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Guest Blog post – FIR Saunas

This is a guest blog post from one of our sponsors, Heavenly Heat Sauna. Some great information!



Body heating has been used for centuries for pain and stiffness, body purification, relaxation, rejuvenation, and more recently, as a holistic, adjunctive modality for treating autism, cancer and Lyme disease. Saunas can be powerfully effective by increasing blood flow, raising body temperature, and inducing profuse sweating to excrete toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

A good far-infrared (FIR) sauna can increase blood flow and induce sweating more profoundly than in a considerably hotter traditional sauna. This occurs due to the greater speed with which infrared energy – a light wave, warms the body as compared to hot air. This, by the way, has nothing to do with any “special wavelengths” that some promoters falsely claim make their saunas uniquely more effective than others.

There are two factors in sauna designs that really matter for efficacy. The first is to create optimal infrared exposure levels, and the second is to construct the sauna to create a most healthful detoxification environment.

Effective IR levels are achieved by using ceramic heaters rather than carbon or near-infrared bulbs. Carbons are typically made of covered plastic and are weak, making these saunas effective only at higher temperatures. NIR is absorbed by the body in a less concentrated manner than FIR and this makes it less effective for detoxification, and it may create optical risks if it’s not positioned properly.

Heavenly Heat creates ideal sauna detox environments. Each sauna is built entirely with low-allergen white poplar wood and tempered safety glass, without the use of plywood, laminates, or any wood glue. A constant air-change is built into each model.

FIR can enhance and accelerate the sauna detox process, and can be highly beneficial but only if the sauna is designed and built properly. That is a big “if” as the marketplace is flooded with Asian imports that are built improperly for a detox environment with strong adhesives and plastic heaters.

Heavenly Heat’s saunas can be viewed at and brochures with pricing and specifications can be requested at or by calling 800-697-2862.

Bryan Rosner entering Mr. Universe competition

IMG_1377Am I posting this picture of myself because I think I can enter a Mr. Universe contest (not!) or because I am trying to teach you something about staying healthy when you are recovering from Lyme disease, especially during the holiday season? Subscribe to my Anti-Lyme Journal to find out! Learn more by clicking here…

FREE CHAPTER from my new book! (From Bryan Rosner)

Hello everyone,

Here’s a FREE CHAPTER from my new Lyme disease book. Enjoy!


GUEST BLOG: My Life in the Lyme Light

My Life in the Lyme Light                  

A city girl from Denver learns the source of her chronic suffering…

and discovers that Lyme disease can strike anywhere

By Linda Warner, guest blogger

Let me start by saying that I am an overcomer of many things.   I grew up in a very abusive alcoholic home, where my parents struggled to put food on the table.  I left my home at 16 to enter an abusive relationship with my daughter’s father.  I stayed in the relationship far too long, but knew it was not what God’s plan was for me.  I put myself through school, even going on to get an MBA.  I ended that relationship.  But nothing has been more draining to overcome the Diagnosis of LYME.    I know that God has given me the strength and the tools to overcome anything.

I am not sure when I got bitten by a tick. I experienced no bulls eye rash. What I did experience, seemingly from out of the blue, was bone-deep achiness and endless fatigue and anxiety.   Psychiatrists diagnosed me with everything from PTSD to BiPolar.

As a single parent, marathoner and hard driving, middle-aged sales rep for a major global pharmaceutical company, I told myself this was normal. After all, my work had me in and out of doctors’ waiting rooms all day long — of course I would be prone to picking up whatever the patients were bringing in. Plus, wasn’t this what all “women of a certain age” go through?

One fall day in 1989, driving to a sales call, I literally fell asleep at the wheel. I awoke after colliding with a tow truck. While the truck driver was fine, I suffered a back injury and my body ached worse than ever.

The accident really scared me and served as a virtual “wake up” call to get help.  Surrounded by doctors at my job, I had easy access to a wealth of professional advice and diagnoses. And everybody pretty much said the same thing: It was all stress and anxiety.


Thus began a cycle that always began with a deep pressure behind my eyeballs. I’d visit my doctor, who would diagnose a sinus infection – never mind that my nasal passages were absolutely clear. Within a few days on antibiotics, the pressure would lift and I would feel better. But soon the symptoms would reappear, and the cycle would begin again.

And that’s the way it was day after day. It was like that tow truck kept hitting me again and again. I popped antibiotics and antidepressants like candy. They were my lifeline, lifting the pain and anxiety and weariness just enough to keep me going.

In 2005, attracted to Colorado’s sunshine and clean air, I moved my family to Denver. After a short hiatus, I took a new job. I was still calling on doctors, but this time they were integrative and holistic, using many different kinds of nontraditional therapies. It was here that I learned about neurotransmitter testing.

As a pharmaceutical rep, I already knew that neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that act as messengers in the body, and that they are required for proper brain and body functions. From these new integrative physicians, I learned that since physical and psychological challenges can cause variations in neurotransmitter levels, it’s helpful to measure them.

Holding out little hope, I agreed to neurotransmitter testing. My results came back high for inflammation, glutamate and GABA. As a result, my doctor urged that I start an anti-inflammatory diet, which I expected…but I never expected she’d also recommend additional testing for Lyme.  After all, that’s something campers in Wisconsin get, right? I spend most of my time in my car in Colorado!

Needless to say, I was skeptical. But I was also sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I agreed to what my doctor called a “one-two punch”: traditional Western Blot testing, which detects Lyme antibodies, plus a new test called iSpot Lyme, which measures Lyme antigen-specific T cells. By testing for both antibodies and T cells, she told me, there would be a better chance of finding where Lyme might hide. (Full disclosure: iSpot Lyme was developed by a lab affiliated with my employer.)

 My results: I was definitely positive for Lyme, with my iSpot Lyme test showing over five times the limit for a positive diagnosis. Under my doctor’s care, I immediately began aggressive, targeted treatment. I have been through many courses of Antibiotics, and other medications and herbs to address the inflammation, biofilms, candida parasites and co-infections.  I have recently been adding frequency treatments.

Recently, I was retested. Although the Lyme bacteria are still present, they are now at much lower levels. Better yet, the deep achiness and fatigue have subsided and I am nearly off my medications. I am beginning to get my life back. I enjoy spending time with my teen children and grandbaby.

I am learning to support my immune system and pray I can find full remission of this dreadful disease.

Where did a city girl from Denver get Lyme? It’s hard to say, but as I trace back my symptoms, I recall they started shortly after a business trip to Tennessee. After three weeks of sales training, I unwound with a leisurely bike ride through a cool, deep forest. Who knew that what should have been a relaxing end to a long business trip would be the beginning of a quarter-century search for the source of my pain?

Through this journey, I have become a passionate advocate for Lyme disease testing.  It’s a common misconception that if you don’t live in New England or the Upper Midwest, you can’t get Lyme. Today, everyone is so mobile that even if you are fortunate enough to live in a place with few ticks, you probably still visit places that do. And all it takes is a single bite from a critter smaller than a poppy seed.

Lyme mimics symptoms of other diseases, so it’s hard to pin down. Like me, if you don’t get the famous bulls eye rash, most doctors won’t diagnose it. And, like me, if you’re diagnosed incorrectly, it can lead to years of suffering.  The symptoms that proved most bothersome for me were gut wrenching anxiety, fatigue , brain fog and achyness

The best way to be sure is to get tested. It can give you peace of mind knowing whether you are positive or not …wherever you call home.


Biofilm Treatments for Lyme

Watch the video:

Combating Biofilms Book – By James Schaller, MD – Just Released April, 2014!

Dr. James Schaller’s new book is now here! Get your copy of Combating Biofilms book today!


Click here to buy your copy for $29.95

Who Has Biofilm Infections?

When you learn about the massive diversity of locations and situations in which biofilms are common and consider that that are often the routine state of bacteria and fungal organisms, you start to realize anyone may have a biofilm infection or infections.

What Are We Looking For in This Book?

The following material will show many ways to break through the “egg white,” or biofilm. Once that happens, it is usually much easier to destroy the infection represented by the egg yolk or yellow center.

Biofilms Are a Leading Cause of Suffering and Death

Biofilm Body Locations and Situations

• An infection lasting over 2 weeks

• The leading cause of death in children under 6 years of age

• Dental plaque—the human mouth harbors about 25,000 species of bacteria, about 1,000 of which reside in the dental plaque biofilm.

• Yeast infections

• Postsurgical infections

• Cancer

• Bad breath

• Gum disease or periodontitis*

• Tooth decay

• Lung infections

• Urinary system infections

• Oral bacteria—can harm heart arteries and cause death and increase intestinal cancers

• Chronic ear infections

• Sinus infections**

• Chronic tonsillitis

• Wounds

• Tooth brush heads — including sonic moving head styles

Catheters to allow urine removal

• Artificial knees, hips, and other replacements

• Heart valve infections

• Lesions or sores

• Lyme disease

• IV catheters of any type

• Urinary catheters

• Contact lenses

• Implanted devices—any implanted or inserted device can send bacteria to the brain, liver or kidneys.

• Chronic prostate infections

• Legionnaire’s disease and many other biotoxin bacteria that explode in any indoor water

• Mold illnesses—which can arise from mold build up in any standing indoor water, i.e., flooding, roof, basement or window leaks, humidifiers, unused Waterpik™ or other tooth cleaning devices, condensation in AC ducts, etc.

• Cystic fibrosis—excess mucus production in the airways allows bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosa to beat bacteria killers behind a biofilm coat.

• Lost body parts

• Skin, hair or nail infections

• Arthritis

• Endocarditis

• Bone infections

• Acne

Many other things could be added to the list, including profoundly serious issues of biofilm contamination in water and dozens of other health-related and manufacturing practices.

*Doctor David Kennedy, a retired dentist, lamented that most adult Americans have gum disease—another bacterial biofilm condition involving chronic infection. So just how widespread is this stealthy healthcare epidemic?

**At Ondine Biopharma, an interview [with Richard Longland] revealed that 38,000,000 people in this country have (or had) a chronic sinus problem.

***Ricardo Murga; Terri S. Forster. Role of biofilms in the survival of Legionella pneumophila in a model potable-water system. Microbiology (2001), 147, 3121–3126.

 A Medical Revolution

The theory of biofilm infection is a profound revolution in the study of infections which can be painful, disabling and in fact, are a top killer depending on one’s age. Infections are starting to return us to the days when people died of simple infections. The new biofilm infection world could kill more people than WWI and WWII combined if things do not quickly change in both developed and undeveloped nations. Due to a slow understanding of the importance of biofilms and therefore, a slow adoption by physicians of new biofilm solutions, even cutting edge doctors might only take biofilms seriously when it has been proven that more people are becoming disabled and die due to them. Currently, most miss biofilms as the cause of suffering and death.

So, biofilms without solutions are as serious as polio in the 19th century without a vaccine, and in terms of numbers of victims, they are far more devastating than HIV/AIDS. Most bacteria live in communities that typically have unique protective biofilms. 1% of bacteria infecting humans or impacting human life are floating alone and when they are found in blood, they would not be found together with any biofilm slime. The National Institutes of Health estimates that more than 80% of microbial infections in the human body are caused by biofilm, many of them creating chronic and reoccurring problems. Or, is Glowacki right and 99% of bacteria live in a biofilm? Whether you use NIH’s 80% or Glowacki’s 99% as the estimate, biofilms are a serious consideration in infections. Głowacki R, Strek P, Zagórska-Swiezy K, Składzień J, Oleś K, Hydzik-Sobocińska K,Miodoński A. [Biofilm from patients with chronic rhinosinusitis. Morphological SEM studies].[Article in Polish]. Otolaryngol Pol. 2008;62(3):305-10.

 Making Biofilms Clear

Making “Biofilms” Clear A biofilm is like a dime in the center of a pool of olive oil, and on the outer edge of the oil is pepper representing infection killing cells. They cannot move in to destroy the dime. Biofilm bacteria communities are the usual state of most human infections. We have been taught that infections are isolated bacteria floating around and this is a serious error. It shows how far we need to go in science if the main form of bacteria— biofilm bacteria communities—is a new, but crucial, concept. When I made a list in 2004 of twenty-five options to kill biofilms, there wasn’t much interest. The goal in writing and publishing this book is to make an affordable research- based set of options along with other possible options, to present a pure book of solutions offering the newest possible current and up to date solutions for the hundreds of diseases associated with biofilms. The barrier of a biological film can be utterly impossible to remove or penetrate with the routine options used by physicians, infection specialists, naturopaths, alternative medicine schools, essential oil practitioners, acupuncturists, nurse practitioners or herbalists.

With this book we hope to serve you and your physician/healer by the exploration of options available now. We searched the past five years of publications on PubMed—the massive database for medical science— for “biofilm treatment.” The range of options is impressive and not always things you might expect. This book is meant to give you broad options to prevent your suffering, disability and even death. After years of research and study, I have come to realize that the infectious disease “experts” on biofilm may have long since lost the war, and in fact, many may not ever have been aware of all the battles. Patients and researchers were learning basic things about infections in 2012 and 2013 which shatter trust in infection specialists.

Most people, and infectious disease doctors themselves believe that an infection physician knows all infections. Much of their work is related to HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis, strong pneumonia, the antibiotic resistant staph infection MRSA, sepsis [bacteria in the blood], post surgical infections, Flu, Meningitis, Rotavirus, Streptococcus, Clostridium difficile (caused in part by lack of knowledge of the benefits of high quality probiotics), infections of various body part implants, and a finite number of other serious infections. Many of these are very hard to treat, such as AIDS, which requires the care of someone trained in very advanced medical science.

The point is, however, that infection physicians do not usually have the time to research all the options to handle biofilms because even to become an infection “expert” on just one infection, it takes about a year to read all the applicable articles, ponder, and see how they may apply to many people. Therefore, our goal is to advance this area involving all healers and millions of patients. Most traditional healers are limited by the options of pharmaceutical companies. I have appreciated receiving small grants awarded by some of these companies in the past. They have given me grants knowing the resulting information published was outside their control. It is not true that all synthetic medications are bad, however, some can be dangerous to use and some can be far worse options than those used in functional medicine or by integrative physicians.

On the other hand, the situation could be better if the education on effective dosing, delivery flexibility and risks of many alternative treatments, herbs, etc. were better. Starting with hospitals and traditional medicine, the current approach of removing biofilms using another antibiotic or other patented synthetic agent will fail today or next year in many or some cases. Profoundly unique agents that block signals between the bacteria involved in making the biofilm “fort,” or the use of virus carriers to attack some part of the biofilm, will likely be introduced soon, along with dozens of other advanced options. Much to our detriment, we do not have them now. The FDA approval hurdle is massive and takes many years.

The current treatments offered in integrative, alternative or functional medicine are often too simplistic, but some useful ones you may see are available today. At the other extreme, routine allopathic MD medicine seems to feel that only prestigious schools have solutions right now from multi-million dollar studies—they do not. Even some patients with biofilm infections who are very sick or dying in many traditional hospitals or under routine medical care are frankly “left by the side of the road” to suffer, become disabled or die. Alternative or functional medicine options often result from very poor reasoning based on limited information. The most common trouble might be that treatment “d” or “e” or a mix of treatments “abcdefghijklm” helps Tom or Ann, so they are excited. They have found gold in the backyard, and in their sincere joy, they post this information. When research assistants follow up with these patients in one to three years, they are typically worse. Smart physicians and other healers of any philosophy or training do not appreciate that destroying pathological biofilms is like trying to open a steel door using a banana as the key to a two ton lock.

The limited treatment and supposed cures of many physicians and healers trying to remove biofilms did not take place when checked by long term follow up.

New Details on Groundbreaking Book by Dr. Richard Horowitz

Why Can't I Get Better By Richard Horowitz

I am getting exclusive new details on the release of Dr. Horowitz new Lyme disease book. The release date is slated for Sept 3, 2013, and the title is now looking firm as:

Why Can’t I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease

Click on the above link for all the new details, including his speaking schedule for 2013, a detailed description of the book, and more! On the page, you can also sign up to be notified of this book’s release.

Why Can’t I Get Better By Richard Horowitz


Amazon discounting new Lyme book with free shipping!

Hurry! If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy Nicola’s new Lyme Disease book, now might be that time: Amazon is currently discounting it to $26.37 with free shipping.

Q & A with Dr. Cowden

Damaged Rife Handbook available & recent Lyme conference notes

If you have been thinking about picking up Nenah Sylver’s 2011 Rife handbook, which retails for $112.50 and is about $122.50 including shipping, I have a slightly damaged, brand new copy available that I’ll sell for $65 which includes shipping. The spine has a dent in it but the book is completely usable. If interested contact me at bmpublish [at] One copy, so first come, first served.

And just so those of you who aren’t interested in this book don’t feel like they are wasting their time reading this, here is a very good summary of a recent Lyme conference. Enjoy.

Newsletter or Book? Survey from Bryan Rosner

Note: if you are reading this in your email, it won’t display properly. Please click here to read.

Please take my short survey below.

I’ve finally reached a tipping point: I believe I have enough new information to justify a new book. It may be 2 years before a book actually happens, but there is so much new information that I feel it is my responsibility to share with readers.

I do have a question, though: I’m considering publishing a quarterly newsletter instead of a book. Which would you prefer? A newsletter or a book? The newsletter would be priced similarly to a book, perhaps $30-$40 per year. The advantage of a newsletter is that it would be updated continuosly as opposed to a static book.

Please take my short survey below:

MMS book and DVD priced below cost

Hi everyone,

With all this talk of MMS, I thought I’d give everyone the chance to pick up the MMS book and MMS DVD at prices lower than what I paid for them. I have some inventory sitting here and it needs to move. So, for $25, you can have both the book and DVD. You can see on the below links that these items sell at retail
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I’ve seen the MMS DVD and it is very interesting, and the book is pretty good too.


PS – I only have 12 sets left, so its first come, first served.

Happy 4th!

Updated link for ebook mentioned in last post

Some have said the link to the free academic ebook didn’t work. Here’s a new link.

In order to get the free PDF, you have to sign up for an account, but it is free and easy, I tested it. Very good e-book, must read.

Buy 1 Lyme book, get another FREE

Special promotion. When you buy any one of these Lyme books, you can get another of your choice for free:

The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments
Lyme Disease & Rife Machines
Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment

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Summary of recent Lyme conference + new book makes SF Chronicle

Connie Strasheim took EXCELLENT notes at the Klinghardt conference last weekend: scroll about half way down the page for the post. Don’t miss:

Also, if you are interested in our new cancer book, please note it has made it into the San Francisco Chronicle. If you visit the story, you can comment, share, and tweet it to help the story make it onto “most read” lists. Thanks!

Discounted Lyme book

If you do not yet own a copy of Connie Strasheim’s new book that interviews 13 Lyme doctors, now would be a good time to pick up a copy – Amazon has discounted it all the way down to $27, and you get free shipping too!

Video: Lyme Cookbook comments from Bryan Rosner

Learn more about the book:
$24.95, 285 Pages


Two new books published…

The Silent Saboteurs, by William Nordquist and David Krutchkoff:

Healing Chronic Illness – By His Spirit, Through His Resources, by Connie Strasheim:


Link Correction – Arizona Lyme group discussing Lyme Book

In the previous blog post, I gave a link which was changed / removed a couple hours after I posted it. Here is another link with the details on the book discussion. Scroll to the very bottom of the page.

Do you know about great cancer doctor(s)? Please share!

Please contact me if you are aware of or have had personal experience with any outstanding cancer doctors or clinics. I am in the preliminary research of possibly publishing a cancer book.


Bryan Rosner


Connie’s Interview

The email went out too late; if you weren’t able to listen to Connie’s Radio interview, you can do so here in an archived, recorded version:–what-it

Free information from new Lyme testing laboratory

A few days ago I reported on a cutting edge new Lyme / Co-infection testing laboratory. In a sponsorship agreement with, you can now receive free information from this laboratory via the contact method of your choice (email, phone, or snail mail). Just fill out this easy, free form:

Works in Progress

Some other projects I’ve been working on lately. Please note: some are off-topic, do not click here unless you want to waste some time browsing :-)

New Lyme Diet book by Nicola McFadzean, ND

We at created a page to announce the release of a new book on Lyme diet by a naturopathic physician, Dr. Nicola McFadzean, ND. Visit this page to see the cover and some release details. Stay tuned.


Purest Colloids Introduces MesoSilica


Purest Colloids is one of the most important, high-quality sources for colloidal silver, which many lyme sufferers benefit from (read more in my books at Now, Purest Colloids has introduced a new product:

Westampton, NJ (PRWEB) June 29, 2009 — New Jersey based, Purest Colloids, Inc., manufacturers of the world famous MesoSilver ®, introduces their newest product, MesoSilica®. MesoSilica is colloidal silica, 600 ppm (parts per million) with an average particle size of 6 nm (nanometers). Silica is an essential element in the body, especially in the bones as well as the connective tissue of the heart and blood vessels. Silica is necessary for healthy skin, cartilage, and tendons as well.

Julie Anderson, ARNP, latest newsletter

Many of you know I think highly of Julie Anderson, ARNP. She has been the best health care provider I’ve worked with – flexible, intellegent, and accomodating. Here is her latest newsletter. You can learn more about her Seattle practice here –


Mcrobes, Toxins, and Unresolved Emotional Conflicts: A Unifying Theory

Public Health Alert just published the latest article from editor and founder Scott Forsgren.  The article is an interview with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD.  The piece is titled “Mcrobes, Toxins, and Unresolved Emotional Conflicts: A Unifying Theory”. 

The article can be found here.

News from Bryan Rosner

SPECIAL NEWS REPORT BY BRYAN ROSNER: For those readers who do not know, there is currently a controversy raging about whether or not chronic Lyme disease is a real medical condition. There is no question that acute Lyme disease is real. But heated debate enshrouds the endpoint of a Lyme disease infection. The question hinges on whether or not a standard, 10 day course of antibiotics can cure each and every case of the disease. Do lingering symptoms after treatment count as an ongoing infection, or something else – some remnant of the disease? Thousands of patients still experience symptoms after treatment. Thousands of sick people and their doctors believe in chronic Lyme disease; they have seen it, felt it, lived it. Researchers have observed it under the microscope. Hundreds of scientific studies prove the existence of chronic Lyme disease. But establishment medicine continues to deny this reality. Currently, the legal environment for Lyme-treating physicians is hostile, and physicians who prescribe long-term antibiotics for their sick patients face reprimand or even loss of their medical license. Continued

IDSA vs ILADS – Honesty or Trickery?

We all know that the IDSA has an irrational bent against the ILADS Lyme disease treatment guidelines. So, after the Connecticut Attorney General suied IDSA and required them to review their guidelines (which state that chronic Lyme disease is not a real medical condition), we’ve all been left wondering… will IDSA really give the guidelines an honest look, or will they just jump through the hoops to get millions of sick people off their back? You decide… Continued

BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy

BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy

The BioMed Publishing Group Information Independence Policy is now the primary guideline which we follow in regards to discussion of rife machines with our audience and readership, as well as future publications relating to the topic of rife machines. The policy also addresses medical advice in general, and advertising programs involving rife machine manufacturers or resellers.

For the purpose of this document, “BioMed Publishing Group” and “we” refers to Bryan Rosner and any other agents acting on behalf of Bryan Rosner or BioMed Publishing Group. Continued

Lyme World in Transition

If there is any doubt that the Lyme Disease world is in transition, this should make it absolutely clear. These two news items are lightyears apart yet sat right next to each other on my Google Lyme Disease News Alert that came by email today. Continued

Florida “Lifelyme” group’s Lyme Disease Newsletter

This is a pretty interesting newsletter from the Florida Lifelyme support / advocacy group, thought I would share it here.


Under Our Skin media coverage

Nov 5, 2008

I have compiled a listing of many of the major network stations that have done stories on Lyme disease and the new Lyme disease film, “Under Our Skin.” These videos are only about 1 to 2 minutes each, so watching them all is just about 15 minutes. Continued

The Lyme Community loses a Hero – Leslie Wermers

Leslie Wermers Minnesota Lyme Fighters Advocacy Support GroupLeslie (along with her sister Tracie) is a hero who founded the Minnesota Lyme Fighters Advocacy Group. After Leslie passed away a few days ago I feel compelled to share some information about her amazing life. The best way to learn about her tremendous impact is by looking at this page, with a few videos of Leslie.

Here are my personal thoughts on Leslie’s passing: This loss is so tragic, it has been keeping me up at night. I met Leslie just days before her death at the 2008 ILADS conference. Her spirit touched me even then.

Leslie and Tracie (Leslie’s sister) are awesome. They are the brightest and truest spirits in the Lyme community that I have ever met. When I first met Tracie and Leslie, I kept waiting for their first-impression angelic qualities to wear off into real life relationship that comes when you actually “know someone well.” But the better I got to know them, the more conversations I had, and the more their true character was revealed……the clearer it became that no – this was not just a first impression and no, this was not just a “show” – this was who they truly were, out there on the front lines, staying up late to help people, spending hours on the phone with desperate patients. Their behavior should be a model for all of us.

In my line of work I get phone calls from way too many people but whenever Leslie would call me, my face would light up and it would be as if time would stand still. I could just tell that there were no pretenses, just caring affection and the desire to help.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you Leslie and we will never forget your kindness, passion and spirit which reached across thousands of miles as if it were next door. -Bryan Rosner

Bryan Rosner Tracie Schissel
Me (Bryan, Left) with Tracie Schissel at 2008 ILADS Conf.

Me (Bryan, Right) with Leslie Wermers at 2008 ILADS Conf.


Turn The Corner Lyme Disease Foundation – Donations Needed


UnMask A Cure is an amazing fundraising gala hosted by the Turn the Corner Foundation on November 13th at Gotham Hall in NYC.  As many of you know,  TTC supports and funds new research into the progression, treatment and prevention of Lyme Disease. It is the Foundation’s goal to reach as many people as possible to promote public awareness regarding how prevalent Lyme Disease actually is and to work with the medical industry to provide them with the resources that they need to properly diagnose and treat this debilitating disease. Continued

Write and Publish a Lyme Disease Book

I wrote this article primarily for physicians, but anyone (advocates, patients, and caretakers) will benefit from reading it. If you would like to submit a Lyme disease book proposal to Publishing Group, do so here: Continued

Cure Unknown by Pamela Weintraub NEW BOOK

Cure UnknownThis new book by Pamela Weintraub really is excellent. I do not feel it duplicates any of the other information available in other Lyme disease books, so it is a must-read. Click here to order it. Keep reading to view the foreword for the book written by Hillary Johnson. Or, learn more about the book and read other excerpts here.


Used Lyme Books

I have 13 copies of “The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments” that are
slightly used. They are selling for $14 on amazon. Only 13 copies.


Lyme Disease on CNN

CNN Lyme StoryToday Lyme disease appeared as the top story on! This has happened several other times in the past; once for a general Lyme story on CNN and once when President Bush was diagnosed with Lyme diesase. The importance of this time, however, was that the CNN article presented what I consider to be a progressive, accurate, and cutting edge view of Lyme disease; not the antiquated views that CNN has presented in the past. In this way, this was a breakthrogh event.

Lyme Disease in Children

lyme child bookBioMed Publishing Group is now offering a children’s book on Lyme disease! We all know that Lyme disease can be very devastating in children. It is also a difficult task to educate children about the disease. Now you can accomplish this! Don’t miss this beautifully illustrated, expertly written children’s book on Lyme disease, authored by a registerd nurse.

Getting this book for your child may provide an incalculable benefit if your child becomes aware of the dangers of Lyme disease and is careful when outdoors and in wooded areas. See a sample page from the book and learn more here.


Virulent Lyme Strain Spreads Through US and Europe

OspC Type A Lyme ProteinA virulent and nasty strain of Lyme disease is spreading fast. Not just in the USA, but also in Europe. This strain, known as “OspC type A” Lyme disease, can also adapt to new environements and be carried in varied hosts, much more effectively and easily than other types of Lyme disease.

Finally, researchers are catching on to the severity of Lyme disease in modern times. Here is a portion of the article from WebMD:

A virulent strain of Lyme disease germ is spreading in the U.S. and in Europe a new study shows.

June 9, 2008 — A virulent strain of Lyme disease germ is spreading in the U.S. and in Europe, a new study shows.
It’s not a new strain of Borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochete bacterium that causes Lyme disease. In fact, it was one of the first strains ever identified — found in the cerebrospinal fluid of a patient with severe Lyme meningitis.
But now Wei-Gang Qiu, PhD, Benjamin Luft, MD, and colleagues find that the particularly nasty ospC type A strain appears to be the most common of the 20 or so B. burgdorferi strains found in the U.S. The spread of this virulent strain, they suggest, could be part of the reason for the increase in Lyme cases seen over the past two decades.
“OspC type A is the type most widely distributed in the U.S. — and, as others have shown, this is the most virulent strain,” Qiu, an assistant professor at New York’s Hunter College, tells WebMD. “If this is widespread, it is not good. You do not want to see this thing increase.” …
Read the full article:

Negative Ions for Healing

Negative ions are known for their healing effect. In this post, I am going to share an excerpt from an excellent book, and also a video about negative ions. I was recently asked a question on YouTube about this topic so I am responding via this blog post. Here was the question:

Hi Brian. Thanks for the post. I too have felt a tremendous benefit from the negative ions and sunshine while being at the beach. As you seem to have a lot of experience with technology related to health, what are your thoughts on negative ion generators having a similar effect on the body? I’m speaking specifically about machines designed to emit a large amount of negative ions into the air, and aren’t just air purifiers that use negative ions to attract dust and pollutants.

Truth is I don’t know the answer, but in this post I will share what I do know and also, I will ask readers to share their experiences.


Lyme Disease and the Brain

human brain lyme psychologyMost people mistakenly believe Lyme is a physical disorder not related to the central nervous system and brain. In fact, Lyme is primarily a disease of the brain! Yes, PRIMARILY. This fact needs to be more well-appreciated and widely known and accepted.


Marshall Protocol Overview Video

May 10, 2008

Over the past few months, I have created one video which overviews the Marshall Protocol and one video which provides practical instructions for using the protocol. Hopefully you have found these videos to be helpful. 

Today I am going to share a video put together by Amy Proal, author of the Bacteriality
. Her video is very, very comprehensive and goes into detail on all aspects of the Marshall Protocol. I highly recommend watching it (below). Comprehensive at 89 minutes, this video is a must-see for anyone considering the Marshall Protocol.

One of the most fascinating aspects of her video, in my opinion, is that she talks about a topic which I have always known to be true: that cephalosporin antibiotics (also known as beta lactims) actually PROMOTE formation of dangerous l-form bacteria, meaning that using antibiotics such as penicillin, amoxicillin, or rocephin, can lead to a worsening of chronic disease. This is a must-watch video!

An Overview of the Marshall Protocol from Amy Proal on Vimeo.

Lyme Cases Exploding in Massachusetts

Massachussetts Lyme CasesThe state of Massachusetts (MA) has consistently ranked in the top ten states in the US in reported Lyme disease cases; however its numbers are decidedly on the rise. In 2005, for example, MA ranked 4th nationwide in case numbers with 2,341 reported Lyme cases to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a 46% increase over 2004 numbers. Nationally, the reported cases totaled 23,305, an 18% increase in numbers.

The largest increases in MA were seen in Suffolk, Norfolk, and Middlesex Counties. The majority of confirmed cases had onsets in June, July and August. The average age for a confirmed Lyme disease case was 39 years.  The highest reported incidence rates were among children aged 5-9 years and adults aged 60-64 years, and 35% of confirmed cases did not report an EM rash. 


Lyme Disease in Pennsylvania

According to the CDC, Pennsylvania has more Lyme disease cases than any other of the United States. This is due to the fact that, first of all, Pennsylvania is a population-dense state and so when comparing PA Lyme per countyepidemiology per state, this state will rise to the top. In this blog post we will explore a few resources for Lyme sufferers in PA, and also look at the Lyme disease rates in PA per county.


Lyme Disease in New York by County

Today we are looking at Lyme disease cases in New York. These data are fascinating because New York has 2 of the 3 counties in the USA which have the HIGHEST rate of Lyme Disease in the ENTIRE USA! Yes, you heard that right – New York has areas with the most Lyme Disease density of anywhere in the country.


Zoloft, Suicide, and Government “Innocence”

CNN today reported an 18-year old who shot his parents is not eligible for a shorter prison sentance despite the fact that the antidepressent drug he was taking is known to cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts in teens.


Public Health Alert Website

If you haven’t already, check out the new Public Health Alert website. Public health alert is a free (or $25 for an annual subscription) Lyme-related printed newspaper. Everyone should subscribe to this newsletter, it is excellent. The updated website now offers most of their articles online for free. Don’t miss it!