My Stand Up Paddle Board Race … Because Life Isn’t All About Lyme!

This is off topic. Thought I’d share a picture from my first stand up paddle board race. This sport is highly addicting, it’s like surfing but you don’t need real waves. Please test out my new blog comments system and tell me what you think. Want to try it? Done it?  Because Life Isn’t All About Lyme!  :-)     PS: That’s me in the hat. Yep, I still avoid the sun when I can! The Marshall Protocol helped me a lot and while I don’t use the drugs anymore, I still do avoid the sun. Life goes on even in long pants and a long sleeved shirt when everyone else is wearing swim trunks.


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  • sherry craft

    wow. that really looks fun.

  • Bryan Rosner

    Sherry, it is really fun! Very addicting.

  • Dottie Braselton Carson

    Saw this first in Maui and learned it was ancient school. I am fighting the good fight, but discouraged..  I think I should find one of these here to rent, and give it a go.  I float well, and whomever rents to me will not let that board get away.  That pretty much covers my dangers.
    Thank you for all you do for the rest of us.