Mimosa Pudica, herb described by Dr. Klinghardt, is back in stock!

Mimosa PudicaMany people are now aware of Mimosa Pudica, an ayurvedic herb recommended by Dr. Klinghardt for parasites and possibly Babeisa.

According to Scott Forsgren’s notes on the Deep Look Beyond Lyme conference which took place in 2011, Dr. Klinghardt says that Mimosa Pudica is 30 times stronger than the best pharmaceutical drug.

The problem has been getting the stuff. Various reports across the web indicate that some sources may be low-quality and cause side effects or sickness. The most reliable source, according to some, is Hopkinton Drug, a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts. However, due to high demand, this pharmacy had been out of stock for several months. Yesterday I spoke with someone at the pharmacy and I am pleased to report that the product is back in stock. Furthermore, it is available OTC (over the counter) at a price which is much lower than I’ve previously seen. You can contact Hopkinton Drug at (508) 435-4441 ext. 117 or ext. 118, or email them at support@rxandhealth.com.

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There have been various studies done on this species of plant and its various effects, including studies on antimicrobial effects, and anti-anxiety effects.  Please note, though, that this product is still experimental and that conclusive results about its usefulness and safety are still being evaluated by LLMDs.

Does the herb work? I’m in touch with one person who says they feel much better when taking it. However, I think it is too early to draw conclusions. I hope people report their results on this blog, so we can compile some user experiences.

If you use this product, please report your results here on this blog, so that others can learn from your experience. Also, please only use this product under the supervision of a licensed physician. For dosing information, please consult a physician who is experienced with using Mimosa Pudica. DISCLOSURE: Hopkington Drug is an advertising partner with BioMed Publishing Group, the publisher of this blog.


  • Wickfam06

    I have been using mimosa pudica off and on. I can ramp up to 6 pills without any problem. I have never experienced any side affects from it. I have found that it really reduces any achy joints . So I take it for a month t a time if I have a flare up of aches and pains. It seems to do the trick.
    I should probably stay on it for a few months. I have lyme, babesia and bartonella .

  • Ed Prindle

    mimosa gave me the worst herx of my life

  • Ed Prindle

    Im a patient at the comprhensive medical center (klinghardts american home base). I have terrible herx type reactions evertime i rife or do the smallest dose of antimicrobial herbs. Mimosa pudica caused me a horrific herx. I had extreme vertigo, sweating, chest pain, bladder issues, ect.  Mimosa is far too harsh for me to tolerate.

  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    Empty stomach or with a meal for mimosa pudica?

  • Farrah Nayka Ashline

    I’ve been on this for several days now with little to no side effects so far, or herx reaction. I’ve been on many other holistic only remedies as well though, too, ( no antibiotics whatsoever so far) and so maybe my body is better and further along in the healthier stage versus at beginning of all protocols. I’ve been using the Butner Protocol, collodial silver, juicing, auto urine therapy(my secret is to mix it with Red Bull Tropical flavor to trick myself) many vitamins, fish oils, Diamateous Earth, adrenal support tincture, licorice root tincture, cilantro, 2 raw garlic gloves daily, gluten free diet, Donna Eden’s Lymphatic flush energy tapping exercises ( youtube search) exercise lightweights every OTHER day to not overextend body to heal itself, Viramin D sunshine daily, meditation, yoga, Amma juice from Indian grocery, Raw diet mostly, and melatonin gummies before bed to guarantee I sleep enough. And I se a heated shiatsu massage pillow on my back, neck, head at least 1-2 hours daily before bed to really get my lymph moving from neck sensitive area where irs documented that Lyme people may suffer from adequate blood flow from neck to brain and vice versus. I hope this helps! I also bought my Mimosa Pudica on powder form from Biopure company on Amazon and mix it with OJ. Dr Klingheart recommended thus brand, etc.