fact, in Lyme Disease and Rife
Machines, I make the following statement:

“When progress with rife machines seems to be slowing…There may be a
large population of variant-form (i.e., L-form) organisms that are
not susceptible to rife treatments. Ironically, antibiotics can be
of help in this situation even though the variant-form organisms may
have been caused by excessive use of the wrong antibiotics in the
first place…limited use of appropriate variant-form antibiotics may
accelerate progress.”

In this chapter I go on to describe a way to use antibiotics that I
believe is rational, moderate, and takes maximum advantage of the
advantages of both rife and antibiotics while minimizing their

So, all this to say…I think the use of allicin can be very
valuable. Just remember the basic principles of any antibiotic, as
described in my book “The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments”:

Principle # 1
Every antibiotic has a short time frame of

Principle # 2
Breaks must be taken between courses of antibiotics

Principle # 3
Rife machine therapy is used during breaks from

Principle # 4
A new and different antibiotic should be used for
each round of treatment

Principle # 5
Various adjunctive therapies can increase the
effectiveness of antibiotics

Principle # 6
Antibiotic use must be spread out over a long period
of time

Along these lines, I think, antibiotic use can be excellent. The
problems arise when the antibiotics are used NOT according to these

I’d love to keep hearing from people who have used garlic/allicin

Bryan Rosner

— In, “amymac2004″ <amymac2004@…>
> Bryan- My doctor (a very reputable,published LLMD psychiatrist)
> she only has 2 long term patients that claim to be cured from lyme
> they both take allicin (amongst many other protocols). I wonder if
> it’s keeping them in cyst form? Since it is so strong? wondering
> thought on this?
> We should rife those two people and see what happens!!…
> Amy
> — In, “theskyking123″ <TheSkyKing@>
> wrote:
> >
> > Garlic is indeed a very strong, natural, valuable, cheap
> antibacterial.
> > It is very useful. It is not however, a cure – never has been,
> > will be. And it absolutely does not eradicate many or most cysts
> > vivo. These are long standing facts.
> >
> > Bryan
> >


  • Cathy


    Thank you for your blog and info regarding Allimed, stable allicin for Lyme.
    We are currently helping others with Lyme, MRSA, C-Diff and other resistant infections.
    All of the people we help are using Allimed. I am a naturopathic therapist and provide support and Allimed products far below the retail price.
    Many of our clients need to use larger amounts of Allimed and would not be able to afford the retail price.
    As you will see by out website our own family survived a vicious attack of MRSA using Allimed.
    Feel free to email us if you know of anyone who would like our help.
    Thank you, Cathy

  • Danielle


    Would KYOLIC- AGED GARLIC EXTRACT liquid work as well as the allicin garlic?


  • Joe

    I was having knee pain and did not know why. One night I ate 15-20 green olives filled with garlic and few days later I started to have neurologic symptoms like paralysis, leg, arm weakness, pins and kneedles, tingling. It started to come down in 4 weeks. In between, I ate some food that had 10-15 baked garlic cloves in it. It increased my symptoms too. Meanwhile my knee pain dissapeared. After being almost symptom free for a week, I started antibiotics (knee pain was back by then) and i had similar but lesser herxheimer reaction. I believe excessive garlic intake caused me have my first severe herxheimer.

  • LuLu

    I am taking Dr. Zhang’s (NYC LYMES Clinic) protocol, which includes the Allicin. It is SO powerful that I had to start with 2 in am and have just now after 6 1/2 months on the protocol been able to go up to the full 2- 3 capsules, 3 times daily! (If over 150 lbs take 3). My results have been nothing short of amazing!!! After 1/8th of a capsule of Artemesia (which you start with) you KNOW you are on the right stuff! You basically have to lie down…from the die-off! Symptoms have dropped off almost weekly! I had Lymes for 40 years!!! so I had many of them! The Allicin is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and kill the Lymes in the brain. You feel a bit of pressure in the head & neck after a dose. But overall-feeling SO MUCH better! Every few weeks, I experience a round of feeling sick then better! My kids are on it too and are improving! Dr. Zhang is a God-send. He doesn’t even charge for phone consultations! I call him approx every 2 weeks. I only pay for the meds, which are verified to be almost pure…and way above the standards! This info was obtained by a second source-another top-notch Lyme specialist, Dr. James Schaller, who told me personally that Dr. Zhang met with him and personally went over all the customs paperwork and lab assays that verify purity. Dr. Schaller treats many celebrities and charges approx $1000/ 30 min phone consultation! Dr. Zhang ‘s book is avail on for less than $20-and has the protocol in there! Once you buy-the consultations are free. Just pay for meds. They are typically $34/bottle. I am absolutely convinced that this is the cure. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends Dr. Zhang as well. See the website, That is where you order meds too. Trying to spread the word about this effective treatment. P.S. You are right…no YEAST issues! And we no longer have to follow gluten-free or dairy-free diets! We eat everything now!!! P.S.S. The Allicin does stink like garlic-badly! I try to stay home alot. If I know I have to go out-I skip the Allicin and take Coptis instead. Works well too-but takes longer than the Allicin. I am anxious to get completely over this-so I just try to take the Allicin, and stink at home! Ha,ha! If the protocol fails, there is a secondary & even a third protocol….Blessings to you all! It is a rough road!

  • Bryan Rosner

    Wow, thank you for the great report, LuLu!

  • Jared

    Brian, thanks for all your insight on lymes disease. I’ve had lymes for about four years now and, like many other Lyme succeeded, went from dr. To dr. Who told me I was depressed, autistic, etc.

    I recently discover garlic as a remedy in my search to be healthy again and I fumbled across this article the other day: // basically, one of Greg Lee’s patients used this method of putting garlic on the bottom of your feet before bed. It releases the allicin into your skin, and your body takes care of the rest. From what I understand, our feet are very sensitive and can absorb substances. Well, it sounded like a really stupid method, but in my search for a cure, I honestly didn’t care. So, I tried it last night. To my surprise, I had a really bad herx reaction during the night, but my brain fog cleared beyond what I imagined by morning. I do still have some head pressure and neck stiffness, but I feel much better!! And the good news is, I don’t smell like garlic!!!! Only my room does a little haha!

    Anyway, thanks for the garlic tip! And maybe this method might help others who don’t want to be anti-social all day (for garlic reasons of course). Now I just have to buy my rife machine, replenish my artemisinin and salt/c and I’ll be good! Thanks for taking your time to help us lymies out :)

  • Seraphinaw

    I am very curious about trying the right form of garlic.  In the past we have eaten raw garlic, but not the capsules.  My husband and I have had Lymes disease for several years, and like many, the MD’s have said that there were no test results that had any answers, like we were just imagining this illness. He ended up doing a lot of research online and the Lymes came up and fit the symptoms we’ve had.  We finally took the CD 57 test and the results were very low which told us that our bodies are affected with this disease which lower the white blood cell count.  He is now on antibiotics in order to just hold down a job, which we’d rather not do if there any other answers out there.  So I’m thinking we will look into taking the right form of garlic and give that a try.  It is very frustrating and scary to think about not being able to ever recover from it.

  • Louise

    In my opinion you are very right to use allimed for Lyme. I used it exclusively. I suffered for six years in Canada, where you can’t get help. My father, my husband and I decided we had to do it on our own. I took 6 capsules a day for 4 months and I went through very difficult herx. I was bed ridden . I took me a while to recover, but I did. I thought I would not get better. I’m feeling great now. I can hardly believe it. This product isn’t just garlic like in many other products . You should research exactly what it is and for what it has been used. There is also much research that has been done on allicin. To understand how it works you have to understand the nature of allicin. Each capsule of Allimed contains the equivalent of allicin in 100 cloves of garlic. You have a difficult road ahead, but this works!

  • Leda11

    I am looking to buy Allimed a cheap as possible for reoccuring sinus infections.  I am on a limited budget.  Where are you located?  What is your website address?
    My email is

  • gringodog

    It seems from what the German Scientist/ Dr J Budwig recommended was the omega 3 and sulphur amino acids ..thus the garlics allicin protected by these oils because the allicin is not stable going down the stomach and in conjunction with sunlight + Vit D3/  w/o fail.
       I have heard to get garlic grown in China where there is a higher concentrate of sulphur in the soils. But that is relative I suppose to where in China? as in this country it would be around the volcano lands. Problem is ..most people can’t do anything consistently. Nor does most garlic have the proper soil micro elements to make it valid for use that goes for  even organic garlic
    Crushed garlic/red onion + manuka honey + Omega 3-6-9.+ sunlight may save some people without great expense

  • Sarita Premley

    Hi, Just wanted to say that these principles not apply with allicin. Bacteria do not built up resistance to it like they do with conventional antibiotics. It is important that allicin treatment is long term when dealing with Lymes. And the product to take is AllicinMax, which is patented and unique in its potency.

    ‘Allicin disrupts the cell membrane biosynthesis – this means that it disrupts the system that is responsible for replication of the cell. It does this by inhibiting DNA polymerases and RNA synthesis.

    When antibiotics are used against specific bacteria they tend to target one metabolic pathway, if the bacteria cannot ignore the destroyed pathway then the cell is killed. However, sometimes the bacteria can adapt – mutate – by using or developing an alternative pathway, and become resistant to the antibiotic’s effect.

    Allicin destroys a large part of the bacteria, not just one pathway. The bacteria cannot adjust to this sort of destruction and so cannot become resistant to allicin in the way they can develop resistance to antibiotics.’

    (Information taken from quoted on

  • Bryan Rosner


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  • David Harrell

    In other bacteria at least (in vitro) allcin also disrupts communication between biofilm or potential biofilm members 

    “The garlic extract used in this study contained very low amounts of toxic compounds (such as allicin). ..,Treatment of in vitro biofilms with this extract was found to dramatically reduce the tolerance of the bacteria to the antibiotic tobramycin …. An effective approach for interfering with biofilm tolerance to antibiotic treatments and for attenuating the virulence….

    The administration of such drugs is expected not only to lead to the development of less persistent biofilms but also to inhibit the expression of bacterial virulence determinants that actively degrade components of the defence system

    However, in order to achieve the garlic-extract dose used for the treatment of the infectious mouse model, an 80 kg person would have to ingest 50 whole bulbs of garlic every day!” [if using garlic alone]

  • David Harrell

    Ironically, I have found the nonorganic garlic to be stronger than organic at my local stores. (stronger by taste and “burn” (from sulfur compounds) as well as effect.

  • Sarita Premley

    Thanks David, that’s interesting. AllicinMax, which is the product I recommend to Lymes friends (and take myself for various things), is water-extracted allicin via a method patented by a British scientist, and one capsule is the equivalent of 35 cloves of garlic. You can take up to 12 a day, so very high doses of allicin are quite achievable.

    AllicinMax has been shown to kill MRSA (antibiotic resistant Staph), viruses and many other things. I recently cleared a tooth abscess in 24 hours with it.

    It also knocks budding colds, flu etc on the head. (And no I’m not remotedly connected to the company!)

    ~ Just seen references to Allimed in other comments – this is made by the same company – from memory Allimed is available to practitioners (and is stronger?) and Allicin Max is the product which is readily available to the public, eg in Boots the Chemist here in the UK.

    I want to emphasise that these products are a world away from regular garlic products in the shops, which when tested have very little actual allicin in them.
    Their high level of allicin is unique and is what makes them so potent.

  • Phantom Of the Opera

    I have Lyme disease and would love to order some allimax at a cheaper price if possible.