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POLL: Bartonella Treatment

One of my blind spots in previous books has been the importance of co-infections. I’m curious to hear about your experiences treating Bartonella. Has Bartonella treatment allowed your Lyme infection to be more susceptible to antibiotics, as reported by ILADS guidelines? Which Bartonella treatments did you find most effective? Have you used the commonly recommended treatments which include, Cumanda, Rifampin, Clove, HH, etc? Did your Bartonella infection become resistant to said treatments? Have electromagnetic treatments helped you? I look forwad to reading your responses below in the comments section.

My Lyme Guide Binder

My Lyme Guide is a new binder for helping patients and their friends, family and caregivers with the difficulties of managing Lyme disease & co-infections. It is written and compiled by Marjorie MacArthur Veiga, a Lyme disease sufferer, and her doctor, Sarah Fletcher, M.D.

The binder provides tools for organization, medical information and emotional support for patients and caregivers. My Lyme Guide is designed especially for parents and the children they care for, but can be used by any patient with chronic illness.

Coming soon: Website to purchase My Lyme Guide Binder

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Elite athlete Perry Louis Fields to release Lyme book

Elite athletes know how to fight hard. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t reach the level of achievement that is possible within their sport.

That is why I am looking forward to the release of Perry Louis Fields’ new Lyme disease book, entitled The Tick Slayer. The book is slated to be released in a month or so. will be bringing this book to you when it is available, so stay tuned and sign up to be notified of it’s release here.

My Stand Up Paddle Board Race … Because Life Isn’t All About Lyme!

This is off topic. Thought I’d share a picture from my first stand up paddle board race. This sport is highly addicting, it’s like surfing but you don’t need real waves. Please test out my new blog comments system and tell me what you think. Want to try it? Done it?  Because Life Isn’t All About Lyme!  :-)     PS: That’s me in the hat. Yep, I still avoid the sun when I can! The Marshall Protocol helped me a lot and while I don’t use the drugs anymore, I still do avoid the sun. Life goes on even in long pants and a long sleeved shirt when everyone else is wearing swim trunks.


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Newsletter or Book? Survey from Bryan Rosner

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I’ve finally reached a tipping point: I believe I have enough new information to justify a new book. It may be 2 years before a book actually happens, but there is so much new information that I feel it is my responsibility to share with readers.

I do have a question, though: I’m considering publishing a quarterly newsletter instead of a book. Which would you prefer? A newsletter or a book? The newsletter would be priced similarly to a book, perhaps $30-$40 per year. The advantage of a newsletter is that it would be updated continuosly as opposed to a static book.

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