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Biofilms again…

My research is continually leading me to biofilms. I have a lot to say on this topic but until I get my thoughts more organized, I’ll just be sharing bits and pieces. Here is a great overview of the biofilm problem by Dr. Alan McDonald:

Lyme Disease Bacterial Strains

In this document, various bacterial strains are discussed along with their origins and geographic prevalence. Note the presence of the bacteria in multiple continents, in countries such as Japan, China, Portugal, Slovenia, and more.


Spirochetes in / near red blood cells – video

This video was provided to me by a chiropractor who sees these spirochetes in the blood of his patients often. He says the trick to seeing the spirochetes is to let the blood sit out for a while. As the red blood cells die and the pH, temperature, and o2 content of the blood changes, the spirochetes venture out and can be seen with the microscope.