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Garlic for Lyme Disease

allimax, allicin, allimed, garlicOk, so I am going to talk a little about a topic everyone with Lyme has already heard a lot about – natural antibiotics for Lyme disease. Sure, pharmaceutical antibiotics have their use, but natural antibacterial substances present several important advantages:

  • Over-the-counter
  • Non-toxic
  • Typically does not contribute to candida issues
  • May also target many other infectious bacteria/viruses/organisms
  • Not synthetic – no liver and kidney side effects (typically)
  • Many more advantages

Today we are looking at garlic specifically. Keep reading…


Cure Unknown by Pamela Weintraub NEW BOOK

Cure UnknownThis new book by Pamela Weintraub really is excellent. I do not feel it duplicates any of the other information available in other Lyme disease books, so it is a must-read. Click here to order it. Keep reading to view the foreword for the book written by Hillary Johnson. Or, learn more about the book and read other excerpts here.