LIA Foundation Conference Notes!

lyme autism bookHeidi, an attendee at the recent Lyme Induced Autism foundation conference, June, 2008, made her notes publicly available! Thanks Heidi! What a special treat to have these notes…enjoy everyone! And don’t miss the JUST PUBLISHED lyme-autism book!

Heidi’s Notes from LIA conference:

Permission is granted to repost this and bring this to your docs. We
need to get the word out.
Lyme Induced Autism Conference Notes 6-27-08 DVD’s of this conference can be obtained
from this website and lots more information than what I included
here. This is only a small amount of information that one can learn
from the DVD’s.

Disclaimer: These are my notes taken by me from watching the
conference via live video webcast. I may have gotten some things
wrong since to error is human, but these are my notes to the best of
my ability. As much as these notes may look like direct instructions
to treat they are not. The instruction was given as key words for
practitioners to research and possibly use and for patients to take
to their doctors to teach them key words and ideas for them to
possibley use. Therefore, please don’t take things out of context,
and possibly copied wrong by me, to use on yourself and family
because these docs are throwing information out there with no idea of
your health, and each patient is different. Thus, I and they take no
responsibility for your health, all decisions are yours alone. But,
I must pass on this information to help many desperate people I hear
about daily. We need to share as much information as possible to
defeat the enemy of illness.

I. A lady named Katsuko spoke. She is the Director of Care
Clinics in Austin, TX. She described autism as a “Multi-factorial
medical condition with psychiatric symptoms. Many of the patients
have high titers for HHV-6. Often they have a ring around their
mouth and lots of rashes. Lyme works with yeast, and together they
are much worse than either alone. Lots of patients have heavy
metals, mercury, uranium, lead, etc. Kids have lots of oxidative
stress. Phase 1 and Phase 2 of liver both blocked. Kids are lacking
in amino acids and in minerals, especially low in lithium. She is
seeing Paravirus and EBV.

II. Dr. Garth Nicholson recommends NT Factor.
Dr. Gary Gordon recommends oral CaEDTA.
Can’t remember who on these notes: PANDAS (strep) was mentioned;
COMT genetic issues needing B12 and GABA; all lyme patients have
glutathione problems; 5,000 IU of fish oil recommended; SAMe works if
homeocystein levels are ok.

III. Master Herbalist, Stephen Buhner. He did not have any
slides, so I had to guess on how to spell the things he said. Thus,
spelling will be off here. For sleep and lyme rages, one could use
American Wood Bettany (Pedicloris) and not the other Bettany from
another country, or one could use mother wart. For lyme rages one
could also use pasque flower tincture, 3 or 4 drops for a child, or
coral root – 10 drops a child. Stephania root is a good alternative
to Resveratrol, can use Stephania while pregant, used in children in
China, and can give with Resveratrol. Biopure U.S. sells it, 1/4 to
1/2 for average size children; 1/2 to 1 teaspoon for adults.
Stepahania root works for inflammation for autism. Ashwanga is for
sleep and boosts immunity. Give cabbage juice from a juicer for
inflammed colons, and great for autism. He also said that artemesia
annua is safe long-term. Heidi N says I have heard otherwise about
Artemesia. Thus, don’t just believe stuff I am relaying here. One
needs to work with a doctor if they have one, and research stuff. End
Heidi N Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus), Herb Farm brand, looks
black, is for lyme and coinfections. Collagen removal by the
pathogens is the cause of the symptoms from lyme. Recommends
Cryptolepsis for Babesia, but most likely need to be taken over two
months. Heidi N says I have used this herb and its very strong, thus
I never did give it to my children. It lowers blood pressure. End
Heidi N For collagen support, use pregninalone or glucosomine-
sulphate. Peptal Bismal kills lyme in the bowels. One can get
resale tax certification by signing up with Star-west Botanicals and
then you can get stuff at wholesale prices. He prefers wild-crafted
herbs over organic. Eat oatmeal daily. Celery is very good for the
adrenals. For seizures – fasting or high-fat diets. England has
done research on this and sometimes the seizures can be permanently
rid by just a little of fasting. Heidi N says I don’t know about
this one. I am not recommending it, just putting this information
out to you all. End Heidi N He uses 1-800 Vitamix for grinding
plants and the Champion juicer for juicing dry plants completely.
For Bartonella – Payldranun?, Japanese Knotwood, red root for
inflammation and lymph drainage for kids, and boneset tea, add honey
to make it taste good. For yeast, Desert Willot tincture, or
Chaparomarmargosa tincture. PB8 restores bowel flora. Ilanteus,
Tree of Heaven for fungal and Giardia infections. Heidi N says that
Buhner has a book, Healing Lyme that says much of this, and he also
can be reached at Planet-Thrive website. End Heidi N

IV. Dr. Amy Derksen (works with Dr. Klinghardt). Phytolymex by
Nutriwest. Andrographis may bust lyme cysts. Banderol can cause
hyperactivity, so go light. Cumanda is for pains and inflammation.
Transfer Factor plus or Transfer Factor RMM, 1-4 daily. Enula for
Babesia. Signs of parasite infections are rashes on neck and pimples
on head within hairline. Metromedix does Parasite DNA testing. Rid
cordless phones unless 900 megahertz, even if the phone is located
downstairs away from others. Air out the house often. Unplug things
at night, at the very least. French Lab porphrins test better than
the American labs. Yeast is related to the biofilm problem
protecting the pathogens from being killed. Pale yellow around mouth
is a sign of parasites. Swollen bellies are often from strep or
Clostridia. Noni is for Babesia. Stephania root is for viruses,
inflammation, lack of muscle tone. She mentioned rizole oil. Use
Valtrex only after trying other anti-virals first. Viral kids
respond to 3 scoups of Ambrotose a day. LDM 100 is for measles.
People break out 8 days into this with a rash from head to toe, then
lower the dose. The rash lasts about a week. The rash only occurs
once, and you can take this for months. Brings about language.
Detox first and use other antivirals first. 3 to 4 drops 4 to 6
times a day. Heidi N says that I have heard that this is very
strong, and one is recommended to see a doctor before using this
because it will bring about illness symptoms. End Heidi N
Homeopathic for parasites – Mountain State has some good ones.
Fungal – VSL-3 or Claire probiotics. She mentioned Uva Ursi and
Brain Child Nutritionals rotational fungal program. For swollen
tonsils – Pleo Not, Plea San Pseu, Plea San Strep. Use either for 3
times a day for 6 weeks. Also was mentioned – heel tonsilita
compositum. Viruses Monolaurin or Lauricidin, Olive leaf tincture
form, mix with Gingko for better results, and LDM 100. Medifilan is
a brown algae, 2 to 6 a day. It binds metals, improves circulation,
boosts stem cell production and helps balance hormones. Nutramedix
Parsley Detox – use with a binder. Minerals for life by
_____________mall. has latest research on
EFA’s. EFA’s work against Bartonella. She mentioned Yes parents
essential oil. – Omega essential blend. Kidney
support – Renulix by Relena, Biopure Matrix Electrolytes, Burdock or
Dandelion tea. Nestmann Solidage tincture and K-drain. Liver
support – Dandelion root, ultrathistle, Liver Life by Bio Ray, castor
oil packs over the liver, and Pleo Rec topical (on the skin) over the
liver. Biofilm – polysaccharide covering, cloaking candida and
trapping metals and cloaks lyme and other germs. She mentioned using
magnesium EDTA and Lumbrokinase, and serrapeptase, SPS 30, Mucostop
by Enzymedica or apple cidar vinegar (can use caplet form). She then
mentioned fiber, chitosan, apple pectin, butyrate for ammonia,
charcoal, yucca, and BH4. Anti-inflammatories – Quercitain,
Bromelain, Turmeric, Curcumin, Hesperidan, and EFA’s.

V. Tamara Jo Mariea, CCN, CERSA, Certified Electromagnetic
Radiation Safety Advisor and Biochemical Detoxification Specialist. The generation of children today are
bearing the burden of 75 years of toxin accumulation. We now have
a “neurologically underdeveloped population of children. See to remove amalgams. See Desert Biologicals for EMR
information. The Invisible Disease (EMR’s harming us). See a
Baubiologue specialist. Check into wide-shield paint, ground the
walls. There is a link at for Baubiologue.

VI. Dr. Gary Gordon (works with Dr. Amy Yasko). He mentioned NAC, Vitamin C, folic acid
sublinguals with extra stuff in them from PamLab Corp. He
mentioned “total body burden of pathogens”. You can go to his
website to see presentations and also Fact forum has the latest
information. He mentioned oral garlic EDTA. He mentioned the book
Plague Time, about infections in the epidemic diagnoses today.
Artichoke can reduce candida in 95% of his patients. He mentioned
the book, Seeds of Deception, and the book The New Killer Diseases
which talks about quackery medicine. Extra vitamins can counter-
effect faulty genes. He mentioned PamLab Metanx Seraforin. He
mentioned Quinton Plankton, hypertonic plasma, crystaloid minerals,
marine plasma, and how it/they restores cell-to-cell communication.

VII. Andrea Lalama. She mentioned that
there are ways to treat allergies at home while the child is
sleeping. She mentioned the Weston-Price protocol, and the
Nourishing Traditions book, the Seeds of Deception book. She
described autism as a colony collapse of the intestines. She
mentioned the websites: She mentioned chronic gastro-intestinal
toxemia. She mentioned the book, Bowel Nosodes by John Patterson
concerning re-establishing microflora. Prebiotics are very
important. Inulin and vegetable fiber feeds prebiotics. She
mentioned Abram Hoffer at She talked about not
eating flour, but to eat sprouted grains instead. Inulin sources are
Jeresulum artichoke, jicama, chicory root. She mentioned raw,
organic sprouted oats, wheat, barley, yacoa. Sprouting wheat removes
the gluten. You can remove allergy via LED or NAET. Then
reintroduce it in sprouted form. Drink green juices from leafy
vegetables. She uses a blender, not a juicer, so that the fiber
remains in the drink. Peel apples before blending because the peel
is pectin which may be an irritant for the GI tract. She says she
drinks this with green clay, lettuce, apples and some kind of cloudy
juice. You can learn all about this on her website.
Andrea Lalama’s second speech. Cry proteins cause biofilm to form.
Biopesticides. BT is a gram positive bacteria. Cry protein crystals
prevent the lumen from healing. She described autism as a colony
collapse disorder of the gut’s intestinal microflora. Corn,
potatoes, cotton are gmo (genetically modified oraganisms) crops.
Bitter orange helps with autism symptoms, but read about it and its
interactions before using. Eat only organic foods. These BT
biopesticides create a biofilm that microbes/pathogens hide in to
evade being killed. They also cause holes in the gut. Countries
that do not use BT pesticides do not have autism. BT was introduced
in the 1940’s when autism also was first discovered. Heidi N says two
other conference attendees said that organic meat and foods can be
obtained over the net from and I suggest you go to Andrea’s website at for more information because I was so
intently listening that I did not take many notes. End Heidi N

VIII. A lady spoke named Christine Dames, talking about her
ability to keep a good job and marriage despite the fact that her
pathogens caused her all kinds of behavior and other symptoms that
effect her personality.

IX. A lady named Brooke Landau, who is a newslady spoke. She said
she was very sick, bedridden for 8 years from a tick. She said
doctors refused to believe she had lyme even though she lived in
Lyme, Connecticut. She couldn’t walk and could not feed herself.
She says that if we want to see news coverage on something that we
need to flood the news stations with emails. She says that it works,
that they will air things if we do that.

X. Dr. Nicola McFadzean. She is a doctor of
Naturopath from Australia. She says she is a Lyme Literate doctor.
She practices Restore Medicine. Says that environmental factors
begin in utero (in the womb). Many children with autism have lyme.
All kids with autism need to be tested for lyme. Nutrition is very
important. Detoxing can only be started once the body is supported
by a good diet, filtered water, and minimizing toxic exposure. Sauna,
flaxseed, infrared sauna, lymph message, and skin-brushing using a
bore-hair brush before or after a shower, NOT in the shower. Garlic
is a mild chelator. DMSA 3 days on, 11 days off'; EDTA
suppositories, detoximine for high lead. Metal Clear by Metagenics –
take 1 or 2 months only. Lyme symptoms are less during pregnancy,
worst postpartum. Antiobiotics during pregnancy can keep the baby
from getting lyme. Antibiotics are not for everyone. Igenex Western
Blot, IGM, PCR (not as good), IFA (for supporting information).
Parasites can cause infertility. Talked a lot about infertility and
pregnancy and lyme. Mercury is concentrated across the placenta.
Diet coke is just poison. Avoid blue cheese, suishi, and other
pathogen-containing foods. Avoid gluten, soy, dairy, especially
while pregnant. Metagenics wellness essentials for prenatal
vitamins. Chlorella increases sperm count. Tibulus balances
progesterone production. Caprylic acid for yeast. Safe herbs in
pregnancy are Echinacea, Stephania, and small amounts of garlic.
Research Nutritionals Ribos Energy – patients love this. She
mentioned Transfer Factor. Pharmax probiotics for infants for a
neonatal probiotic. Never vaccinate a sick child. Don’t give
Tylenol. Consider waiting, especially for Hep. B, Give Vitamins A
and C, and glutathione when vaccinating.

XI. Dr. Allan Sosin, Irving or Irvine, CA. Internal Medicine,
Nephrology, Natural, Traditional, and Alternative methods. Works
often with seizures for children with autism. Diet – no wheat, no
soy, no dairy. Asthma and other medical conditions also improve on
diet. No preservatives, go organic. 800 mg Folinic acid, 400-
1200mg EPA/DHA, Methyl B12 500mcg, take vitamins forever. Says he
never seen any of the thousands he tested not have toxins. Always
sees low levels of zinc. Do not drink soda ever. Don’t eat any food
everyday because it will cause allergies. Give everyone methyl B12
60mcg per kg. Many love it. EDTA is not very good to rid mercury.
DMPS for mercury – 50 to 100 mg per treatment Give CaEDTA 10 to
50mg per kg, NOT NaEDTA which is dangerous to children. He says he
has not seen any liver or kidney problems with the way he chelates.
Can give oral EDTA, DMPS or DMSA or rectal suppositories of EDTA. PK
Protocol created by Patricia Kane – Phosphotidocholine,
phospholipids, choline, glutathione, folinic acid. Stimulate the
brain by exercises, behavioral education/training, etc. No child is
being helped by one thing. Do everything. Tryptophan and 5H
Tryptophan are calming. He says he likes to rotate chelation and PK
protocol. Both are IV and also with HBOT. He says he has great
results with this. He says the labels are not particularly useful
(referring to exact diagnoses or differences in symptoms). He was
inferring that its not very important to pay a lot of attention to
the difference in symptoms amongst those in the autism spectrum.

XII. Dr. Horrowitz. Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center, Hudson,
N.Y. Integrative Classical Medicine. Trained in Belgium in
Transdental Meditation. He believes in the importance of how the
mind and relaxation effect one’s health and abilty to be a good
doctor to others.
Dr. Horrowitz’s second speech. Lyme treatments work on people with
autism. Hepa #2 Chinese Herb for liver. Mycoplasma Fermentes – Gulf
War syndrome. Its also found in ticks. 50% of ticks also have
Bartonella. Antibiotics fail because there are several forms, cell
wall deficient, cystic form, spherablasts, and intracellular form.
Zithromax works for intracellular. Flagyl works on cystic forms.
Lyme spirochetes start dying at 104 degrees Fareheit. They don’t
like heat. Q-fever raises liver function, so does lyme and Babesia.
Need to detox Quinolinic acid from the lyme. Treat inflammation to
not get demyelination while treating the bugs. Since lyme morphs,
take multiple things, Grapfruit seed extact for cell wall deficient,
flagyl for cystic (dormant forms). The biggest problem is
intracellular form. Tetracyclines like Doxy, Mino, Zithro, Levaquin,
Avalox, rofampin for intracellular. 70% of Alzheimers have lyme in
the brain. Lyme turns inside out, changing its inner cell proteins
to the out cell which changes its protein markers. Q-fever is a
bacteria which causes endocarditis (heart infection) which can take
years to treat. 30% of ticks have Babesia. If you have Babesia, you
are 4 time more sick than if you just have lyme. Herpes 6 is showing
up a lot. Immune dysfunction – lyme sends off blebs which cause the
herximier reaction. Only 20% improve when detoxed due to all the
pathogens. Bugs, drugs, toxins all damage mitochondria. 35% have
adrenal dysfunction. They don’t get better when the adrenals are
off. 70% of lymies don’t get sleep. Plaquenil – alkalized the
intracellular environment. Babesia – Mephron and Zithromax.
Melarone. Quinine is too toxic. Artemesia helps, but won’t cure.
Is currently looking into Enula for Babesia. Some forms of Babesia
will not show up on tests. Herpes 6 and 8 (one of these causes
rosacea). Transfer factor, 3-6 beta glucan, olive leaf extract kills
many viruses. Diflucan helps with yeast and lyme. Aslo for yeast:
Sporonox, Nystatin. With high doses of probiotics, S. Boulardii works
to prevent Clostridia Difficille. Garlic and Pau D. Arco are
sometimes used. Lyme makes blebs while hiding, which stimulates the
immune system. There are decreased IgA level in Autism, electrical
neurosis, elevated cytochines. Lower the cytochines to help the
brain. Also found are higher nitrous oxide, elevated TNF’s. Actos
regulates TNF’s. Mycoplasma stimulates auto-immune reactions. With
MS – Chlaymedia, ammonia and heavy metals involved. L-argenine –
opens up nitrous oxide pathways. CoQ10 – antioxidant as is ALA.
Magnesium and zinc are low almost always in everyone. Infrared sauna
and broccoli for toxins. An average person ingests 8 pounds of
pesticides per year. So buy organic. Lyme, CFS, Heavy metal
poisoning, all have the same symptoms. DMSA binds sulphahydrol
groups. 2,000mg glutathione works for non-responders. It repairs,
prevents, etc. Wellness labs sells this. Phase II liver detox –
NAC, glycine, methyl B12, glutathione, B vitamins, CoQ10, NIDH.
Sauna 3. For allergies – NAET and MNT. Most have magnesium
deficiency which may not show up in testing. Zinc makes alcohol
to ? Zinc reduces brain fog, reduces TNF alpha. Treat psychological
factors with counseling for unresolved emotions. Althinia for
anxiety. 100mg DMSA, split-cell chlorella, every 3rd night. Just
use low doses. Gives also mineral replenishment. EDTA suppositories
w/Detoxamine for very high lead. Accumed Lab for testing heavy
metals. NAC and glycine and ALA and glutathione from broccoli.
Bartonella associated with seizures. Treat all 3 forms of lyme and
coinfections and detox. Heidi N says an audience member then added
to use Carnivora with DMS? to help with lyme and gave
web address. End Heidi N

XIII. Homeopathy Center of Houston. Cindy Griffin, Lindyl Lanham,
Jenice Stebel. They do sequential homeopathy. Multiple remedies in
a chronological sequence, gentle detox, unlayering of events, work
with present and then work back. They mentioned the
book, “Rediscovering Real Medicine”. Remedies boost immunity, don’t
kill germs. Homeopathy strengthens the person, like vs. like. They
use remedies for cell phones, x-rays, pesticides, etc. Pleo-Sanum,
Sanukehls re-establishes immune recognition of CWD microbes.
Syntrion – herpes, step, staph; Syregule/syfungin – yeast, San
Pharma. They treat adults and children and for lyme and autism and

XIV. Toby Watkinson Phages are
electrical footprints on infective agents. Homeophage is a phage
created from a bio-electric footprint of ? Chronological illness
occurs when a state of immune suppression happens. When a host is
unable to do TH1 response, it then follows over to a TH2 response.
Resultant homeophage to amino acid sequence of unresolved immune
reaction. Step infections in the mental illnesses are huge. Even
scars heal from his remedies. Fix the bacteria and TH1, the rest
heals. Heidi N says: I did not get much notes on this guy, but I
felt he was a genius, and onto something really big, and I was so
amazed at what he was saying that I could barely take notes.End Heidi

XV. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. 1-425-462-8414.
If mom sleeps in a high EMR area, you WILL have a child with autism.
It has been predicted that between 8 and 12 years from now, all
children will have autism if things do not change. Autism is a
pathogen acquired in the womb. Vaccines are the straw that broke the
camel’s back. Siblings are sick as well even if they don’t show it.
72% of children with autism are positive for Lyme Western Blot after
microbial provocation, which means starting lyme treatments for a
month or so to make the body well enough to start producing
antibodies to show up in the tests. Lyme is a cause of autism. 84%
of mom’s (these are mom’s who say they are healthy) are testing
positive for lyme after anti-microbial provocation. You will have a
healthy baby if you check for lyme, electrosmog and mold. Borna
virus is in all the children with autism. No labs in the U.S. can do
this test reliabley. PCB toxins cause the children to hear garble.
Synergic effect of our body burden today of toxins is such a high
number that its unmeasurable in a numerical amount. Glutathione
perpetuates the injury because the bugs use the glutathione. Support
oxidative measures to kill the bugs, then use antioxidants. Start
with a killing spree of pathogens. Don’t do glutathione, ALA, and
anti-oxidants while killing the bugs. White blood cells avoid toxins
so cells/microbes covered in toxins evade the immune system. Toxins
can cause polymorphisms which lead into new pathogen forms. Mold,
spirochetes (lyme) and mercury inhibit s-glutathione transferase.
Must rid PCB’s. Must use microbial in order to rid the toxins. Stop
the microbes from growing, fix the environment, rid the mold in the
environment. Rid toxins. Electrosmog drives the growth of the
microbes. Then the damages fix when these things are done. P5P –
half respond. EFA’s – 68% respond. Organophosphates cause lower
sulphates in people which means we are low in sulphates. Mercury
damages everything. L-Dopo – low doses for speech – 5mg per kg. a
day – has to be compounded since not available in the U.S. Lithium
is working for Parkinsons and ALS. All psychiatric disease are
pathogens in the brain Amantadine is rough for 2 months, can’t give
with Valtrex. Microbes communicate with each other, switch each
other’s genes for survivability. Did some research with mold and
bacteria and how EMR’s affect them. Found that EMR’s make the
pathogens able to survive more, thus a bad thing. At 18 months,
babies’ BBB completes itself. Astrocytes damaged by mercury which
make the BBB. Gut infections leak into the brain. DMSA and DMPS
only work if BBB is damaged. D-Penicilimine is the only substance
that works in healthy BBB. Move to the country away from EMR’s to
rid lyme symptoms. Antifungals help kill lyme. Lyme in the U.S,
contains mold and herpes in it, as part of its being. Give lyme-
killers and antivirals and anti-fungals. Treating Lyme. MMS –
Miracle mineral solution used in veterinary medicine for over 50
years, its a form of bleach. Don’t need to make it acidic, will
react where acidic in the body which happens to be where the microbes
are. 2 drops a day in a quart of water. Heidi N says he then gave
directions on how to consume the water but I was disturbed by kids
and did not get those notes. End Heidi N. Rhizoles – 50% ozonated
caster oil, 50% ozonated other oils. Rizole zeta for herpes and
other viruses. Alinia, 1000mg for adults for 20 days – medicine –
works miracles on the gut, parasites, bacteria. Rizole gamma –
parasites. Indoor mold harms you. ALA and glutathione just treats
mold damage. Must test for mold in your house! Kill the bugs. If
you do it too weakly, it makes them worse, which is the herximier
reaction. Herxing is not die-off, but angry bugs effect. Rid the
toxins, DMPS, DMSA, EDTA. Remove biotoxins from lyme. Colinics help
a lot. laser while child is sleeping, takes 20 minutes, you can do
it while you leave the room (fixes allergies). Auto-urine therapy.
Heidi N says a fellow attendee said that he charges $400.00 a visit,
but no lab fees and low-cost supplements, but usually is too booked
up to take new patients. End Heidi N Tubilin – first molecule
destroyed by mercury. Amalgam fillings directly correlated to
autism. Testosterone is the reason boys are 4 to 1 with autism to
girls. Have to treat lyme before the Western Blot will come back
positive Rizoles are not for pregnant moms. Rizoles have no side
effects and kills lyme and other pathogens. Can put lyme moms on
amoxicillan while pregnant. Autism due to brain synchronization –
which frequencies may not be important, gentle frequencies work
(referring to rifing). Cordless phones block melatonin, block
healing. EMR’s will keep a child from responding to biomedical
treatment. Body voltage is much higher in children with autism and
their moms. Fetus has even higher body voltage than their mom’s.
Cellphones cause albumin destruction to the brain which is
permanent. Causes oxidative damage. Switch off all fuses at
bedtime. for a foraday cage (silver net)
around the bed. Synergic effect among toxins and microbes is
compounded by radiation. Radiation measure of the person depends on
electrolyte content and heavy metal content and location of the
person. Heidi N says a doctor in the autience added that Wifi
blocking film for windows and paint for the inside and outside of
your home works. Graphite paint from the Institute of ? , a German
company. Heidi N says that a couple of audience members said and for information. End Heidi N Dr.
Klinghardt says in August he is teaching a small seminar about
managing autism.

Heidi N says: A couple of things said but I can’t remember who said
them. A doctor said he rid his wife of CFS and then took on children
with autism as patients. He said they had the same exact immune
testing results as his wife did. Also, I see this all the time, in
my family and reported by doctors. There is a huge connection
between all the mental and auto-immune diagnoses (ALS, mental
illnesses, developmental illnesses, Autism, Bipolar, Schizophrenia,
CFS, MS, Lupus, ADD, Anxiety, etc.) as far as similar symptoms,
causes and cure/treatments. But the most important thing to take
note about is the increasinly alarming rate of all diseases. We have
to do something, and something now!

Heidi N says: Let me add that there was much more said than this,
MUCH MORE. Also, many details about everything said was missed by
these notes. Thus, I highly suggest getting the DVDs and listening
to them a few times. There is also a handout, including
presentations. You WILL be shocked at some of the things you learn.
They don’t cost very much at all compared to what other DVD’s and
handouts sell for. See for more information.
Know that its important to attend these conferences, live, via
webcast or buy the DVD’s or these conferences can not exist. They
take lots of money and donated time to create, and I have talked to
Tami Duncan, the wonderful person who put this conference together,
and she says she HAS to have more support or she will not be able to
afford putting together another conference. So please show your
support by whichever means you choose. This information is not an
option, its 100% necessary to save the world, literally. I also am
going to be sending copies of this to my son’s old doctors, the many
who were very little help to him in hopes they take the time to learn
this information in order to help their patients in a truly,
meaningful way. I also will send this to his old DAN doctor who has
no idea of the magnitude of the problem of lyme in children with
autism. While my children are recovered enough to do regular school
with no modifications (though still dependent upon supplements and
diet), last word I got, this famous DAN still had a moderately
affected child, and does not treat children for lyme. As you can
see, we have got to get our practitioners on board because the
practitioners who know this stuff are all booked up. I highly
suggest getting these DVDs and the handout because this conference
may go down in history as the Conference that disseminated the
information needed to put the autism puzzle together.

I have 5 children who are all recovered (one adopted). It took me a
year to get them to be able to do regular school without
modifications (thank you Jesus), but they are still dependent upon
diet and supplements. Know that I have done much research, and this
is where I ended up, at because this is the
answer. Take the short-cut, get these DVD’s and the handout to learn
how to plan to help your child and this will also support Tami Duncan
in getting the word out to doctors, practitioners, and parents.
Thank you.

Heidi N says If you are a person who wants scientific research, know
that studies were mentioned in this conference and also you can
contact these individuals for studies.

Heidi N

Heidi N says: You can find me in the Yahoo Groups, especially the
Yahoo Group: BorelliaMultipleInfectionsAndAutism


Summary of Recovery Knowledge
Due to the many requests for information I have been getting, I put
this together. Know that your requests actually make me happy. I am
happy to know that you care and are seeking to help these children
who are totally dependent upon us to help them. When I tell people I
recovered my children, and they don’t make requests, I must admit, it
bothers me because I feel so passionate about recovery I guess, and
wish everyone else did as well. But we each have the right to make
our own choices, and I understand that there are other reasons. Love
and success to all of you!

My children are recovered, but currently still dependent upon
supplements. It took a year for them to be able to do regular school
with no modifications. I have 5 (one was adopted). They all had
different symptoms/diagnoses. Some were the same. I did it by
researching my butt off. This is my current view on autism causes and
treatment. Know that these are my beliefs, I am not stating them as
fact because I don’t want to be sued, and I may change my mind in the
future because this is a learn-as-you-go thing.

I believe that Autism is caused by a starving brain from a damaged GI
tract from a damaged immune system from pathogens and toxins. Getting
nutrition into my children was foremost in relieving symptoms, and
ridding the pathgens and toxins is where I am concentrating as well.
There are so many different ways, products, practitioners, and
choices. I believe its best to get them nutrition right away
(digestive enzymes, cod liver oil, vitamins, colloidal minerals,
organic foods, remove MSG, remove preservatives, remove artificial
junk, remove dairy and wheat or casein and gluten, remove sugar
substitutes, remove GMO foods, give probiotics to absorb the
nutrients, etc.). I then worked on getting the GI tract in working
order with mild detoxers, anti-inflammatories (can be gentle herbs
like Turmeric), bile-stimulating supplements, probiotics, yeast and
bad bacteria inhibitors (can be from mild herbs or various
supplements, or alkalizing supplements), and now I am in the process
of going after toxins and pathogens. I believe in treating for ALL
pathogens (yeast, worms, protozoa, viruses, bad bacteria), in that

I believe that most people are lyme carriers. I don’t know the exacts
on how its transmitted, but have read that it may be transmitted from
any biting insect or animal, including mosquitos. I also read that it
can be transmitted via sex and in pregnancy. I have surmised from
what I read that Lyme damages the immune system, allowing pathogens
and toxins to stock-pile. I further surmise from what I have read
that vaccines, electrosmog, toxins, and other things further this
damage, allowing the lyme to flourish. I have read that Lyme is very
difficult to test positive for because it lives inside of cells and
destroys your body’s ability to make antibodies to it. I further read
that these same antibodies are also not killing the other pathogens
the person is coming into contact with. I believe from what I read
that mercury, vaccines, and other things add to this same damage in
the same area of the immune system. This could explain why parents
are reporting that they believe the vaccines bring out the autism. I
have also read that bad bacteria and viruses may be able to live
inside of the worms and protozoa, that’s why I read its recommended
to treat the worms and protozoa first.

I used the DAN methods. and are my favorite websites for knowledge and
references. Go to “you tube” as well, and type in subjects like lyme,
autism, etc. Please don’t ask me what diagnoses, how severe my kids
were, how old they were, etc. because I believe that all things are
possible — in that all kids can benefit no matter what. All my
children have different symptoms. They all responded to all
treatments I implemented. Sometimes the same symptoms would go away
with the same treatment, and sometimes different symptoms would go
away with the same treatments. One of my children was 14 when I
startred treatment. I did not use ABA. I did use a DAN for one child
for a brief moment in time. I feel he was helpful, but not necessary
to recover my children.

I know many talk about using a certain supplement to rid a certain
symptom, and many just want to do one thing at a time. I like looking
at the whole picture. I found that the gluten-free/casein-free diet
did not work if they drank a soda or were exposed to gmo and/or
processed food. Thus, I feel too many do it incorrectly. Also note
that sometimes it takes months to see an improvement for a treatment.
I feel digestive enzymes are the most basic key to getting nutrients
in. Know that also, all these supplements and diet making my children
live as normals do not work if they are around environmental toxins.
My kids return to symptoms around carpetting, magic-marker smells
used at school (when the whole class uses them at the same time),
fluorescent lighting, etc. Thus, I also have no carpetting, and use
organic/natural hygiene/cleaners in my home. There are so many
variables. I think people fail when they don’t understand that die-
off reactions come often when something is going to work, and that
something like eating chocolate can sabotage gf-cf diet improvements.
Thus, know its not just a matter of doing something, its a matter of
doing it correctly. I believe you can only do it correctly if you
research it, and understand how it works. I would even research foods
and how they correlate with children with autism. Such as eggs are
heralded as very beneficial, whereas dioxin used on NON-organic
apples, is heralded as very toxic to children with autism.

There is much to learn. I know everyone wants the easy, fast way, and
that it is very time-consuming and expensive. I never did any
expensive things other than some blood and stool tests. I do admit
that giving 5 children supplements everyday is expensive. I also take
every thing that my children take. Everything. And I do it for a few
days or weeks before I give it to my children, and then I keep taking
it as long as my children are. My health also went from very bad to
very good. I know some are looking for the one thing to do or
matching symptoms to products, but its not about that to me, its
about getting the body working well, and ridding pathogens and

Here is what I am doing:
diet (as I previously mentioned)
digestive enzymes, Multi-enzyme by
cod liver oil by Nordic Naturals
Vitamin B1 Thiamine
methyl B12 powder by kirkman’s
niacin (flush-type only)
buffered C by Thorne Research
Turmeric by Rexall
Ginger Root (only some of my children) by Rexall
milk thistle by Source Naturals
multivitamin, Everyday by Kirkman’s
chewable folic acid by Kirkman’s
lithium orotate by Ortho Molecular
magnesium malate
colloidal minerals
Mellatonin, sublingual (chewable) by Kirkman
Pectasol Chelation complex by EcoNugenics
probiotics by Mindlinx or Culturelle (sometimes)
Resveratrol by Paradise Herbs
Burbur by Nutramedix
Cat’s Claw Raintree or Samento by Nurtramedix

I have used other supplements here and there.
Know that a couple of these aforementioned products are sold only to
practioners on some websites, yet on other websites, the same
products are sold to anyone. So don’t give up if you get a website
that sells only to practioners.
I am now in the process of starting to use herbs to kill lyme. Know
that many of the treatments that are being given to children with
autism, also kill lyme.
We did have lyme testing. We tested positive for lyme coinfections
and have low CD-57 white blood cell count, which is reportedly
indicative of lyme disease. Know that I only believed in the lyme
theory after several docs started reporting that nearly all of their
children with autism were testing positive for it. For further
information, see and the Yahoo
Group “BorreliaMultipleInfectionsAndAutism”.

I fully believe that when toxins and pathogens are rid and the GI
tract is restored that my children will then be able to live as
normals without special diets, and having to avoid toxins, or be
dependent upon supplements. I have read many stories on this, and
this is why I believe. So far, this faith has done very well for me.
Know that I also pray for guidance from Jesus.

Its important to study everything you give your child. Such as I read
often that buffered C should not be given at the same time as many
other supplements. Know also that brand can make a big difference.
Thus, study the brand, make sure they don’t use gmo products. Know
also that things like Mellatonin can be made from very different
sources, some better than others. Also, know that getting the right
dose can make all the difference. Thus, take the time to study to
know all about everything you do, and of course, ask on forums as

I recently added all this up, and it came to about $120.00 per
person, including the adults. Thus, that’s not bad. But, for my
house of 8, that’s not good, but were managing.

Know that also I have heard reports that many can just use Samento
and get good results.

Heidi N

  • Suzanne Arthur

    Thank you for posting these notes, Bryan! I really appreciate your thorough dedication to helping educate people about Lyme. Thanks especially for including Brooke Landau’s comment about flooding the news stations with requests for information on Lyme. I’ll definitely let our readers over at the Lyme Disease Research Database know how much their emails count.


  • Richard

    Just finished watching “Under Our Skin” – my question is do you believe the discovery of microbial biofilm appearing to explain the reality of chronic Lyme will change the politics of Lyme – will doctors and insurance companies be more open to Chronic Lyme possibilities? My wife has suffered painful chronic Lyme for 3 years and we are near bankrupcy.

  • Bryan Rosner

    Richard, the answer to your question is yes. For political reasons the “powers that be” such as IDSA are ignoring factual science. The mainstream media coverage that *chronic* lyme is receiving of late WILL force a reckoning, and it is coming soon. The best answer to your question, I believe, can be found in a letter which was written by an East Coast doctor. The letter is available online free of charge here (look toward the bottom of this site, but the whole site is worth reading):

    Hope this helps.


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